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PowerSlim Treatment for Weight Management

We cannot emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight enough; it is the best way to gift your body for pushing you through each day. Aside from that, weight management saves you a lot of the pain that accompanies dangerous lifestyle habits and greatly lowers the chances of diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, to mention a few. Additionally, the general wellbeing of your physical body significantly impacts your mental health by boosting your confidence and ensuring you stay positive.

With all these understood, your mind may be deeply engulfed in thoughts of going to the gym. Well, that is not the only way to let go of that extra weight. Understandably, not everyone can hold up at the gym for too long. Perhaps you are lazy like me, or your schedule is just not flexible enough to add 3-4 days of active workouts. Thanks to technology,, It is now possible to shed weight without lifting a finger-almost.

Benefits of PowerSlim Weight Management

The New PowerSlim treatment is quickly becoming popular across the Singapore audience, understandably for its remarkable results within a relatively short period. The treatment incorporates cutting-edge slimming technology to safely, effectively, and painlessly put you back in shape. The non-surgical treatment helps in sculpting your body in several steps. The treatment works by targeting primarily six areas of the body, all in one treatment. Here are the benefits you should look forward to;

  • Promote Calorie burn
  • Tone flabby arms
  • Minimize cellulite bumps
  • Tighten the skin after weight loss
  • Firming of buttocks and thighs
  • Waist shrinking

PowerSlim Treatment Procedure

The treatment is one to get used to, speaking from experience. When I decided to give London Weight Management’s Power Treatment a try, I must admit that I was pretty skeptical. However, I would do it every day if I could. In a nutshell, here’s what you should expect once you walk into a PowerSlim Body Treatment Centre;

  • An elaborate consultation

The facility has a dedicated therapist who takes you through the entire procedure and goes into a deep dive on your expectations from the treatment. Some of the crucial questions will touch on your lifestyle, the heaviest you have ever weighed, the desired weight, and of course, the major areas that require the most toning. Also, during the consultation, the therapist may inquire about how active your lifestyle may be or about your day-to-day eating habits and take your measurements- just as a doctor would. With all this information, the professional proceeds to pick the best-suited ampoule from 8 possible treatment options: toning and tightening, fat burning, cellulite lightening, energy balance, or draining excess fluid.

  • Shower, Sauna and Aroma Steam bath

In preparation for the session, you will need to get comfortable by taking a hot refreshing shower and up to 15 minutes in the sauna. This stage is vital as it helps open up your pores and flush out the toxins in the form of sweat. Topping it all off is an aroma steam bath the dilates your blood vessels to improve blood circulation, loosens up the joint, opens up pores, and clears sinus passages.

  • Skin exfoliation and revitalization

Once your body is all fresh and relaxed, the therapist scrubs down your body to exfoliate dead cells, further unclog your pores and give your skin the much-deserved glow. Typically, this step prevents body acne, restores the skin’s pH balance, and loosens muscle tension.

  • Infrared warm blanket cover-up

Post-exfoliation, the therapist will wrap you in a burrito-like infrared blanket. This stage is the official beginning of the ‘workout.’ The blanket is meant to increase your body’s temperature, speed up your natural metabolism, hormone balance, and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

  • Electro Muscle Stimulation and Ampoule application

Remember the ampoule that the therapist picked earlier; this is where it comes in. The ampoule is applied to the entire body to attain a balanced weight loss and tone the body evenly. On the other hand, the Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device tones and tightens loose skin, reduces fat accumulation, and firms up buttocks while reducing cellulite. It works pretty much the same as several squats but with less effort and strain.

The combination of these steps guarantees results right after the end of the first appointment. Some women have recorded up to 2 kg weight loss and 8 to 22 cm in body circumference at one go. Therefore if you need to shed some weight real quick or find it hard to stay committed to regular workouts, PowerSlim Weight Management Treatment is for you.

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