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Pokemon Trivia

Pokemon is a media establishment oversaw by The Pokemon Organization. It is a Japanese organization made by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. The first name of the establishment was Pokemon Beasts Red and Green with an English motto ‘Gotta Catch Them All’. There are different Pokemon computer games accessible like Pokemon Beasts: Red and Green, Pokemon Beasts: Blue, and so forth

The organization likewise made Pokemon anime series and movies including Pokemon: Unique Series, Pokemon: Progressed Age, Pokemon: Highly contrasting, and a lot more are there. Pikachu and Debris are the principle characters of the series. Get more familiar with Pokemon and its media series in the given Pokemon Trivia we have made for you.

Pokemon Test Questions Section 1

1) Debris and Pikachu was on their excursion on an island, name it?

a. Alola

b. Akala

c. Ula

d. Mele

Reply: Mele

2) Debris was swimming on alongside a Pokémon, name it?

a. Pachirisu

b. Mimikyu

c. Pikipek

d. Sharpedo

Reply: Sharpedo

3) Name the other individual an extended get-away alongside Debris and Pikachu?

a. Lillie

b. Debris’ mum

c. Educator Samson

d. Lana

Reply: Debris’ mum

4) On the ocean, Lana sat with which Pokémon?

a. Lapras

b. Litten

c. Snorlax

d. Hypno

Reply: Lapras

5) Name the Pokémon that she catched with her casting pole?

a. Shukaku

b. Feemas

c. Tirtouga

d. Shine

Reply: Shukaku

6) When Debris was on the Melemele sea shore, he step on a Pokémon, what right?

a. Charizad

b. Litten

c. Eevee

d. Shellder

Reply: Litten

7) The umbrellas on the sea shore were ____in shading

a. White and pink

b. Red and dark

c. White and red

d. Purple and white

Reply: White and red

8) The Alola excursion tickets were won by whom?

a. Debris’ father

b. Debris

c. Mimey

d. Jigglypuff

Reply: Mimey

9) Where did Debris and his mum went to after their fun on the sea shore?

a. Pokémon ace

b. Bar

c. Home

d. Educator Oak Cousin’s place

Reply: Educator Oak Cousin’s place

10) What did Educator Oak gaveto Debris for his cousin, when Debris was alongside his mother?

a. Water ride Pokemon

b. Gatekeeper Pokemon

c. Pokemon egg

d. Z-ring

Reply: Pokémon egg

11) They arrived at Teacher Oak’s cousin with the assistance of ____

a. On the bicycle

b. Run

c. Skating

d. Pokemon taxi

Reply: Pokemon taxi

12) While heading to teacher Oak’s cousin, Debris’ mum picked something as a gift, what was the gift that she picked?

a. Berries

b. Mangos

c. Oranges

d. Plum

Reply: Berries

13) Debris attempted to get a Pokémon available, name it?

a. Shelgon

b. Squirtle

c. Groudon

d. Grubbin

Reply: Grubbin

14) When Debris and Pikachu were attempting to get up to speed Grubbin, what Pokémon did pursued them?

a. Milotic

b. Tapu Koko

c. Psyduck

d. Bayleef

Reply: Tapu Koko

15) Coming, they met a Pokemon in the forest, name it?

a. Psybuck

b. Vulpix

c. Bewear

d. Staryu

Reply: Bewear

Pokemon Test Questions Section 2 (16-30)

16) Name the Pokémon that they found noticeable all around?

a. Charizard

b. Bulbasaur

c. Charmelon

d. Venusaur

Reply: Charizard

17) Name the Pokémon that the kids were raising on, when Debris went to see the school?

a. Tauros

b. Jirachi

c. Groudon

d. Staryu

Reply: Tauros

18) The Fair young lady who is frightened of Pokémon’s is?

a. Foggy

b. Mallow

c. Linda

d. Lillie

Reply: Lillie

19) Debris hit his head on an organic product in the woods, name the natural product?

a. Pineapple

b. Jackfruit

c. Apple

d. Pear

Reply: Pear

20) The green hued long hair was moved by which young lady?

a. Lillie

b. Mallow

c. May

d. Cloudy

Reply: Mallow

21) Without fail, Mallow had which Pokemon alongside her?

a. Pikachu

b. Bounsweet

c. Pikipek

d. Shinji

Reply: Bounsweet

22) The Pokémon school was displayed to Debris by whom?

a. Lilly

b. Linda

c. Mallow

d. Hana

Reply: Mallow

23) Debris met somebody on a basic level office, who right?

a. Brock

b. Teacher Samson

c. His mum

d. Kiawe

Reply: His mum

24) What wad the prospect that rung a bell about Debris, when the two of them met interestingly?

a. An understudy

b. An Artist

c. A guest

d. A Teacher

Reply: An understudy

25) A call was made by Teacher Samson while he was in the workplace, name the individual who he was calling?

a. Educator Oak

b. His Father

c. His Sibling

d. His understudies

Reply: Educator Oak

26) Debris’ mum name is _

a. Sparkle

b. Delia

c. Eeva

d. Lilly

Reply: Delia

27) Debris and Mallow saw somebody on the passageway while they were checking out the grounds, name the individual?

a. Bonnie

b. Medical caretaker Delight

c. Debris’ mum

d. Educator Kukui

Reply: Educator Kukui

28) In the Pokémon school numerous understudies were harassed by whom?

a. Group skull

b. Seren

c. Olivia

d. Jessie

Reply: Group skull

29) In the fight, what were the Pokémon’s that group skull utilized?

a. Saladin, Dragonite, Zubat

b. Flattener, Bewear, Salandit

c. Greybull, Hakims-o, Dragonite

d. Zubat, Yungoos, Salaudit

Reply: Zubat, Yungoos, Salaudit

30) Name the individual having a place with group skull?

a. Cilan

b. Debris

c. Guzma

d. Absol

Reply: Guzma

Pokemon Test Questions Section 3 (31-36)

31) Kiawe was helped by whom in the fight with group skull?

a. Dim

b. Lana

c. Brock

d. Debris

Reply: Debris

32) Kiawe battled with group skull by utilizing which Pokémon?

a. Hoopa

b. Pikachu

c. Mewtwo

d. Turtonator

Reply: Turtonator

33) Pokémon Turtonator is a kind of what?

a. Steel

b. Fire

c. Land

d. Striking

Reply: Fire

34) The group skull was first joined by which Pokémon

a. Pikachu

b. Ultra Neckrozma

c. Dialga

d. Zubat

Reply: Pikachu

35) Zubat is a kind of what Pokémon?

a. Toxic substance

b. Tree

c. Ordinary

d. Air

Reply: Toxic substance

36) The Turtonator shell will _ when something contacts its spine.

a. Change into sculpture

b. Change in tree

c. Fire up

d. Explode

Reply: Explode

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