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Naomi Ross – Adin’s Sister

Naomi Ross is more than Adin’s sister; she has become a popular Instagram model and Twitch streamer. Naomi first came into prominence when an anonymous Discord user sent Adin an offensive image which looked exactly like Naomi – thus sparking widespread buzz surrounding the social media influencer.

Naomi can often be seen making appearances in her brother’s prank videos and posting reaction vlogs on YouTube. She boasts a huge following on Instagram and Twitch/TikTok as well as having recently established an OnlyFans account to provide exclusive content to fans.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross sister is an esteemed Twitch streamer known for his NBA 2K streams. Additionally, Adin has an accomplished sister named Naomi Ross who has found great success as both a content creator and social media influencer thanks to her love of gaming as well as their sibling bond.

Adin was livestreaming on Kick, an alternative streaming platform, when he clicked on a video that appeared to depict tree branch being chopped down; but suddenly changed into showing an intimate nudist photo believed by many viewers to be his sister Naomi. Adin quickly clicked away from this video in anger before reacting further by turning his back and clicking away again from it.

Adin was born in Boca Raton, Florida and is an entrepreneur known for making millions through content creation. With large followings on Instagram and Twitch, Adin is best known for his humorous commentary and engaging personality – something his family has helped support throughout his journey.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, born September 27th 2002 and hailing from Coachella Valley California grew up with family of Mexican American and Puerto Rican ancestry. Starting acting early on she soon gained exposure for her talents.

Jenna first came to public notice through her portrayal of Young Jane on The CW’s popular drama Jane the Virgin, where her resourcefulness in navigating life as a middle child resonated with viewers. Additionally, she appeared in Disney series Stuck in the Middle and provided voice over services for Elena of Avalor.

Jenna’s success has not gone unnoticed, and she has established herself as an outspoken proponent for diversity within the entertainment industry. Her roles in horror movies Studio 666 and X as well as American Carnage 2021 earned critical acclaim and have won her critical praise from critics.

Naomi Ross

Naomi Ross is Adin Ross’ sister and an Instagram influencer and OnlyFans content creator who has seen an explosion in popularity as a result of his Twitch streaming career. Additionally, she runs her own YouTube channel where she uploads reaction videos, vlogs, and pranks for fans to view.

Naomi has generally avoided controversy as much as possible since the drama surrounding her brother. But recently, she made headlines after an edited TikTok video was uploaded with what many believed was Naomi in it; showing a tree branch being cut down before switching to an image of an undress lady that many assumed was Naomi.

However, after being misidentified as the subject of derogatory remarks online about her body and face, Naomi spoke up in defense of her dignity. Naomi is a model and actress in her 20s who works across various social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Twitch etc.


Naomi Ross is an Instagram influencer with over 100,000 followers who rose to prominence alongside her brother Adin. On Instagram she posts modeling photos while YouTube provides reaction videos and vlogs. Most recently she also established an OnlyFans account where fans can receive exclusive content at a subscription cost of $15/month.

Naomi may keep to a lower profile than her brother, yet has still managed to pull some impressive pranks. One such incident took place at Wizza House – home for Adin and other content creators such as Zias – where Naomi dropped by and pretended to get intimate with Zias, leading him into panic mode and prompting an immediate backlash from him and Adin.

Zias is a well-known content creator with a large following on both Instagram and YouTube, known for his gaming and challenge videos. However, his actions were only meant as a joke and they aren’t dating after all.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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