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Pianono Recipe

Pianono is the Filipino adaptation of the Swiss roll or jam roll cake. The conventional pianono is loaded up with spread and sugar however you can track down various types to fulfill every one of your desires — cakes with custard filling, with yema filling and even dulce de leche. Delectable with espresso toward the beginning of the day or as a midday nibble.

(Aficionado of roll cakes? Attempt Brazo de Mercedes, a pillowy meringue roll loaded up with rich custard or Ube Roll Cake, delicate ube cake loaded up with whipped cream cheddar frosting.)

Pianono or pianono roll cake is a famous Filipino bite, in spite of the fact that you can likewise track down comparable treats in Spain, South America, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

In the Philippines, it’s accessible in most nearby pastry shops, generally sold in individual cuts, and despite the fact that it’s known as a cake, it’s viewed as more like bread or a regular sweet nibble than a treat cake that you serve at festivities.

You’ll appreciate making this recipe too on the grounds that:

It has basic simple to-track down fixings. You presumably as of now have them in your storage room, similar to flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and eggs.

The recipe is not difficult to follow. I give loads of tips to assist you with getting that completely firm yet delicate cake surface that won’t break when you roll it.

You can redo the filling. Go the conventional course with margarine and sugar or fill it with anything you like, from coco jam to Nutella. You could actually season the actual cake. For instance, add ube remove for ube pianono or espresso to make a mocha roll.


A cut of Filipino pianono on a plate.

Like I referenced over, this pianono recipe utilizes storeroom staples however I would like to make notes about a portion of the fixings:

Cake flour

 I use cake flour here to accomplish a more delicate and lighter surface. Assuming that you just have regular flour, you can in any case utilize that yet note that it’s anything but a 1:1 replacement. You’ll have to add cornstarch in with the general mish-mash. Here is an extraordinary reference on the best way to make your own.

Confectioner’s sugar

Note that we utilize confectioner’s sugar (additionally in some cases called icing sugar or powdered sugar) to clean the pianono prior to moving it. This is not the same as granulated sugar or white sugar. In the event that you don’t have confectioner’s sugar, you can make your own by adding 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to some sugar and mixing or beating it in the food processor until the sugar is fine.

Room temperature eggs

 Remember to utilize room temperature eggs. This is particularly significant while making the meringue. Cold eggs make it harder to accomplish firm pinnacles.

Baking devices

Jam roll skillet 

I’ve found that this recipe works best utilizing a 10×15inch jam roll dish. Any bigger than that and your cake will be excessively slender. On the off chance that you don’t have that, a 9×13inch baking container would work as well.

Electric blender

 I utilize an electric blender to whisk my eggs. You can constantly whisk eggs (yolks or whites) the hard way; I simply don’t have the persistence or arm strength for it haha.

Kitchen scale

 I generally suggest utilizing a kitchen scale while estimating fixings, particularly while baking. It prompts better and more predictable outcomes.

Stove thermometer

 A broiler thermometer is fundamental for me as well. I have two balancing in my stove consistently to guarantee I’m heating up at the right temperature like clockwork.

The most effective method to make the cake hitter

  • First you’ll need to whisk your egg yolks on fast briefly. Then, at that point, slowly add sugar until the combination is pale and thick.
  • Put that to the side while you work on your meringue. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy. Then slowly add sugar until you get medium-firm (however not dry) tops.
  • Overlay about a cup of your meringue to your hitter to ease up it; then overlap the rest in until very much mixed.
  • Move the cake player to your pre-arranged dish, spread equitably, and heat at 375F for 10-15 minutes or until it springs back when delicately squeezed. Assuming pieces of the cake adheres to your finger, you want to heat it some more.
  • While the cake is still warm, run a slight sharp blade around the edges of the skillet to deliver it, sprinkle the cake with confectioner’s sugar, cover with a spotless kitchen or tea towel, then flip.
  • Lift dish, strip off material paper and delicately roll the cake. Put it on your counter crease side down and permit it to totally cool.
  • At the point when prepared, tenderly unroll the cake, spread relaxed margarine, and sprinkle granulated sugar. Re-roll and refrigerate essentially an hour prior to serving.

Baking tips

Prepare wonderful pianono rolls each time by following these tips.

Making Meringue

  • Meringue is precarious however do these and you’ll be a meringue ace quickly.
  • Use room temperature egg whites. It’s simpler to isolate the eggs while they’re cold do to the point that with eggs directly from the cooler then, at that point, keep the whites on your counter and permit them to come to room temperature.
  • Ensure there is no spot of egg yolk in your egg whites. Best to isolate the eggs in an alternate bowl then move the whites to the bowl you’re utilizing to make the meringue.
  • Ensure your whisk and bowl are dry and sans oil. Just in case, I wipe them with a paper towel plunged in vinegar prior to utilizing. Likewise try not to utilize a plastic bowl since they can conceal hints of oil that is difficult to eliminate.
  • Beat your egg whites on low-medium speed. Utilizing my KitchenAid stand blender, I go no higher than speed 3 while making meringue. This takes more time yet makes the meringue more steady. Over beating the whites or beating them excessively fast outcomes to huge air bubbles that will quite often explode, coming about to flattened meringue.
  • Handle the meringue delicately. You would rather not crease all of the meringue into your player since you’ll wind up over blending it. So ease up the hitter initial by adding about a cup of meringue into it, prior to adding the entire bunch. Then overlay delicately to hold that light and vaporous surface.
  • Moved cakes are infamous for breaking when rolled. Yet, we can find a ways to build the possibilities of a break free cake.
  • Try not to over heat. You need a cake that is overall quite clammy with a delicate surface. A dry pianono will in all likelihood break when rolled. Recollect that baking time varies per broiler so it’s in every case great to really look at before the recommended opportunity to find out how much longer you want to turn out.
  • Roll the cake while it’s actually warm. I typically do this in the span of 2 minutes of removing the container from the stove.
  • Utilize a kitchen towel to move the cake. A towel is delicate and adaptable, assists with engrossing dampness while cooling, and simpler to deal with than material paper.
  • Handle delicately. While rolling the pianono, you need it rolled firmly to keep its shape, however do whatever it takes not to press or crush excessively hard.

For what reason did my cake flatten?

Some collapse is typical and, surprisingly, expected yet on the off chance that your cake empties by a ton, it’s most probable because of unsound meringue. See tips on the most proficient method to work with meringue above.

For what reason did my cake break when I moved it?

  • There are a few factors that add to moved cakes breaking.
  • Over-baking. Recall that the pianono gets going as an exceptionally meager cake so it just requires 10-15 minutes to heat. Check it sooner and watch intently — when it turns a light brilliant brown and the top springs back when tenderly squeezed, it’s finished.
  • Not rolled soon enough. This cake is best moved while it’s actually warm and malleable. It’s bound to break when it has cooled and solidified.
  • Squeezed excessively hard. Make sure to deal with the cake tenderly while rolling. Press or crush excessively hard and it could break and break.
  • Could I at any point utilize material paper or wax paper rather than a kitchen towel to move the cake
  • You can, however I don’t suggest it.
  • A kitchen towel is ideal since it’s gentler, more adaptable and the cake is less inclined to stick. It will likewise ingest a portion of the dampness coming from the cooling roll.
  • To utilize material or wax paper, guarantee that you’ve cleaned the cake completely with confectioner’ssugar prior to flipping.
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