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Recipe Divider

The recipe converter (otherwise called a recipe mini-computer, recipe multiplier, recipe divider, recipe scaler, or serving sizer) is a kitchen instrument that can be utilized to assist you with duplicating, separation, part, or scale your recipes to an ideal yield or serving size. It’s nearly all around as simple as duplicate, glue, convert!

View the video instructional exercise, see the directions underneath, or visit the Tutorial segment for subtleties on the most proficient method to utilize the recipe converter.

You can likewise download the App (at present just accessible on Android and Kindle gadgets), which incorporates the greater part of the transformation instruments found on our site and extra devices, for example, a fixing unit converter that permits you to change over among volume and weight estimations for additional then 250 fixings!

Type in or reorder the fixings segment of a recipe into the fixing list text region.

Note: The reorder element may not turn out as expected for a recipe locales or food online journals because of the manner in which the webpage designs their text. The reorder component may likewise not turn out as expected for specific portable programs. Assuming this occurs, the fixings can be composed in or each line that was stuck into the text region can be altered. See beneath remarks for subtleties.

In the event that important, alter the fixings so they are in standard recipe design and each word or number is isolated by a space.

(The standard recipe design for fixings begins with the amount, trailed by the unit measure, and finishes with the fixing.)

1 quart milk

Alter the recipe so every fixing line is on another line. (New lines are made by squeezing enter.)

1 cup milk

2 Tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

Alter each line with the goal that amounts and words are isolated by a space.

Check the “Round change to closest cooking portion” box in the event that you believe that the changed over fixing amounts should be adjusted to the closest cooking division. (Checked as a matter of course).

Note: When adjusting to closest division, any amounts under 1/8 will be gathered together to 1/8.

Check the “Remember unique recipe for transformation” box if you need to remember the first recipe for the changed over recipe text region. (Uncontrolled of course)

Click the relating tab to decide to change over by segment or by multiplier/divider.

Enter a recipe multiplier/divider, or enter a unique size(serving/yield) and an ideal size(serving/yield).

Press the duplicate, gap, or part button and the changed over recipe will be shown in the changed over recipe text region.

Note: Only numbers put toward the start of each line will be consequently changed over. To change over different numbers that are on a similar line, utilize the ## administrator to show that you would that way number to be changed over. To utilize the ## administrator, place a ## before each number you might want to change over while leaving a space after that number. The ## administrator can be set before a number that is in decimal or division design.

1 1/4 cup banana (about ##3 bananas)

3/4 cup margarine (##1 1/2 sticks)

1 cup sugar (##200 g)

1 pound ##5 ounces flour

3 to ##4 eggs

For additional tips on the most proficient method to utilize the ## administrator, visit our How to utilize scale administrators segment. See remarks underneath for different subtleties.

Actually take a look at the changed over recipe for rightness. In the event that important, the changed over recipe can be physically altered.

The changed over recipe can be printed or reordered into a record.


  • Portions can be placed as an amount. While utilizing parts, separate entire numbers from portions with a space.
  • 33% = “1/3”, one and one-half = “1 1/2”.
  • Make a point to eliminate any list items that might show up before the amount or toward the beginning of each line.
  • Fixings don’t need a unit measure.
  • 1 watermelon = “1 watermelon”.
  • Fixings that have an amount reach won’t change over as expected. To achieve this, if it’s not too much trouble, see the note about utilizing the “##” administrator above.
  • “3 to 4 cups bananas” (duplicated by 2) will erroneously be switched over completely to: “6 to 4 cups bananas”
  • “3-4 cups bananas” (increased by 2) won’t be changed over and will show the first text.
  • Continuously take a look at the changed over recipe for rightness.
  • Check to ensure the cooking/baking directions are refreshed because of the transformation.
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Cary Grant
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