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Resident Evil 2 Mods – Best RE2 Remake Mods – Answer Diary

Resident Evil is popular movie series of all time, but their games also become top in the world. Read about some Resident Evil 2 Mods.


Capcom, a truly named developer, has published and developed this game. Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game. A 2019 game that revolves around zombie hordes and the survival of players. 

This game is actually a remake of an old game introduced in 1998 with the same name. Unlike the old one, this remake offers a third person shooter. The overall combat depends upon your difficulty level. Many new character transformations and features have been introduced in this remake. Also, a Download Content mode has been added to this new version. 

Name of Series:   Resident Evil

Release: 25, January 2019

Genre:  Survival horror

Mode(s): Single-player

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What are 20 remake Mods of Resident Evil 2? 

This game has been applauded by critics for its superb visualization, presentation, gameplay, and most importantly, it has kept its originality. The game succeeded in selling Housefull copies. 

To enjoy this game as it is meant to be, you need to install its mods. Here is the list of top-rated mods to make your game more thrilling.

● Beach Boy X: 

It’s all fun going and gripping game until you see a 2m-tall speedo garbed approaching you downstairs. It’s a trap and crap at the same time. A sensual terror. But this is not it. This beach boy X mod gives you an exciting beach appearance. One of best mod in our list of Resident Evil 2 Mods.

Key Features:

You will get a set of umbrellas with sexy trunks to show off your abs and quadriceps.

The look will be completed with flip-flops and sunglasses.

But do not get so involved in this beachy outlook as your predator will drag you from your steps.

Download link: Click on this link to download this link:

● X-Treme Nightmare:

 If you are still missing out on the real enthusiasm in the game and RE2R did not fill your appetite for your gaming sensation, then this mod is for you.

The extremist in gameplay. The effective defense system against enemies is definitely your craving.

Key Features: 

The more, The merrier. You had listened to it. Combine this mod with your existing one, and boom! Do it at your own risk.

This mod will replace many of enemies in series-with-(You guessed it right) Mr. X. 😛

Its classic modeling insanity is of its kind.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Claire – RPD Military Outfit: 

As RE2R has come up with a variety and changes in outfits and accessories, this mod will give you a military chic for claire.

This mod is an epidermis of Claire’s military-themed outfit to make her one of the Raccoon Police department.

Key Features: 

Not only accessories, but this mod also has different hairstyles to be applied.

You can have many colors of tops and pants as well.

The controversial bandanna of Claire has been removed. 

A sleeveless top will show Claire a total bad-ass.

Download Link:  You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● FOOX Leon Customization Pack: 

Claire has been lucky as there are many customization mods available for her. But this mod is a platinum mod for Leon as it has variety for this character. 

If you have adored the last entry, then you will also like this one. 

Key Features: 

The Beard one is definitely the best feature of this mod. There are three more options for a beard that you can apply.

All of these alternatives go superbly perfect with Claire’s casual look. 

Make your own combos by selecting any from features.

A new RPD uniform is initiated for Leon.

A messy casual look is more sophisticated.

Download Link: 

You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● First-Person Camera: 

In the previous version, a First-person camera has been introduced. This turned the game towards horror and scare. If you liked this change, then you must try this for RE2R also. 

This mod is not that up to the mark as its predecessor. Some scenes are so awkward, But the advancement must be tried. 

Key Features: 

It will take a little effort, but once you start playing this mod, this will be worth it.

The changing gameplay makes this mod morse scarier.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Headshot-Only & Reduced Items: 

What could be more fun if you get eggshell zombies? Crush these creepy creatures. 

This mod will allow you to have a headshot only and reduced items. This is quite feasible as you can focus on crushing zombies rather than on fancy items. 

Key Features: 

Your healing items will be lessened as you have a stronger defense system.

The number of bullets will be decreased to balance gameplay. 

The exciting thing about this mod is that your enemies’ weak points will be more vulnerable. You can headshot your zombies directly.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

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● Classic Inventory & Health Bar: 

Many players tend to play that conventional RE2. Some do modding to enhance the seriousness and exertion in-game.

The old charm of RE2 has been continued by this “Classic Health & Inventory bar.” Do not take this mod lightly, as it works way better than its name. 

Key Features: 

The game base’s inventory screen has been changed to a tweaked one as it was in 1998. This mod changed the health bar, which is the most exciting feature for me. 

Bizarrely enough, these features fit entirely in the remake of RE2. 

The game logo has also been revived as was in 1998.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● HDR ReShade: 

This one of the first mods that were introduced at the start of the remake. This mod is still the best mod among newly invented ones.

Key Features: 

The shadows are sharper. The greyish tone has been changed to a dark one, and it will increase the scariness.

The color intensification and enhanced visuals are a plus point of this mod.

The gray/green grainy filters of Vanilla have been improved that makes the screen more disastrous.

Download Link: You can download this exciting mod by clicking on this link:

● 1998 Weapon Sound Effects: 

The base game lovers miss out that gun sounds for decades. Those sounds add reality, and players enjoy firing those creeps.

You can mix up this mod with 1998 Zombie Sound. More thrill is awaiting as you jump into this mod. 

Key Features: 

This mod will act as time travel as the shot sounds will take you back to 1998. 

Most of the gun’s sound effects have been ripped out as this mod is based on collaborating with 1998 sound.

The self-destruct effect has also been replaced by 1998 sound effects. 

So, grab this one and enjoy the real sound as it was in 1998. You are all set to boom!

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Claire-ish Clair Face Model: 

You will be wowed to see Claire’s new face model. She already looked gorgeous, isn’t she? The new RE2R model is more lovely. 

Key Features: 

This new transition of Claire is quite different from that we used to see her.

The new face model will show more feminine features in Claire.

The cuteness has added. You have not seen such a cute zombie terminator before. 

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

● RE Immersion ReShade: 

We have discussed many mods till now, but to be honest, this mod is the best among all. The most impartially visual enhancement ever. You will fall in love with clarity and eye-catching gameplay. 

Key Features: 

As mentioned earlier, the HDR ReShade removes that blurry green/grey screen. 

You can see more clearly the beings of the game.

A scary notch has been added to the game by dense fog, dynamic depth, and sharpness of foreground.

This mod will make your game adapted to old Resident Evil.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

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● Claire – Beautiful Reality Face: 

This mod will make Claire more close to reality visual. The clarity and enhancement gave a charm to Claire’s appearance. 

This mod will make Claire more pretty, and it is more like the original one. 

Key Features:

The classy character and excellent fighter is a must of this mod. 

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this mod:

● FOOX Claire Customization Pack: 

If you want something adequate and varied, this FOOX is your choice. A wide range of customization has been added to this mod. 

Key Features: 

Claire has given a leather jacket to be protected against elements and provide a chic to Claire.

A Dirt build-up has been introduced. This feature will make Claire feasible in every situation.

The most appealing detail added in this mod is Freckles. These freckles on the face and chest are quite attractive.

The reddish skin and green eye color must not be forgotten.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Claire – Darkside Chronicles: 

Another appealing visual for Claire. These dark side chronicles look quite similar to Rail-shooter. 

Claire looks alluring in a black turtleneck top, also giving her bad-ass confidence. 

Key Features: 

If you prefer a base game appearance, then you can go with that also. But I would prefer to use both of these. 

This mod introduces DSC outfits also.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

●  Claire – Liz Katz Look: 

You will freak out after seeing Claire in a whole new appearance. With this outfit, Claire is ready to prove themself as a zombie slayer. Yeah, who can better get ready for a zombie hoard? Anyone?

Key Features: 

The outfit is so astonishingly perfect for Claire and can express Claire’s tone in it.

Also, this game is a complete overhaul for Claire’s ingame model.

But hey, what about a photoshoot during zombie slaying in such. Um.. lightweight skirt.

Download Link:  You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● X No More: 

Some anxious gamers might love to fill up their game with Mr. X. But it’s not all in choice for others. Mr. X increases terror in the game, and you do not want to move in gameplay with this all the time terror.

Key Features: 

This mod can ease your dread. This mod would not make Mr. X invisible, but yeah, this rascal will not bother you throughout the game. 

Mr. X will be removed from your way, and you can enjoy exploring Raccoon city.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Dio & Jotaro Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: 

If you know about Jojo’s bizarre adventures and keeping up its fan following, then you will definitely love this new entry. The sarcastic Mr. X is replaced with none other than DIO from the Stardust Crusaders saga.

Key Features: 

You must be thinking that these characters are out of the game’s frame, but I bet you, you will love the interaction of both. 

Sorry to say but you would not listen to any “ora ora ora” from Jotaro.

You must not want to miss a sure match.

Download Link:  You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● PlayStation Button Layout: 

Many gamers like you use PS4 (or even PS3) controllers to play PC games. 

But Steam allows DS4 to play this remake. It does not change for the SONY gamepad. It will only change until you use this mod. 

The screen will continue to show for Xbox One. But after this mod, It is a win-win for SONY boys.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on this link:

● RE2 HUD Tool: 

The people who have played League of Legends or JRPGs, are always searching for data. Look! I found something for you. P.s: Do not get over-excited. Let me explain.

Key Features: This mod will provide each data about your enemies, like how much HP has left. You can also have an estimate about how much damage your bullet is doing.

This RE2 HUD tool will add DirectX11 to your game.

This mod is quite helpful in finding weak points so that you can attack with more excellence.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Fluffy Manager 5000: 

To install Resident Evil mod is not just easy as moving files to the root folder. Huh, do hard work. You will need something to tweak the game, and Fluffy Manager 5000 is your thing. 

Key Features: 

This feature will make installing the mod easy by dragging and dropping RAR program files. Rest will be taken care of by this mod.

The Modding community supports this mod, so you do not need to be worried about running programs and compatible files.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on the link below:

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What are 5 Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods?

 Resident Evil 2 has been a pioneer for upcoming games in the series. The remake itself revitalize many features from Resident Evil 2. Due to its popularity and visuals, it is still in the minds of players. This was the reason for making a remake.

Many outstanding features of Resident Evil 2 have been revived in the remake also. Some of its popular mods are named below:

● Resident Evil 2: Destiny

● Resident Evil 2: Seamless HD Project

● Resident Evil 2: Extreme Condition

● Resident Evil 2: Destiny ITA

● Resident Evil 2: Marvin’s Mod

What are 5 Resident Evil 1 Mods?

Oh, this is the first one from where this madness started. If you are such an old Amer and remember this one and still playing its games, then here is a hat off to you.

Unlike the second part of the game, its mods are not so popular. But the leader is discussed no matter what. So here are some kinda top listed mods of Resident Evil 1:

● Retcon Pack (Remaster)



● RE1 HD – JILL RE3Cop mod

● Upscale Project

What are the Top 5 Resident Evil 2 Achievements?

It almost takes 30-35 hours to unlock all the achievements in the base game. There are 41 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore with 2 DLC packs having 3 achievements worth 70 Gamerscore.

The top achievements are listed below:

● Welcome to the City of Dead

● Never-ending Rain

● Hack Complete

● Hide and Seek

● A Great Need of a Shower

What are the Top 5 Resident Evil 2 Remake Achievements?

Resident Evil 2 remake has a mark in gaming. All of its mods and gameplay is too loveable and exciting at the same time. Now we must have a look at the top achievements. So that our basket will be filled.

● The Basics of Survival: You can combine two items together.

● Hip to Add Squares: You can increase your inventory slots.

● Eat This: A sub-weapon can be used to sub attack.

● First Break-In: You can open a safe dial.

● That’ll Hold’Em: You can board up a window using wooden bars.

What is Resident Evil 3 Remake DLC?

The DLC is basically “Downloadable Content,” and luckily, it is available in the Resident Evil 2 remake. There is a full pack of DLC available in Resident Evil 2. Additional packs have also been introduced. 

The DLC list has the following items:

● Ame add-ons

● Costumes

● Weapons

● Title updates

● Playstation themes

● Miscellaneous

● Other items

Can We Play Resident Evil 2 Mods on PC?

Actually, it is not so easy. The modding on PC differs from game to game and from mod to mod.

Sometimes you just have to do a single click, and the rest of the task is done by mod. It will be vulnerable if you use the same modding style as you used for your last game. 

To play Resident Evil mods on P, you have to check mods settings whether it can be played with a single click or not. 

What is Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Guns?

Its gameplay and visuals, mods, and the weapons used in this game have a top-class level. You will enjoy slaying zombies with these powerful weapons. I have created a list of these top-rated guns. Have a look:

● JMB hp3

● Lightning Hawk

● MQ 11

● Samurai Edge

● GM 79

What are Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Monsters?

Monsters are fun. Aren’t these? Monsters keep us thrill and horror in the whole game. This Resident Evil 3 Remake has got some scary creepy monsters that will give you goosebumps. So, here is the list of the top 5 scariest ones:

● Remake Mr. X

● PS1: Marvin Branagh Zombie

● Remake: Lickers

● PS1: G-Mutant (Final Form)

● Remake: Zombies

What are Best Resident Evil 2 Claire Mods?

Claire is not only a front line fighter but also an attractive character of the game. Claire has been lucky as many customization mods have been introduced in remake mod. Some of these are described below:

● Claire- RPD Military Outfit

● Claire – Darkside Chronicles

● Claire – Liz Katz Look

● FOOX Claire Customization Pack

● Claire-ish Claire Face Model

● Claire – Beautiful Reality Face


Resident Evil 2 Remake has been a game with beyond mark gameplay. This article has covered all comparisons and discussions over this game. The content added is well researched. This game is a complete power pack of action and thrill. Do give it a play. Hope you love reading “Resident Evil 2 Mods”

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