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The Most Popular Sports In The World

Sports are more fashionable people that don’t necessarily participate in them, but love being spectators. Read Popular Sports In The World.


Sports are popular for variety of reasons. Keeping healthy, for instance , is usually cited as a reason for participating in sports. Others will tell you that they are doing sports for recreational purposes. Sports are even more fashionable people that don’t necessarily participate in them, but love being spectators. Since time out of mind , people are awed and inspired by extraordinary citizenry who are ready to perform tremendous athletic feats. Here may be a brief discussion of the foremost popular sports within the world. You can always visit the most popular online sports site ever created online.

Football (Soccer) – 4 Billion Fans

Football, better referred to as soccer within the US and Canada, is that the hottest sport within the world, with an estimated following of 4 billion fans. Like a number of the opposite sports on this list, the origins of football as we all know it are in England within the 19th century, though history points to people playing similar games as far back as two thousand years, beginning in China.

One reason for football’s popularity is that unlike other sports that need expensive equipment, all you would like to play football may be a ball and your foot. Hence, anyone, rich or poor, can enjoy the game . it’s played everywhere the planet , but is especially popular in Europe, Central and South America, and Africa.

Cricket – 2.5 Billion Fans

Cricket boasts a lover base of two .5 billion. the sport is hottest within the UK and a few former British colonies, notably India, Pakistan and Australia. Like baseball, it involves two teams, a bat, an outsized field, and scoring runs. There are significant differences, however, including an extended rectangular pitch at the middle of a cricket field, where the ball is thrown to a batsman, as against a mound at the middle of a diamond facing a batter reception plate.

Hockey – 2 Billion Fans

Hockey, both on ice and during a field, boasts a following of two billion people. hockey is especially played in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, whereas hockey is especially popular in Canada, the US, and northern Europe . the sport involves two teams trying to place a ball into the opposing team’s net with a sports implement . Unlike hockey , hockey usually doesn’t involve body contact within the sort of checking.

Tennis – 1 Billion

An estimated one billion people worldwide follow tennis, tuning in from round the world. In tennis, players on each side of an elongated net attempt to hit a ball with a racket in order that it either goes past their opponents or bounces on their opponents’ side twice to attain points. Pro tennis players, like Roger Federer and Serena Williams, are now household names round the world.

Volleyball – 900 Million

Volleyball involves two teams, each on one side of a raised net, trying to “volley” a ball onto the bottom of the opposing team’s side for points. the sport features a following of 900 million people, mostly in North America and Western Europe but also in Asia, Australia, and South America. One popular variant of the sport , referred to as beach volleyball, is played on sand with two people on each team, as against regular volleyball, where there are normally six players on each team.

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