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Rimworld Mods – Best Rimworld Tips for Beginners – Answer Diary

Rimworl is one of best simulation game of all time ever created. Read about few popular Rimworld Mods that you must try if interested.


An indie top-down Construction and Management Simulation video game. A game developed by Ludeon Studios. This game was first introduced as Kickstarter, but it was officially released on October 17, 2018. 


A vast and customizable world is designed for certain territories for their survival. The people of the territory go through some phenomenal events. The game gets crucial after some unpredictable and random events, and you have to sustain your survival. 

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Engine: Unity

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux

Genre(s): Construction and Management Simulation

Mode(s): Single-player

What are the 20 Best Rimworld Mods?

Mods are sideway tricks or, better say, a helping hand in playing a game. Mods bring casualness in-game as well as a deadly difficulty in the game. You can make games up to lethal pro level or can enhance the visuals of the game.

Here are the best Rimworld mods. Snatch any or multiple.

● Darkworld: 

If you are looking for a tough one, then this mod is your choice. Get ready to be in a darker world than the original Rimworld. You will not be around you as it is a dark mode. 

Key Features: 

Your generation is going to be in a vegetation cycle going up to the last two decades. 

The world is meant to be a long darker night, and you wake up after centuries. This creates trauma between player and gameplay. 

An appealing scenario for those who are looking for a tough Rimworld challenge.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Let’s Cook – A Breaking Bad Scenario: 

The most popular TV show, Breaking Bad, is the mod’s basic idea. If you have been a fan of this show, then you are going to love this mod.

A similar concept has been followed in this game also—two colonists are intended to experiment with their chemical knowledge over the drug trade.

Key Features: 

The only change is instead of go-meth, you will deal with go-juice. You have to work in drug retail to produce and trade for go-juice. This would be done for your survival. 

The mod is exciting and worth playing gameplay.

If you loved this show, then this mod is going to be your favourite.

Download Link: Click on the link below to download this mod:

● Start With Nothing

As the name of the mod suggests, you will start playing from zero. The game started with your ship being taken away by AI. The stealers of your ship capture you. The game will get more thrilling as everyone is either killed or locked up. There is not any such aid to take you out of this deadly situation.

The whole situation got you fed up. Then the scene changes as you get yourself free from prison. 

You have entered into Rimworld now.

Key Features:

You are in a position where everything is in your control. Your actions will lead you to success.

Your character survival is based upon the choices you make. So choose carefully.

You have to rely upon yourself only to survive in this pathetic situation. 

This mod is one of the most challenging survival mods out there. 

Download Link:  Click on this link to download this mod:

● Hangover From Hell: 

What about a night enjoying at a party and waking up to a ship on fire? Ops! Scary? Yeah, it is! Tug all the alcohol possible and head over to lifeboats. Safely make your way to Rimworld. 

Key Features: 

A hangover for every character with 80% involvement in chemistry.

No other technology than Brewing. You have to find a way for your survival. 

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Fallen Marines: 

This mod is a Rimworld scenario based on Halo Marines. You will be provided with three UNSC ODST marines for survival on a militant planet. 

It is up to you to keep your marines alive.

Key Features:

Your marines’ attributes are jogger, iron-willed, bloodlust, and hard worker. 

You will be starting with the knowledge of gun turrets and geothermal power.

Many scattered items on the map like survival meals, chunks of steel, and steel ashes chunks.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● The Luciferian Addict: 

Another addition to scenario mods, but this one has a relatively deeper backstory. You are unaccompanied in this Urb World Wars. In this mod, you are going to play solitary. 

A nurse bleeding will find you. A drug called Luciferium will be given to you to keep you alive. That is what this mod is about.

Key Features: 

More your subordination, the more Luciferium keeps you alive. 

You may now have a 6.667 fix day to avert yourself from fatal symptoms from taking over your body. 

You will start playing this mod with ten doses left. You are going to fight your way to survive.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on this link:

● I Love you. I know. A Star Wars Scenario: 

Can you think about video games without having a Star Wars tribute? I think it’s somewhat necessary for a video game. In this mod, you will have four colonists – Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, and C-3PO.

You need to navigate through many planets for your survival.

Key Features: 

Many items on the map include ship chunks, a computer core, steel, and uranium.

You will start with geothermal power, component assembly, and machining with other inceptive technologies.

Do not worry about inhabitants. You will be provided with charged rifles to encounter any hurdle in your way.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

● Amazons Challenge

A mod focussed on Amazon, finally. Should I say it is women-centred? As a tribe of women combatant enters into Rimworld and identifies it as their home. What can you expect from a warrior? Boldness and brutality! So do these warriors. These women soldiers will destroy everything and anyone getting in their way.

Key Features: 

Women lead this mod, so only women are allowed to live in this colony.

Men characters should not get offended as you can visit this colony. But remember, you males, other than visitors, would be killed, so keep this in mind, or you will be banished.

It is not over here, as you will start your gameplay with 5 characters with a 70% chance of being misandrist and a 50% chance of being gay.

Download link: To download this mod, click on this link: 

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● A Rimworld of Magic: 

It has been a rough discussion till now. But it’s time for some magic and fantasy play. Add some fantastic magical twist to your serious gameplay of Rimworld. This mod adds different classes with distinctive abilities, making your game a complete fantasy experience. 

Key Features: 

A great number of classes have been added to this game.

Classes include mages, necromancers, and paladins. 

You will also get 6 fighter classes together with gladiators, sniper, and ranger. You can choose any from it.

The whole look of the game changes instantly with new apparel and equipment.

Download Link: 

To download this mod, click on this link:

● Medieval Times: 

Rimworld has got many exciting mods that will keep you engaged in the game. Mods keep your game fresh and updated. 

The most popular way to keep your Rimworld intensifying is to keep on trying different scenario mods. 

This mod, Medieval times, will add a new transition to your new game. 

Key features: 

This mod is one of the creative scenario mods.

You will get new maps, buildings, articles, and new equipment in Medieval mod. 

New techniques and gameplay excite players to indulge more in the game. So that this mod is, your new game will suddenly transform into ancient times.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Rimatomics: 

Rimatomics adds a new look to the gameplay. This mod is a new branch of technology related to nuclear power and energy weapons. A mod that tweaks the research system. 

You need to build power reactors. Cooling systems, turbines, and reacting cores are also available to help you in building reactors. 

Key Features: e

Nuclear power is used in energy weapons. These weapons will be bad-ass as you will be provided with tesla coils, high-end lasers, microwave area retraction systems, and railguns.

After all this research and nuclear experiments, your energy weapons will be available for use.

Now, I do not know where these weapons will be used, but I know you will utilize these powerful weapons wisely.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● RunAndGun: 

We were considering enhancing the credibility of weapons, but what about making mechanics finer as well? This mod, RunAndGun, does this for you. This mod allows you to move and shoot at the same time. 

It may seem like a minor change, but to be honest, it is the cutest and more efficient one. 

Key Features: 

This mod, in return, will increase the accuracy by letting you shoot while moving.

Many of you must be thinking that this mod will make your colonist OP, but the modder said you could change the setting to make it possible to tweak how balanced the mod is. 

As you are shooting while moving, this mod affects not only you but also your enemy AI.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Pharmacist: 

Other than hocks and animals, there are many mods to upgrade and build your current mods. This mod is one of these. Pharmacists will give you more control over medication within your colony.

The game gets more intensifying as doctors use medicines according to four types of injuries – minor, major, operations, and life-menacing.

Key Features: 

By enabling this mode, you can set many medicines according to injury type. The more intensity an injury has, the more amount of medicine will be given.

The injuries can have pharmacists’ advice as well. Like the max level of colonists’ injuries, guests, prisoners, and animals can be tweaked depending on the particular recipient of injury.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Animals Logic: 

To create perfect gameplay, weapons and characters are mandatory. But on the other hand, your pet’s behaviour towards your game is a must. Cleverness, quick response, and acuteness of pets will be a helping hand. 

This mod, Animal Logic, gives you a hostile of such clever animals. Their actions and involvement in the game will make more sense.

Key Features: 

In this mod, animals will hunt more efficiently and bed on their own. 

The efficiency of this mod can be seen by not allowing animals to eat any random thing. 

The egg-laying animals will find beds to lay eggs.

Many explorable features of this mod like emergency alerts, hauling efficiency and training decay speed.

Download Link:  To download this mod, clock on this link: 

● Hunt for Me: 

Sometimes, cleverness can lead to a mishap. So better train your animals. This is another mod related to enhancing your animals’ involvement in the game. “Hunt for Me” makes your animals hunt for you. You tame them, and they will hunt for you.

Key Features: 

Once your animal is trained, they can hunt solo or in packs. This depends on the size of prey they fell for.

You can supervise your animals for predator mod.

This mod also allows you to enable/disable revenge mod. 

Even cats are helpful in this mod as cats will hunt gifts for you.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Colony Leadership: 

Leadership is always exciting. This mod allows you to choose a leader for your colony, either a democratic one or a dictator. You have to select your leader wisely as your colony will be under the control of the leader.

This mod’s concept is quite interesting as there are many quests to be played.

Key Features:

Leaders, in general, are the best colonists, having the best skills among all the colonists.

A leader has the best stats and tends to teach other colonists in improving their skills.

New skills have been given to colonists like aura buff. This skill will affect other colonists to improve their mood and trading skills.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

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● Common Sense: 

The AI behaviour needs to have common sense on hand. This mod will be helpful in this regard. Your warrants are not capable enough to figure out things on their own. For that AI, it all ends up by the intention you want to get done. 

This mod, Common Sense, adds new abilities to pawns.

Key Features:

Common sense adjusts AI pawn to perform recent actions. Each of these is easily enabled/disabled with a single click of a mouse.

You can set AI to clean their rooms, finish the food before it spoils, stops them from eating too many sweets.

There are a lot of items to be enjoyed. In short, this mod makes AI more efficient and more innovative.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Men’s Hair: 

The game is more likely engaging when its characters look good. The appearance of characters adds charm to the game. This game also had some hairstyling mods. But these are outdated now. Vanilla ones are quite boring. 

But this mod got some realistic presets for colonists.

Key Features: 

This mod offers updated hairstyles as well as for the beard.

Ods’ man’s hairstyles are more realistic than vanilla.

Ods has a female hairstyle mod also. So you can check that too.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on this link:

● Color-Coded Mood Bar: 

Rimworld players have a tough time while handling the moods of the colonists. Spirits of colonists have a mandatory part in the game. 

This mod manages all colonists’ moods by a simple colour-coding scheme. 

Key Features: 

In Rimworld, colonists have their minds, and things get into trouble sometimes. You are the one who is going to handle moods so that things could be balanced.

The base game has expanded the mood bar behind every colonist. This mod adds colour to these bars to show whether they are happy or not.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● FashionRIMsta: 

Let us take a break from upgrading weapons and gameplay. Enhancing visuals is also a must for a game. Visuals add glitter to dull gameplay. This mod rejuvenates the game by affixing many apparels for colonists.

Key Features: 

You can research clothes before crafting.

 This mod is not only about apparel and all, but it does have some mechanics.

The most exciting thing about this mod is when you unlock all clothes; kt will provide you with job bonuses. 

What a mod can give more! Unique clothes, job bonuses, and a chef that will cook for you at the spot. 

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

What is the Rimworld Workshop, and How do you Access it?

A Rimworld workshop is a platform where you can find mods for Rimworld. The scenarios for Rimworld can also be found here. You can also learn to play with mods here with an intelligent AI tutor.

Access to Workshop:

To access Rimworld Workshop, click Play> Game Browser > Create > Settings > Workshop

What are a few Rimworld Tips?

To play any game more efficiently, you need to take some guidelines. Here are some tips to have exciting gameplay.

● Set up a Kill box.

● There is always a need for more Snipers.

● You are Going to Lose.

● You Must Know How to Build a Proper Shelter.

● Wisely Choose Your Landing Spot.

● Keep Monitoring Your Colonists’ Health.

● Always Prioritize Your Work.

● Carefully Choose Your Colonists.

What is Rimworld Combat Extended?

Combat Extended completely revamps the combat. The extended combat adds recent and more shooting and melee combat. Rebalancing the health system, a checklist system, and a new save are general properties of Extended Combat.

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Where to Find a Rimworld Mod Manager?

Managing mods are relatively easy. The Rimworld mods manager offers a cleaner and mod managing screen. 

You can find Rimworld mod manager here:

Rimworld > Workshop > Fluffy’s Workshop > Mod Manager

Where to find Rimworld Race Mods?

You can find Rimworld race mods on Steam by clicking on this link:

What is the Rimworld Tech Level?

Suppose the specific conditions of the colony meet, then the tech-mode of Rimsworld advances the gameplay. A tech-Advancing mod has been introduced to enhance tech-mod. With the help of the ADVANCE-TECH mod, if you start a colony, your research tree will be evolved at an advanced level. 

Customize your custom rules on mod settings and let your tech-mod get evolved.

What is Rimworld’s best Melee Weapon?

The best Melee weapon should be that one that can lunge enemy melee blows. Also, if a weapon has a high DPS, then it is considered the best Melee weapon.

Spears and Long Words should be given to highly skilled colonists as these armaments are the best Melee ones. 

Also, Maces can be considered as the best Melee weapon and can be given to Brawlers.

Can we Play Rimworld on Android?

Yes, you can play Rimworld on an android device. But for this, you need to download a specific Rimworld app to your smartphone. Also, it will sometimes make trouble in managing colonies. But yeah! Who carries its PC all the time. Take your game to your android phone.

How to Fix Rimworld Mods not Showing up Error?

● Try to shut down your PC and reinstall your game.

● Also, have a look at the order of mods. 

● Or is that a mod you forgot to install? As that mod could be for mods to work together.

● It will take a while to put mods in the correct order.

● This will need restarting multiple times.

How to Install Rimworld Mods?

Here are some steps to be followed to install Rimworld mods:

● Open the Downloaded ZIP archive;

● Go to your Rimworld download location;

● Windows: Do drag and drop the Extracted ModName folder into your Rimworld ***Win/Mods/folder (not in Core)

● Mac: Right-click on the Rimworld application then on show package contents;

● Startup your game

● Click the Mods button and activate your mods.

Where is the Rimworld Save Game Location?

It depends upon which platform are you using:

● It can be found by Default at C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam or C:\Program Files\Steam.

● On Mac, it can be found by default at ~/Library/Application Support/Steam.

● On Linux, it can be found by Default at ~/. steam/steam


This is a vast article on Rimworld working, mods, solutions to problems while playing. The answers are well researched. Keeping the popularity of Rimworld in mind, this article has been keenly written with perfection.

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