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Oblivion Mods – Oblivion Essential Mods to Play – Answer Diary

Oblivion is the most popular game in the Elder Scroll Series. Read about Oblivion Mods that everyone loves and suggest you try them once.


The most excellent action-role playing game of all time is Oblivion. It is well known for its graphics, storyline, and schedule-driven NPCs. The story revolves around the players’ exceptional efforts to stop ‘Mythic Dawn’ from opening a portal gate to Oblivion’s demonic kingdom. 

The Player has the prestige to stop the main storyline and land anywhere in the in-game world to strengthen his powers and abilities. Oblivian is a master addition to the famous series ‘The Elderly Scrolls.’ Player chose to be either humanoid or anthropomorphic race, each with their unique set of abilities, but a player can customize the character as per choice.

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What are 20 Oblivion Mods?

Oblivion proves to be the best game in terms of game-play, game graphics, and characters. But as there is always room for improvement, so numerous mods are available to enhance touch to the game. Following are presented few top preferred mods of all times.

Cyrodiil Paper Maps

It is a modified and effectively edited version of the papyrus map. Many players couldn’t find the papyrus map fascinating or attractive, so Herkon solved this issue and modified vanilla maps.

You can easily assess this map mod here;

10X Enchantments-Sigil Stones

Maximize your sigil stone strength, not 2x or 4x but 10x. It might be problematic to use it on weapons, but they do have a higher charge capacity. The value started at 1000 and increases with the addition of 500 up to 3000 maximum.

Download and enjoy this fantastic mod here;

OCO Vanilla Height Restored

As the name indicates, it restores vanilla height to the male boomers. Boomers are the only race with a variant height from vanilla. You can enjoy vanilla OCO and go with chubby boomers.

This might not feel catchy, but you must be thanking the developer for this if you are a real player.

Download this mod here on nexus;

Chivalric Knights of Tamriel

New knightly additions to Tamriel, a knight of nine with eight knights of quartered arms coat, are waiting for your visit and do wonders. Every knight represents a knight of nine and their respective tribes/court. Further, this mod can be used as a modders resource.

Enjoy this mod by downloading it via this link;

Red Ring Road Signs

This mod facilitates the path going to the city with sign spots. It adds new sign spots, leading to cities encompassing gold road to the imperial city.

Sometimes it might be difficult or exhausting to land in a specific city without marks or signs provided, or un-apprehensible signals might cause some severe issues. Download this to avoid any frustration and chance of getting lost.

Download this here;

Unofficial Oblivion Patch:

This mastery mod saves your game by fixing more than 2500 bugs with resolving 70,000 object placement errors. Perhaps this mod only addresses issues in stock Oblivion but not in Shivering Isles or the official DLC mods. You can install this mod side by side to official oblivion mods.

  Created the best advice to use this mod only for the version of Oblivion; applying it on older versions might cause problems. Apart from this, Quarn and Kivan did a great appreciable job on this mod.

Download this mod over here,

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch

If you face issues after installing the Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion v1.2.0416, download this great patch. This resolves bugs in this expansion. Perhaps, you can use this mod only for this version (for which it is built) but not for later or previous versions.

Read the instructions carefully before you install this mod and enjoy the better shivering isle experience. 

Download this remarkable mod here;

Natural Environments

A great compatible mod with a practical attempt to add natural environmental features. Up to 40 new weathers are introduced about seven Clear, six Cloudy, three Fog, four Overcast, four Rain, four Snow, and three Thunderstorm unique weather types.

Furthermore, textures and gradients of trees, buildings, and everything around are upgraded. It also adds transparency to the default opaque water; water reflection is enhanced with underwater visibility.

The features don’t end here; the list goes on. To reveal and experience further features of this mod, visit the below link;

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Improved Trees and Flora 2

The mod with three variant versions enhances the texture of trees, herbs, and fungus. Trees and herbs add a more realistic touch to the environment. By installing this upgraded version, you would be experiencing being in real Tamriel. It has three downloadable files, with easy to download guide.

Visit this mod through this link;

CM Partners Mod Basic

Playing oblivion might feel dry without companions. But no more, add up to 70 more partners (NPCs) to the game. These companions will do everything that players do and follow the player everywhere.

Their version 2.0 has added a further ten NPCs to Bravil, Imperial City, and Anvil. These NPC’s are of great help when it comes to fighting or when you need to hustle your work. NPC’s effectively listen to the player and do as commanded.

Explore this mod further here,

Martin’s Monster Mod

It has almost 150 types of creatures and enemies. It makes the game much more exciting and diversified to explore. In this mode, unique boss creatures are paired with custom loot drops, including new weapons and armor.

Due to this reason, you are expected to see some disputes while running Mart’s mod with Oscuro’s and Francesco’s overhauls. You can easily install this mod only by clicking on the link below;

Alternative Start Arise by Ship

Alternative star arises by ship mod furnish your choice in a leaving form that serves the role of character creation. You will explain your background (fortunately Noble, wealthy businessman, fighter, academic, etc.). Your financial situation (how much gold and what things you start the game with), and in which port you will begin the game in full swing.

Download this mod by this link;

Character Overhaul

 When Oblivion was first released, the gaming industry was in a fascinating stage in terms of graphics. 3D graphics were developed and eventually reached the point where practically anything could be created, but it was still influenced by hardware limitations (mostly consoles), bloom effects, and drive colors.

Of all the aspects of Oblivion’s graphics that can be improved, faces are the most obvious choice. There is no frivolous plasticity, a real uncanny valley look that was still considered aesthetically far away. Oblivion Character Overhaul (OCO) offers a consistent and stable design that applies equally to all game characters, from PC character creation.

This mod can be downloaded easily from this link;

Kvatch Rebuild

The mood seems very natural, like something that could quickly have happened in the game from the beginning. From the ruins beneath the city to the plains, much more is yet to be discovered to find a way to become the city’s count or to find the right heir and restore the throne. If you like methods that include long sea roots with thought-provoking content that naturally comes into play, try rebuilding the catch watch.

Only click on this link to get this mod.


Everything of Nahrim was made by hand and kept by hand instead of being made regularly; Nahrim’s world is very strongly designed, mixing content and secrets to discover at every turn. But the biggest difference between the two is how the skill system works. In Oblivion, you advance skills using them – swing a sword at the enemy several times, and increase your blade skills.

It can be downloaded from this link

Companion Vilja

This mod’s features are expanded characters who will join you, help you carry luggage, and sometimes create their questions and agendas with their comments. Vilja took the concept of companion status to a whole new level. One of the favorite modes of the late great discoverer Terry Pratchett, Vilja also wrote some of his lines and features suggested by the author.

Sounds of Cyrodiil

The game has many sound effects, but they are not much different from each other. This problem can be tackled by adding over 250 plus sound effects in-game so that this game won’t be silent anymore. This mod enables the identification of monsters slinking in the area just by hearing their sound.

If voices are an essential part of your gaming experience, there must be voices in Cyrodiil mode. It’s fantastic to play with a standard pair of headphones, and the diversity and the audio can affect the game.

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Better cities

Oblivion was designed to attract a wide range of gamers, with a general “stock inspired by medieval Europe” look. Better City is a collection of ways to improve it – expanding the cities of Oblivion, reshaping it, building more buildings, and finding new NPCs. All of them have been made friends as much as possible.

Because it’s a modular compilation, you can mix and match which cities you want to include and which ones you like the way they are. In production for more than a decade, this is one of how moderators are still working, with new content always being added.

DarNified UI

The effect can be noticed easily. Everything feels even, gameplay cleaner, not so unmanageable. Like the unofficial patch, this is another mod that just about any player, even if they are players who don’t like to edit their games, should – and should. The difference in convenience between this and the vanilla design is astonishing, and using such a usable user interface will save you a lot of hassle.

Impressive weapons

Oblivion already has many weapons for players, but the game has added hundreds of extra weapons for players to enjoy. It is a combination of weapons mods from the entire Nexus, and players are given a wide choice to play around with.

Enjoy the variety of weapon via this link;

These mods can easily be downloaded from nexus mods. To manage these mods, you need an effective mod manager such as FCOM, MMM, OOO, or Cob. The choice of a mod manager depends upon the mod you are using and your device/console.

Have the best guide, carefully read the mod manual and instructions; they tell them if their mod is compatible with other mods or not or need some specific mod manager.

Downloading mod is player-friendly, as you need to click on the link given or visit the nexus mod for mods not mentioned here, click on download manual at the top right corner, and read the description before downloading for details.

The next step is easy, download the mod in their respective subfolder, and the rest of the guide varies from mod to mod, so you are advised to read the manual to void any mishap or lagging.

If you do not install mods carefully, they might not work or affect your other game features.

What is Oblivion Character Overhaul?

Oblivion characters have all-in-one revamp heads, new head shapes, skin textures, normal maps, eye textures, and some new hairstyles to cover all races. 

OCO version 2 is a rebuilt, bigger, better, and more broad Oblivion Character Overhaul. Inspired by Skyrim and Morrowind, It’s a complete rebuild of the character heads and a new visual direction.

What is an Unofficial Oblivion Patch?

The Unofficial Oblivion is one of the major mods by Quarn and Kivan that is designed for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to fix over 2500 bugs and 70,000 object placement errors when the latest official patch is applied. The fixes range from trees to the conflicts that are supposed to cause the game to crash. These significant fixes are being gradually added to UESP. 

How to Mod Oblivion?

Oblivion is the fourth title in the” The Elder Scrolls IV” series, the Imperial City’s capital in the Oblivion Crisis. 

There are several methods to install mods for this popular game. But modding may appear an intimidating task, and players might hesitate because of unsure of the process. Every process varies according to preferences and skill level and types of modifications desired, so some of these methods are:

Remember one thing before modding way through Oblivion; there are several different requirements needed depending upon the modding method you are using.

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What is the Best Oblivion Modding Guide?

There is no hard and fast rule in ranking any guide as ‘the best guide’ for Oblivion. Below is presented your support for oblivion guiding.

  1. Before you began, you must install a mod manager to assist in managing mods, installation, and removal. The options could be Wrye Bash, TES Mod manager, or Mod Organizer. Every mod has its respective guide.
  2. For installing multiple modes for Oblivion, try avoiding nexus-mod.
  3. Read mod documents carefully to avoid any trouble.
  4. After installing any ‘esp’ or ‘ESM’ mod, run BOSS( Better Oblivian Sorting Software)

Can we Play Oblivion Mods on Xbox One?

Yes, Oblivion is playable on Xbox one; you have to log in to add custom notes to this or any other game. It was initially released for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It was later available on Xbox One and some other console.


The Elderly Scrolls: Oblivion is a masterpiece of the series. After many years, it still has a place in players’ hearts and obviously in their consoles too. Besides being the best, as there is always room for improvement. It had few bugs that these mods are here to resolve. Apart from bugs, mods increase the game’s efficiency in terms of game-play, graphics, and textures

I hope this mod guide would have been of great help to choose among the vast class of mods.

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