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Prawn curry recipe

Prawn curry or shrimp curry is a conventional delicacy from the cookbooks of Portuguese. It is one of the primary courses for lunch or supper in fish and waterfront areas like Goa, Kerala and Indonesia.

Prawn curry is a hot delicacy that works out positively for your rice or roti, actually like any Indian curry! The mix of coconut milk and Indian flavors with the nourishing components of prawns makes this dish an outright top choice for fish sweethearts!

Presently, let us examine how to throw the prawns, set up the curry and significantly more stuff in this article!

How to make a Prawn curry formula rapidly?

Initially, take a skillet and pour some oil. In that, add prawns and cook them for a couple of moments. After a concise throw, keep them to the side. Besides, add oil to a container alongside a cup of hacked onions. To that, add ginger garlic glue and a cup of tomatoes. Cook them well and add the Indian flavors like stew powder, cumin powder, turmeric and coriander powder. Cook the sauce well and add a little measure of water. At last, add coconut milk to the sauce and let it cook. Presently to this, add our threw prawns and cook them together. Add garam masala at the completing phase of the curry and serve the prawn curry with a cup of hot rice or a plate of rotis!

Dietary components that are concealed in a bowl of Prawn curry!

We as a whole skill a zesty Indian prawn curry possesses a flavor like! It projects a little tartness that mixes with plentiful flavor and a negligible part of pleasantness that you experience. This pleasantness is from the prawns. Aside from its regular character, this fish delicacy is a treat of different nutrients and minerals like calcium, potassium, Vitamin A and E. Also, they are wealthy in iron and helps in the age of RBCs in our blood.

Prawns are exceptionally nutritious in view of their safe fortifying limit and lower the danger of heart infections. It keeps up with stable nerve works and has a wealth of calming properties.

Different treats to savor close by prawns!

Ocean is one of the plentiful suppliers of nature’s items to humanity. It frames the staple platter of eating along waterfront locales and the occupants who get by there. Other than the prawn curry formula, you can make flavorful prawn biryani, prawn pickle (thokku), a delicious starter like garlic prawn or a true plate of prawn coconut curry!

Likewise, don’t pass up these other curry delights to treat your tastebuds!

Egg curry– A fiery curry in which bubbled eggs finishes this bowl.

Kofta curry– Fluffy, little and fresh bundles of koftas drenched in a tart sauce of tomato and onion!

Chicken tikka masala–Charred and marinated chicken that joins with hot Indian curry and a flat out top choice!

Shahi paneer curry–A regal dish comprising of cream, nuts and curry mix together, with solid shapes of paneer doused in this sauce!

Expert tips to cook the prawns and the curry

  1. Firstly, in the event that you benefit prawns with shells, you can eliminate them by the accompanying strategy. Strip the shells by grasping the body of the prawn in one hand while contorting off its head in the other.

2. Secondly, you can de-shell the prawns subsequent to cooking them in bubbling salt water with the goal that those become more flavourful. You can utilize the stock for later purposes.

3. While sautéing or throwing the prawns for the prawn curry formula, ensure that you fry for a not many minutes and at medium fire.

4. Overcooking prawns may make them hard and give them an elastic like rigidity for biting.

5. To throw the prawns, you can likewise utilize margarine in the spot of oil.

6. Coconut milk can be ready from establishing coconut and take the coarse semi-dry glue in a muslin or cotton material. Concentrate the milk by pushing on the material pack solid and steady.


·2 tbsp Oil

·25 Prawns De-shelled

·1 Cup Onion Medium; Finely hacked

·1 Cup Tomatoes 2; Medium; Finely Chopped

·1 tsp Ginger garlic glue

·1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

·1 tsp Chilli powder

·2 tsp Coriander powder

·1/2 tsp Cumin powder

·1 tsp Salt

·1/2 Cup Coconut milk

·1/2 tsp Garam masala

·1 tsp Lime Juice



In a dish, add a tablespoon of oil.

To that, add the prawns and throw them at medium fire and keep them to the side.

In a similar container, add one more tablespoon of oil. To that, add a cup of onion and fry them till clear.

To that add a teaspoon of ginger garlic glue followed by some tomatoes.

At the point when they are cooking, add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and cumin powder, with a teaspoon of stew powder and salt. Add 2 teaspoons of Coriander powder and saute everything great.

At long last add 1/2 some coconut milk with required measure of water. Add the prawns and let them cook for a couple of moments.

At last add 1/2 teaspoon of garam masala and 1 teaspoon of lime juice to the curry and give a last bubble. At the point when prepared, serve them hot close by a bowl of rice or a plate of roti!

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