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Latest High Quality the Outer Worlds Mods in 2021 – Answer Diary

Outer Worlds is the best game like Fallout and other similar of the same type. Read about some Popular Outer Worlds Mods that must try.


The Outer Worlds is the most popular RPG of all time, released in 2019. It allows players to create their character with a lot of customization settings. Players can buy their ship, which can act as a base for this game’s operations. In this ship, the player can access a different part of the game instantly. There is no way for the player to control it, but this ship becomes a vital base point to complete various missions.

NPC are also part of this game which player can recruit in a different part of this game. There are a complete story and mission system connected with each NPC that makes it more attractive for players to enjoy this game. Two of these characters can join a player on every mission, but the rest must stay in a ship to use later.

What are the Best 20 Outer Worlds Mods?

It’s hard to find some Outer Worlds Mods with a complete overhaul. All we can find on all popular modding sites are minor changes to the original game to improve gameplay and more. Below is the list of mods based on most downloads, high rating and best for all players.

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The tweaked Outer Worlds

This mod’s primary purpose is to disable some gfx effects and mouse smoothing, and similar changes. You can use this mod to make game speed better, and it will fix lagging bugs too. Below is a shortlist of those changes that you must know.

  • forces TAA to max quality 
  • sharpening to reverse TAA blurriness
  • disables chromatic aberration
  • disables depth of field
  • disables motion blur
  • increases render distance for static meshes and foliage
  • forces high-quality lightmaps
  • forces alternative Tonemapper for vivid, powerful colours
  • disables mouse smoothing
  • disables mouse acceleration

Supernova Patch

You can save the game anywhere you want with the help of this mod with some other significant changes to the game. Fast travel from one place to another is also possible now that can make the game easier. Choosing difficulty is possible now, which can show how much you love the challenge in this game.

For expert players always love to fight harder in the most challenging settings. If you are a new player, you can choose settings that suit you. Below is the list of some of those codes that you can use to add changes to the game.


Supernova Patch

Chromatic Aberration Remover

It’s a straightforward mod to remove the awful chromatic aberration effect from this game. Some players don’t like this kind of impact, but they can’t do anything. This weird effect can add small changes to the edge of every object and make it look awful. Below is a list of easy steps to follow if you want this mod to work perfectly.

Chromatic Aberration Remover

Go into Epic Launcher Version,
Run “RunMe.bat”

Dev-Console Unlock Guide

Unlike other mods, this one is not providing any changes to the game. But this one is created with some tools that can help you modding this game with easy options. You can now unlock the UE4 developer console and some other similar settings.

With the help of this kind of mods, you can’t build a whole high level of complete mods, but you can mess up with many significant changes to the game. You can also use this UE4 mod with other games that support this kind of system to add changes.

Item ID Codes

It’s Another technical mod with Item ID Codes that everyone can use for this game. But unlike the previous mod in our list, everyone can use this one with few changes to the game. Read the below instructions to follow for adding modifications; for more, visit the below link, which will help you understand more clearly.

When entering a code: Simply type in AddItemDebug (code) (amount)
For example: AddItemDebug ElectromagneticLockpick 50 (THIS WILL GIVE 50 MagPicks)
For example: AddItemDebug SC_LightMachineGun_Weapon_Uni_EV_OlReliable 1 (This will give 1 Ol’ Reliable)

If the item has T1 & T2 or Through VAR 6 in the name, it means that there are multiple variations.
For Example, Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T1(&T2) has two variants. So Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T1 or Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T2 can be used.
For Example, Townie_05_Var1 or Townie_05_Var2 or Townie_05_Var3 and so on…

Item ID Codes

Terraformed ReShade

If you are tired of this game’s original graphics settings, try this fantastic mod that can add a new level of depth, colour, and visual effects. The below video can explain everything for you, with mod ON and Off settings. One image is also added below to understand the ReShade impact in a different part of this game.

Terraformed ReShade

Better ADA Portrait – Jenna Upgrade

Better ADA Portrait

An easy mod to replace portrait textures of ADA with some incredible changes. For your better understanding, the below image can help you a lot. It looks bizarre because most players focus on the game, not ADA or characters outside it that directly impact gameplay. But still, over 8000 downloaded it, which means a lot of players want this kind of changes to the game.

WOW Maximum Performance Boosts

Most of the latest games are not working on old computers because of their slow hardware. But this mod can help you solve a problem related to the Outer World game by adding some significant and perfect changes to the game. 

There is a very long extensive guide about all kind of changes this mod can bring you. You must know that it’s a complete package and help you run the game on a slow computer and fix problems for the latest Laptops. Read below a summary of files part of this mod, and I strongly recommend visiting the link and read more.


  • Engine.bak.ini – A copy of the original Engine.ini file installed by the game.
  • Engine.ini – A read-only version of you may use to install (copy and paste) yourself manually.
  • – The Engine.ini file installed by RunMe.bat.
  • RunMe.bat – The batch file that installs Engine.bak.ini and
  • ReadMet.txt – Document containing installation instructions and info about the mod.
WOW Maximum Performance Boosts

The Outer Worlds Mod – Minimal HUD

After installing this mod, you can find some significant changes to the game. It will turn off everything in the HUD except your unique HP bar. Unlike other mods, there is not much info available to understand more. But you can look at the below image, which can explain a lot about this kind of changes to the game.

The Outer Worlds Mod - Minimal HUD - Outer Worlds Mods


Collection of amazing changes by adding better colours, sharpness & hdr into the game. Its graphics related mod with perfect modifications to make this game look better, improve players’ experience, and some other changes. If you visit the below link, you can learn about the installation process and more changes to the original game and the effect of this mod.

Neutral LUT

Another graphic focus mod that can provide many changes to the colour of this game and make it look better compare to the original game. There are many combinations of colours that are part of this game already, but sometimes the player doesn’t like them. With this mod’s help, now you can have a lot of new changes to the game.

Neutral LUT
Neutral LUT

Amadeus over ADA

Ada is part of the Outer World game that can provide players with a lot of information. But some players may don’t like it after looking at her again and again. This new mod can help you get rid of it by adding Amadeus as a new AI. The below image can easily explain and provide you with essential information about changes by this mod.

Amadeus over ADA - Outer Worlds Mods

FPSconfig for performance boost

An important mod that can help you run this game on older laptops with some changes. Below is a list of some of those changes, don’t use it if you have better hardware.

Disabled Tonemapper, bloom, blur, dof and other heavy shaders

Tweaked LODs, Lighting, View distance, Texture streaming

Improved Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA)

Increased font size (Engine.ini – ApplicationScale=1.185)

Spacer’s Save Games

A Set of Saves That Range From Modified, Supernova and Non-Modified Saves. A good collection of changes to the game, all you have to do it install and play with huge free resources.
Lots of Bits (money)
Max Level
High-Level Gear
Lots of Items

Spacer's Save Games

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Ultimate New Game Plus Save

You can start the game with different mix characters, and it’s a save game process mod for everyone. Follow the below steps to understand the process of installation.

Extract the file to the location based on which storefront you bought the game on:

Anywhere other than Windows Store (Steam/Epic/GOG/Other):

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds\

Windows Store (two possible locations):

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\<user-id>\ 


Xbox Game Pass uses the Windows Store directories.



High-end Configs

To understand this mod’s importance and changes by it, watch the below video and look at one particular screenshot. All high-level settings and configuration are added to this game that everyone may love to enjoy.

High-end Configs - Outer Worlds Mods

Outer Realms

Many different techniques like Bloom, Technicolor2, PhysicalDOF, Levels, DPX, HDR, Clarity, TestSharpen, RTGlobalIllumination are used to get an unmistakable quality of images to this game. It’s another graphic-related mod that can improve this game’s quality and provide several colour-related changes. You can look at the below three images to get a clear picture and under more about it.

Outer Realms - Outer Worlds Mods
Outer Realms - Outer Worlds Mods
Outer Realms

Dev-Console Unlock DLL for Steam version

A short mod that can enable Developer Console Unlocker DLL for Steam version of The Outer Worlds. Don’t expect many changes that you can find with other mods, its a simple update only. To read how to add it in-game and effectively working, click and visit the below link.

The Outer Worlds – Default Game Folder Ini’s

Another technical mod with few changes that can add Default Ini’s extracted from games Pak Files. You can easily access the default ini file with settings with the help of this mod. Find a few installed files below.














The Outer Shades

It’s a ReShade preset that balances the contrast curve, desaturates and softens the colours and enhances the overall lighting. There are no significant changes compare to the above similar mods. But still, this one is a fantastic mod worth checking.

What is Outer Worlds Mod Support?

When this game was released first, players unable to find any support for mods. Everyone loves this game which you can understand from the rating and awards winning number quickly. After some time, they started to support mods for this game; now, thousands of more players started to show interest in this game. But “Outer Worlds Mod Support” became the most trending topic to search for on the internet, and everyone who loves this game started asking for modding support for this game.

Is Outer Worlds like Fallout?

Outer Worlds is almost similar to Fallout because they use most settings from that game. Many players consider Fallout and Outer Worlds as similar style with almost the same ratings. There are many games in the Fallout series; some of them are not better than Outer Worlds.

Are there any Outer Worlds Mods for PS4?

As per a popular thread on the Reddit community, there is no way to add modding support for this game on PS4 soon. You must use a PC to play a different kind of mods for the Outer World. 

What are the Best Outer Worlds Weapon Mods?

Please read below the list of some popular weapons mods for this game; you can know more about them by visiting Gamerant

  • Mr Ouch.
  • SpeedGrip.
  • SureGrip.
  • FunTimes Barrel.
  • Exact-O-Sight.
  • Super Scope of 2000.
  • Whisper Quiet Muzzler.
  • Sure N’ Straight Barrel.

Is Outer Worlds in the Same Universe as Fallout?

Everyone needs to understand that Outer Worlds is an entirely different game from the Fallout franchise. Different developers create both, but it looks like the same universe used for both. There is no way to understand why this much similarity never create trouble for both series. No one started a war in courts about copying each other content and everything.

What are the Best Outer Worlds Third Person Mods?

Visit the below link to access different mods for this game. We already choose the most popular mods of all time for this game above, but to find only the best Outer Worlds Third Person Mods, you can explore yourself.

What are the Best Outer Worlds Mods for Steam?

Below is a list of different mods for steam that you can play. Some of these are already explained above too. 

  • Better ADA Portrait- Jenna Upgrade.
  • Ultimate New Game Plus Save. …
  • Neutral LUT. …
  • Subtler World. …
  • Potato Mode. …
  • The Tweaked Outer Worlds. …
  • The Outer Souls- Deprived. …
  • Skip Startup Splash No-Intro Video


As you can understand from this article, each NPC is perfect and unique with their skills to help player complete various missions. But settings connected with every character makes it attractive for players to enjoy this game. You can consider it like playing this game with many other players like you. The primary purpose of this game is to explore, kill and complete different tasks.

This game’s rating is really high and already won over five best awards while nominated for many. As you know about each article’s procedure on our site, we answer many essential questions asked by millions of Outer Worlds Mods lovers. The game is set in the future, which means you can find high graphics and structure you may never see before.

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