Friday, December 2, 2022

Quick tips for a hash-tag strategy on Instagram

In the year 2021, hashtags are a fantastic way to reach new audiences on Instagram. They require very little effort and no cash investment, but they can drive people who might be interested in your content straight to you. In that way, you can gain more Instagram followers. For instance, buy Instagram followers, stay very active and have deep research with the hash-tag.

Hide hashtags in the captions

If your brand is in one of the categories were hiding your hashtags in the caption is the most effective, you might be wondering: how do you hide a hashtag?

Instagram limits the amount of text displayed on your feed and hides additional text behind a “show more” link. Your goal is to get your hashtags to appear after this link. The problem is, if your captions are short and sweet – which is always a good idea – how do you add enough text to keep your hashtags hidden? The trick is to add line breaks. But it’s a little harder than it looks, as the Instagram app tends to erase line breaks added to the text entered directly in the caption editor.

Jonathon Spire proposed a solution is to type a character (a period is the most discrete, but you can also use asterisks or whatever you want), then a line break, then another character, then another line break, until that you have at least 5 lines. Add your hashtags below.

Popular hashtags related to your brand

Check which hashtags influencers and brands like yours are using. People interested in related content will search for these hashtags and therefore be more likely to stumble upon your content. It’s a great way to make sure your posts reach the right audiences. When you type a hashtag in the caption editor, Instagram automatically tells you how many existing posts are using that hashtag. You can also use a hashtag search or generator tool to help you discover hashtags related to your content.

Deep research for the hashtags

Before using a hashtag on Instagram, be sure to research it yourself to see who is using it and what kind of content comes out. Just because an influencer or popular brand has used it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your content.

This is the perennial dilemma of online advertising: should you use a popular search term/category/hashtag, which may have greater reach, but a lot more competition? Or should you use a smaller niche term, which may not appeal to such a large audience, but is more likely to be seen by people who are looking for that specific type of content? The answer is both! Popular hashtags get you noticed, but there are plenty of other Instagramers on the app. Niche or location hashtags help you stand out to the audience that matters most to you. Use a combination of the two in each post.

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