Monday, December 5, 2022

Patishapta Recipe

A conventional flapjack like recipe, Patishapta is an extremely well known Bengali sweet recipe. The celebration of rice collect in Bengal, ‘poush sankranti’ is praised by savoring the most delightful sweet the bengali food offer-‘pithe’, a class of desserts that are arranged utilizing rice alongside milk, coconut, date, and so on. Patishapta is a kind of pithe arranged on such celebratory events. It is a fast and simple Indian sweet recipe, made in around 30 minutes, so you can set it up nonchalantly for breakfast or as a nibble to serve unannounced visitors. You can likewise pack these in your child’s tiffin.Ingredients in Patishapta Recipe: Thin crepes made with refined flour, rice flour and semolina. Loaded down with a scrumptious coconut and jaggery filling.

Elements of PatishaptaFor the batter:

1 cup Refined flour/maida

1/2 cup Sooji (semolina)

1/4 cup Rice flour

1 1/2 – 2 cups Milk

To cook OilFor the filling:

3 cups Coconut/khoya,

grated2 tbsp Sugar/date jiggery

3-4 Green cardamoms

The most effective method to Make Patishapta

1.In a wok blend ground coconut or khoya with sugar or jaggery and spot it over low fire. In the case of making with khoya, add little milk.

2.Add cardamom in it.

3.Keep blending the combination till it gets tacky. Keep to the side to cool. The cycle will take 15-20 minutes.

Prepare the patishapta:

1.Take maida, sooji and rice flour in a bowl.

2.Add milk. Blend it cautiously not making any knots. Save the blend for around 50% of an hour.

3.Heat the non stick container. Put a little oil. Pour a slender layer of the blend on it and spread it rapidly with the laddle.

4.Put the filling longwise at its focal point and roll it. Stand by till the variety is light brown.

5.Place it on the plate. Serve hot or cold.6.You can pour dense milk over it prior to serving.