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Risk of Rain 2 Mods – News about Risk of Rain 3 – Answer Diary

One of the best platform video games is Risk of Rain. Read about some Games like Risk of Rain 2 Mods and answer to few trending questions.


The viral game, third-person roguelike, and the previously created Risk of Rain game’s sequel in series. It’s available for many platforms, and millions of players worldwide can access it easily. The story for this game is exciting and makes it the best adventure exploring game of all time.

The player is stuck on a distant island where it’s hard to survive. There are different kinds of monsters and unknown creatures there trying to hunt the player down all the time. It’s essential to unlock other items by collecting and opening chests on different parts of the map. With time monsters can become more dangerous and hard to kill.

Four different players can enjoy this game online and fight against various monsters at an early level to survive. You can understand how much players may love this game because they can easily enjoy this game with friends and family. Rating for this game was very optimistic after being released for different platforms. It soon became a favorite among all players who love exploring the open world and looking for unique adventures.

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What are 20 Popular Risk of Rain 2 Mods?

Mods chosen for this game are all based on how much players love to play them. All mods with low ratings and downloads are removed from the list. The only valuable collection is added for players to explore.


R2API is not a mod itself but home of all other mods for the Risk of Rain 2 game. Its added to the list because of its modification to the game as a mod to allow manage almost all other mods in one place. You can look at the below image to understand more about adding it to the game and its purpose.



Son Goku is a popular character with millions of fans worldwide already. But you can now play this character as Risk of Rain 2 mods, and the below video can help you understand more. Unfortunately, this mod cant adds all features of this character to the game, but many players already love it to be part of it. Over 157k time, this mod is downloaded and continue.


With this mod’s help, you can skirt from artificer and the scarf from huntress and make both of them thiccer. Indeed, you can’t see any kind of significant changes to this game because of this mod. But some players love mods with minor changes and can use them without effecting the game or disturbing any other feature.


This mod adds playable Lemurian to the game, which later can be transformed into elite Lemurian. Read below some essential features of this character that are best for you to attack enemies with power.

Fireball: (0,45s base duration)
Fire Roar: (1s base duration)
Laser: (5 ticks/s)
Fireballs: (0,3s base duration – 5s cooldown)
Flameburst: (0,5s base duration – 5s cooldown)
Exploding Fire Ball (0,5s base duration – 3s cooldown – base charge count = 2)
Fiery Leap: (… – 5s cooldown)
Detonation: (… – 7,5s cooldown)
Flamebreath: (2,5s base duration – 7.5s cooldown)
Explosion: (2s base charge duration – 8s cooldown)
Summon (15s duration – 25s cooldown)


Aatrox mod adds a high-level survivor for this game known as Dante wannabe. With the help of this new character, players can survive longer and reach more new levels. Look at the below image to understand more about this mighty creature and its abilities.



You can now enjoy a new powerful character in this game, a sniper with some fantastic weapons to fight enemies. Unlike other characters of the original game, this one is overpowered sometimes. We can suggest you use I for higher levels where enemies are more powerful than early levels.

Share Suite

Now you can easily share different items between part members. These features were not available in the original game to share items between different characters or limited only. But this mod just opens new opportunities for you to share items freely.

Starting Items GUI

This mod’s main purpose is to allow players to choose which ee items they want to start the game. There are four modes: Free, Earnt Persistent, Earnt Consumable and Random. It’s highly recommended to visit the below link to read complete information about this mod and also download from the popular modding site for Risk of Rain 2.

Skills Plus Plus

Massive skill upgrades allow players to choose from a lot of options and enjoy this game. Below is a list of some of the features and an image to understand more about it.

  • Added skill upgrade for Strides of Heresy item
  • Added in-game skill upgrade descriptions as tooltips on skills
  • Added defensive checks to prevent NPE when the player’s character is unloaded
  • Changed Artificer’s Nano Bomb to have the blast size of the bomb increased with levels invested.
  • Removed Artificer’s Nano Spear scaling of charge time
Skills Plus Plus

Urn Ignores Allies

Now, this mod changes Mired Urn’s targeting to enemies only and avoid hitting allies in multiplayer. In most games, players cant attack or kill their allies, which is a good feature. But in Risk of Rain 2, some weapons can affect our allies and very bad for multiplayer games. But this simple mod can help you enjoy the multiplayer game without killing allies.

Ronald Huntress

A new skin Huntress as Ronald McDonald is added to the game with this mod. It may look like the most simple mod of all time, but over 2800 people already downloaded it.

Bandit Reloaded

In this mod, Bandit from Risk of Rain 1 is added to this playable survivor game. Please read below some simple features about it.

  • The most comprehensive Bandit mod yet!
  • You can toss dynamite then shoot it midair to make a big explosion!
  • Four alt skills!
  • Highly configurable!
  • Supports the Ancient Scepter from StandaloneAncientScepter!
Bandit Reloaded

Monster Variants

If you are looking for more challenge in this game, install this mod with powerful monsters. They can now kill players with more perfection and different features that you may never see before. Consider it an extreme version of monster that can provide a real challenge to the players. Some players already become perfect in this game that they may consider it very easy. With the help of this mod, now they have more challenge to fight.

Monster Variants

Quality Skins Modpack

Over 30 different skins are added to this game with this mod and easy access too it. Now players don’t need to worry about looking for different skins in random places. But some other mods are also required to run this one successfully.

Artificer Extended

ArtificerExtended is a vast collection of new skills to add new, varied gameplay styles in creative ways.
Charged Nanobomb
Snap freeze
You can visit the below link and read the complete guide about these changes. Everything is explained with complete details, and players can enjoy new features.

Moisture Upset

Simple, fun mod, which is just meme type and good for players looking to enjoy. Watch the below video to understand more about this fantastic mod.

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Mega Sceptile Merc

A Mega Sceptile skin over Mercenar, its a very simple mod, and you can understand more about it by looking at the below image. As per mod creators, there are some issues with this mod; you can visit the below link to download and also know about them before installing it.

Mega Sceptile Merc

Drones Inherit Items

A mod that allows all drones and turrets to inherit items from the player.

  • It has AURELIONITE, QUEEN GUARDS, GHOSTS, SQUID TURRETS, and lots of configuration!
  • Can update inventories after each stage clear!
  • Can generate items for drones with the ItemGenerator option in the config file! Will ignore inherit settings.
  • Should now have more mod compatibilities! Let me know if something breaks, and I’ll try to look at it!

Commando Be Stylin

You can find over 20 new skins for Commando and some minor changes to the game related to it. The primary purpose of this mod is simple to add a few skins only, not anything important.

Mando Gaming

New skills and few updates connected to commandos. Read below for more details.

  • Double Tap spread 0.08 -> 0.12
  • Heavy Tap damage 165% -> 170%
  • Heavy Tap cooldown 1.15s -> 1.2s, shot delay 0s -> 0.1s
  • Micro Missile duration 3.5s -> 3s, now enters cooldown after firing begins.
  • Micro Missile can now be charged, releasing up to 6 missiles at full (up from firing three immediately)
  • Micro Missiles now use their original prefab instead of Paladin’s Rocket; hitbox hasn’t been adjusted though
  • Micro Missile damage 270% -> 180%, no longer has falloff
  • Micro Missile radius 6.5m -> 6.25m, velocity 120 -> 180
  • Tactical Dive duration 0.9s -> 0.55s, animation made slightly longer than duration to improve visuals
  • Tactical Dive initial speed increased to compensate; the final result is slightly shorter than vanilla Dive.
  • Using Tactical Dive next to an enemy (about 3.5m away) will stun them briefly.
  • Tactical Dive now has two charges
  • Tactical Slide now has +20% more vertical velocity when used in the air.
  • Suppressive Fire cooldown 6.5s -> 7s
  • Second Wind passive + unlock added.
  • Blank passive removed, not much point when you can disable passives.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Items?  

Items in this game are essential because they can help players survive this game. Some of these are very common, others rare, few you can consider as most important, and some just required for specific tasks only. We suggest you visit an article on fandom that explains almost everything about different items for this game. The below image can also help you a lot if you need a short overview to know about items. 

Risk of Rain 2 Items

What are the Few Popular Risk of Rain 2 Characters?

There are a lot of different characters in this game that are very popular. Below is a shortlist of only a few of those popular characters you must know and choose to play first.

1- The Engineer
2- MUL-T
3- The Huntress
4- The Loader
5- The Artificer
6- The Captain
7- Rex
8- Acrid

How to Access Risk of Rain 2 Discord?

You can click on “Risk of Rain 2 Discord” and connect with over 200k active players who love to play this game online. It’s essential for you to know that Discord is the best platform if you want to access different kinds of games and connect with millions of active gaming lovers. 

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Update?

To get the latest updates for this game or trending news, you must try to stay connected with the official site of Risk of Rain 2. Unlike other games, there are not many regular updates for this game available. But you can easily find and access some one-time updates after months of releasing this game from the official site only. A lot of important information is also accessible from their site.

How to Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters?

Unlocking different characters in this game is always important, which is possible by following few simple steps for each character. We just choose one of the best guides for you to find all information in one place. Visit Game Journalist that provides you with a list of all characters and a short guide on unlocking them. 

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Mod Manager?

Mod Manager for Risk of rain 2 is an essential part of the game that allows players to manage all kinds of mods. These types of managers are rare and available for only a few games. You can find one of them for Risk of Rain 2, which you can easily access from Thunderstore. 

What are Risk of Rain 2 Challenges?

Some challenges are added to this game that can unlock some powerful characters in this game. For example, to unlock engineers, you must finish 30 stages of Engineering Perfection. There is always a reward for players at the end of completing every single challenge in this game. Just visit an article on Fandom that can provide you with almost every detail about these challenges and connect you with some other relevant guides.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Survivors?

Survivors are different playable characters in this game, each with their unique abilities to complete this game. At the start of the game, players begin with a simple one and later unlock other survivor characters to fight with more dangerous monsters.

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How to Unlock Loader Risk of Rain 2?

To unlock Loader, you must complete the Guardian Offline challenge, where it’s essential to kill a Guardian. There are many benefits if you are planning to unlock this character. But getting it is also not easy for players because you can’t easily defeat this Guardian.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Classes?

There are ten different classes currently available in this game. Each class represents wholly different and unique kinds of features that you cant find in others. Below is a short list of those classes that you can unlock with time.


What is the Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Table?

You can download the Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Table Engine by visiting The Cheat Script. They provide all kinds of necessary information related to this cheat engine and download links to access them with one click. Unlimited money, shield, and some other features are part of this engine that can help players enjoy this game.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Table

Which one is the Best Risk of Rain 2 Elite Boss?

Deicide is a widespread challenge in this game where you can unlock the elite boss. It is hard to kill this boss, which is too much power compared to all other regular enemies. But ultimately, this challenge can unlock some rare items in this game that are very important.

How to Mod Risk of Rain 2?  

Modding Risk of Rain 2 Mods is not easy, and it can become a big problem for most new players. You can watch the below video to get started by following few simple steps.

What are Risk of Rain 2 Enemies?  

There are many different kinds of enemies in this game that players must face. Some are dangerous, and others you can defeat easily. With time some powerful upgrades to different enemies can make it difficult for players to defeat enemies. It means some enemies are easy to kill, but with upgrades, they can become lethal. Read below short list to know details about most of them.

Lesser Wisp35 (+10.5 per level)4 (+0.8 per level)
Jellyfish60 (+18 per level)5 (+1 per level)
Beetle80 (+24 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)
Lemurian80 (+24 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)
Hermit Crab100 (+30 per level)4 (+0.8 per level)
Clay Templar700(+210 per level)16(+3.2 per level)
Imp200 (+60 per level)10 (+2 per level)
Brass Contraption300 (+90 per level)10 (+2 per level)
Stone Golem480 (+144 per level)20 (+4 per level)
Beetle Guard600 (+180 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)
Bighorn Bison600 (+180 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)
Greater Wisp750 (+225 per level)15 (+3 per level)
Elder Lemurian900 (+270 per level)16 (+3.3 per level)

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide?

To know about this fantastic character Mercenary, you can watch the below video. We just decided to choose a video guide for you instead of a long-form article that you may feel boring to read—watching this video will answer almost all kinds of questions related to this specific character.

Is there any News about the Risk of Rain 3 & Risk of Rain 4?  

It looks like there is no plan to create Risk of Rain 3 and 4 shortly. You can find any information related to this game yet; everyone talks about Risk of Rain 2 only. Some rumours are all about some updates for this game Risk of Rain 2, and none of them gives an idea about what will happen in the future for new entries.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Commando Challenges?

Watch below short guide about the Commonado challenge in this game risk of Rain 2. Essential information is added in this guide by avoiding or skipping all the useless data to make it short and valuable for players.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 Environment Logs?  

Environment Logs usually are found in each hidden realm and contain some valuable information about the surroundings. You can always find different copies of them almost everywhere because they continue appearing all the time. Sometimes players may face difficulties to find them, but they are an essential part of the game, and everyone must try to use them.


This article can read the answer to some important questions asked by thousands of lovers of Risk of Rain 2 and mods created for this game. Surviving in this game becomes very difficult with time, motivating players to find the best-value items to upgrade and fight these aliens.

Unlocking new playable characters is also important because they can come with lots of new features and powers. You are always welcome to share this article with friends and family who love this game. Share it with any forum for Risk of Rain 2 Mods or social media network possible like Reddit.

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