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Pros and Cons of Different Wire Drawing Dies

Different wire dies have different pros and cons while put in use and are the chief reason manufacturers of wires prefer one over the other. It is mainly because various dies for drawing wire have their characteristics. Some dies are specific to industries, and also they are more preferred by wire drawing companies because of cost consideration. Several small enterprises use only low-cost dies as it is pretty economical for them as they do not need the die after a few drawings. Again, the quality of one die over that of another may differ. Also, the cost of the same die may vary from company to company in the international market. 

In light of the above, if you are planning to purchase Wire Drawing Dies from an online store, you must have done your research properly. It is always better to aim for quality, and if you need a die for the long run, then it is proper to buy high-quality dies from reputed manufacturers. If you are not sure, you may purchase or place an inquiry right here to get an immediate quote. 

Various Dies and their Characteristics

It is noteworthy that the price of the natural diamond die is the most expensive form of die anywhere. It is also an extremely difficult process because the hardness of natural diamonds varies greatly within the radial extent. It means that natural diamond is prone to severe wear in certain directions. Usually, you will find that nd dies or natural diamond dies are mainly used for processing E-grind wire of small diameter.

Carbide dies pretty good as they offer good polishing and low energy consumption and are useful for small manufacturers. However, they have poor wear resistance and processing difficulties and, therefore, may be good for only a short period. The short life of the mold is not suitable enough for several large manufacturers. Hence, several large industries utilize diamond drawing dies for their needs. 

Polycrystalline diamond dies are yet another type of dies that are reputed for their hardness. It is doesn’t give way to wear and is very long-lasting yet pretty expensive. The pcd wire drawing dies are currently in great demand worldwide, and they are pretty reliable although quite expensive than other ordinary dies. 

Focus only for Top Quality Dies

It is always better to source your dies from reliable wire drawing dies manufacturers than any online store. You can easily get to know the best manufacturers after browsing the internet, or you may visit the SZ Wire Die site. While focusing on quality wire drawing dies, you may find out more about Natural Diamond Drawing Die and CVD diamond die. 

CVD diamond is also known as Chemical Vapor Deposition diamond and is deposited on the surface of a solid substrate under high temperature and low pressure. CVD dies are known for their high hardness and good wear resistance. However, they are used in different wire drawing processes and may not have the same finishing as ND Drawing Dies in some cases. 

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