Thursday, May 26, 2022

Manchester City Do not Need to Look for a Replacement for Aguero: They Already Have it

During the season, the Valencia pupil was rarely a topic of conversation. Read more about Replacement for Aguero is not required.

Of course, replacing Aguero will not be easy. Citizens’ mentor Josep Guardiola does not know if the club will be able to buy a replacement striker for the Argentine due to the high prices for the players. But Man City’s transfer goals are also serious: Erling Holland, Harry Kane, Lautaro Martinez.

Each of these players will cost the citizens and any other club more than € 100 million. At first glance, the situation does not seem very good. Aguero is leaving, and the only center forward in the team – Gabriel Jesus – is not yet the forward that Guardiola needs. But then a match against Newcastle happens, in which Ferran Torres is at the forefront of the attack and makes a hat-trick.

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During the season, the Valencia pupil was rarely a topic of conversation. His transfer to Manchester City a year ago was quite noisy, but over time the situation around the player has calmed down. Torres periodically played, periodically made effective actions, but no one in the press paid much attention to this. You must read more about “Replacement for Aguero” below.

Before the match against Newcastle. In this match, the Spaniard not only scored 3 spectacular goals, but also made his compatriot think: what if? After the game, Guardiola has already voiced these thoughts aloud. The specialist promised reporters to think about putting Ferran more often in the position of the central striker in the future. Maybe something will work out of this.

One successful match is certainly not a reason for serious conclusions. But no one evaluates a football player by just one game. It’s just that they hadn’t been watching him so closely before. But the position of the center forward for Torres is not a revelation. Ferran moved to Manchester City as a right winger, although he could play on the left. Riyad Marez and Raheem Sterling play along the edges of the attack.

It was immediately clear that the Spaniard would have to look for additional positions on the field, given the competition among the wingers. In the first leg of the Champions League this season, Torres got 22 minutes as a center forward – and scored. After that, the footballer scored three goals scored in three different Champions League matches, playing at the forefront of the attack.

As a clean striker, Ferrand also scored against Newcastle in the Premier League and Cheltenham in the FA Cup. For the entire time of appearances in the “Valencia” Torres only played once in the position of the center forward. In Manchester City, he has already played 10 times on the cutting edge and scored 6 goals.

In Spain, the footballer was more focused on assists, and in England – on goals. The statistics eloquently confirm this. As part of the “bats”, Ferran has 97 matches, 9 goals and 12 assists. For the “townspeople” he played 34 matches in all tournaments, having chalked up 13 goals and 3 assists. In 1 season at Manchester City, the Spaniard scored more goals than in 2.5 seasons with his home club.

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