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PMP Exam 2022 – All the Facts You Need to Know


The learning of the Project Management Professional (PMP) is continued to be on demand. The professionals who are working in different projects of different sectors try to learn about these effective tools for better management. There are many books and online websites like the one, available related to the project management and relevant standards, procedures, forms etc which help the professionals to get the information about the project management.

Now, there is a new option available for the professionals to learn and know about the PMP exam which is also known as Project Management Professional Certification Exam. This exam will help you in recognizing and learning about the core concepts of project management like:

  • Scope – Project Scope document
  • Time – Activity Duration Estimates
  • Cost – Cost Management Plan
  • Quality – Quality Management Plan
  • Risk – Risk register, risk mitigation, and risk acceptance plan etc.

The PMP exam is also open to professionals from other sectors who have worked for a minimum period of forty hours in total managing projects or leading them as a project manager. In short, this exam is not limited to the project managers applying for a job in a particular organization. Its easy for people living in Middle East to complete PMP Course in Jeddah and other countries.

The Facts You Need To Know

1. After completion of your project management degree, you require forty hours of experience alongside a four year degree to qualify for the PMP exam. In case you do not have a degree, you need to accumulate fifty-five hours of project management experience.

2. The exam for the Project Management Professional Certification is organized in three sections which are further divided into various topics in each section respectively. These topics are in accordance with the eight knowledge areas of Project Management Institute (PMI) and it includes: 

  • Project Integration Management  
  • Project Scope Management  
  • Project Time Management  
  • Project Cost Management  
  • Project Quality Management  
  • Project Resource Management  and  Project Communications Management.

3. The time limit for each section of the PMP exam is to complete the sixty multiple-choice questions in sixty minutes. However, there is an additional allowance of fifteen minutes to read the instructions and another seven minutes for survey purposes which means that if you would like to take a break midway through your exam, you are allowed.

4. The passing score will be determined by PMI’s assessment process and this process consist of three different components: 

The first component is weightage allocation which gives fifty percent weightage to the total score of multiple-choice questions.

The second component is performance based testing which includes three different parts:

a. A pre-assessment with forty project management related questions, 

b. A main assessment consisting of sixty multiple choice question and lastly 

c. A post-assessment which is also made up of forty project management related questions.

The third component is the weightage allocation which gives twenty-five percent weightage to your experience and education.

5. PMI conducts the PMP exam on computer based testing (CBT) at various Prometric test centers situated all over the world for multiple languages. But, if you would like to take the exam in India, it will be computer based testing but only in English.


Last but not the least, the PMP exam is a difficult nut to crack and you should prepare for it by using some effective preparation tools. First of all, you should refer to the official website of PMI and download all the relevant study material. There must be some recommended you read for exam preparation. This will help you in mastering project management concepts which are required for clearing this certification exam. You should practice as many questions as possible to get an idea of the type of questions that would be asked in your real exam.

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