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Morrowind Mods – Best Morrowind Werewolf Mods – Answer Diary

Morrowind Is an open-world game in Elder Scroll. Read about the most popular 20 Morrowind Mods created by top Modders and loved by millions.


Morrowind is the third installment of the Elder Scrolls series. It is an open-world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda SoftworksRPG games and Dragons & Dungeons inspire Morrowind. The game depicts many features of the Middle East and East Asian art and cultures.


Morrowind was designed as freeform gameplay. The game rarely portrays the main plot. Morrowind is mainly a Fantasy game. The game comprises two expansion packs: Tribunal and Bloodmoon. The game received an appreciation for its expanded game world.

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox

Engine: NetImmerse

Series: The Elder Scrolls

Mode(s): Single-player

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What are 20 Morrowind Mods?

Hold on! Are you going to play Morrowind for the first time? Let me give you some details about this game so that you can double the excitement.

I feel so old by writing about this game’s mod as I had picked up this after so long. Never mind! Check these mods out and grab your favourites.

Morrowind Code Patch: 

This mod makes the game more playable. Many bugs come with the game but not a worry now as this mod will make your game bug free. 

I am not feasible with putting code changing games first. So I am here with this more rousing one.

Key Features:

If you have played Morrowind before, then you must be aware of its loss of recent play. You must have lost some of your game with that irritating bug. But it would not disturb you anymore as this mod will fix this issue.

Your game is bug-free and saved also. Enjoy!

Download Link:  To download this mod, you can click on this link:

Morrowind Graphics Extender: 

What is better than a game having excellent and realistic graphics. This mod will make the graphics of Morrowind more enhanced. 

Morrowind Graphic extender will make this game more like Oblivion rather than Vanilla Morrowind.

Key Features:

This game is a bit older, but you will see a drastic change in graphics by applying this mod.

Seriously, chances are astonishing. The game will be looking like it was developed a couple of years ago.

This mod makes games capable of modern computers by enhancing DirectX features.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

Better Dialogue Font: 

It is annoying when you can not read dialogues while playing the game. Ugh! Should I read dialogues or play games? I got you. This mod will make dialogues fonts clearer.

Key Features: 

 This mod is not such a drastic one. But you can see it as a bomb in a small package.

Better and readable fonts are a must to be engaged in a game. This mod is undoubtedly a sidekick in the game.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on this link:

Tamriel Rebuilt: 

The advancement in old Morrowind. More options to be applied in-game. More playability. This mod will overhaul your game fully. 

Key Features: 

The developers of this mod did not introduce this mod as early as this game is. So after the release of this mod, you have a great chance to install Morrowind and enjoy differentiating features.

You will see many new things to do, and customized, friendly gameplay is waiting for you.

Ah! The list goes long, but you would not dislike anything in this mode.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

Facepack Compilation: 

If some game has appealing characters, then there are more chances of incitement in-game. The creator of this mod has called this mod “THE”

Facepack compilation, which is a positive brag. One must appreciate this mod as it added colors to old monochrome characters.

Key Features: 

The above characteristic of this mod is its variety of face compilations.

The game is more presentable than before.

Not only faces but also hairstyles can be utilized to make your character cool.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

Better Bodies: 

You have landed at the best improvement mod of Morrowind. I should take the responsibility as this mod is so good that it has to be added at the top of the list. But I think good things are to be awaited.

This mod overhauls the character’s bodies. Your characters will be more close to reality. This mod can be attentive to other mods also.

Key Features:

This mod is a whole graphical overhaul.

This mod allows you to install it with or without NSFW.

A must thing to keep in mind that this mod can’t open “Dark Doors” of Morrowind. So beware!

Download Link: To download this link, click on the link below:

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Morrowind Comes Alive: 

As the name of mod is saying, this mod makes everything more alive. So, how can a live thing not attract? 

We can say that this mod adds life to old Morrowind games.

Key Features:

Your computer can handle Morrowind more effectively by applying this mod.

A staggering 1200 new NPC is added in this mod to make things more alive.

If you find me authentic in discussing these mods, then this mod is worth trying.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:


You might have seen in many games that mods usually change costumes and appearance or speeding up games, or easy installation. But this mod, I bet you will change the entire interface of Morrowind.

Views at a distance can be seen clearly. You can see shadows that will make you more attentive in-game.

The only difficulty would be your poor computer. Ask your computer whether it can handle this mod or not! 😛

Key Features: 

The game gives an appearance as developed in modern studios.

This mod is an extended version of Morrowind Graphic Extender. That is why it gives a clearer sense of surroundings.

The Vanilla Morrowind needed to fix many bugs, but this one is resolved in this mod.

Download link: To download this link, click on the link below:

Better Heads: 

Do you remember Better Bodies mod? This mod works entirely in the same manner. The only difference is that this mod works only for the headset of characters.

You can combine Better Bodies and Better Heads to have a clunky experience with characters.

Key Features:  

This mod exceptionally improves the head models in the game.

Make a duo mod with Better Bodies.

But, Do not try to install this mod alone. The results would be worse than a nightmare.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on the link below:

Morrowind Rebirth: 

Oh! A Rebirth. Have you forgotten the real Morrowind? If not, then try out this mod. You are going to play again, and again I bet you. 

This mod will add new quests, new pursuits, and many sights for you to be enjoyed.

Key Features: 

Boy! I am telling you. You have not ever seen a mod that changes the whole gameplay.

It will feel like Morrowind is born again( as the name says).

The map has been changed. Hold your jaw because it may drop as you proceed in-game.

Check this mod first before getting other ones.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

Accurate Attack: 

Do you remember the junky combat of Morrowind? Ugh. That helplessly did or died when your enemy was a step away, and you can not even hit. 

But stay joyful, my friend, as this will not happen again. This mod has fixed your attacking disabilities.

Key Features:

You can now hit your enemies freely.

Your attacks would not be jammed.

A firm attack without swinging is worth this game.

A much needed and awaited improvement has arrived.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

Landscape Retexture: 

Yeah, you are available with interface changing mod but have you thought you could change Morrowind objects’ texture? Amazed? I knew that’s why I added this mod to the list.

This mod will remove the blurry shot to a fine high definition texture.

Key Features:

This mod will change the texture of each object in Morrowind.

The game will look more like reality.

The old one had pixelated visuals but installed this mod to get over those old class graphics.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

Better Clothes: 

Playing an up to the mark game, but your characters are looking ugly! Oops! Here is the mod that will customize the appearance of your characters.

Key Features:

This mod will change the nasty clothing of characters to the ones compatible with your characters.

If you are possessive about how your character is looking, then these kinds of mods must-have.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

Tamriel Data: 

The data mods are specifically modified ones. The reason behind adding this one to the list is this mod will help in the installation of the game and increase compatibility with more extensive mods.

Key Features:

The most critical factor about this mod is it will add new meshes and quests to the game with the installation.

The bigger location mods are better compatible with this mod.

You better install Tamriel Rebuilt after installation of this mod.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

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Better Morrowind Armour:

Armors need to be perfectly fit bodies, Right? This mod will work well with Better Bodies. Both mods, in combination, will increase the character stability and appearance.

The main aim after these mods is to make Morrowind more realistic. If the characters are not fitting in gameplay, then it may be a loss.

Key Features:

Every single armor of the game will be changed and fitted perfectly.

The main consideration is to enhance the graphics of Morrowind. These mods, in combination with other mods, will make the game chic.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

Real Signposts: 

Sometimes, little changes make big changes. This could be a useless thing for hard players. But for me, it is the cutest and more valuable one.

The old game was so blurry and confusing that I could not read the names of places at signposts. Luckily this foul has been resolved.

Key Features: 

This mod is useful as you do not have to look for places. You have to put a glance at these signposts, and yeah, you are there.

The random sign meshes have been changed to fine and readable ones.

Yeah, it is such a noticeable change.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on the link below:

More Better Clothes VOL I:  

I think there should be more advancement in clothes mods. So I decided to add this mod also. This mod has more expansion of clothes rather than earlier discussed. 

This mod wraps up more and catchy emergence of characters than Better Clothes.

Key Features: 

You can run both of these mods or can use them in combination with one another. But in my opinion, this mod has done a great job.

The finishing of clothes has made characters more appealing.

Download Link:  To download this link, click on the link below:

Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind: 

You must have been tired of clicking so many menus in old Morrowind. Combine this UI Overhaul with the old Morrowind. 

You might be thinking that I have gone mad, but to be honest, it will make the game more exciting and thrilling.

Key Features: 

Your time has been saved from clicking too many menus. You can now focus on playing. The browsing menu has been made easy.

I can sense your despondent towards the old outlook of menus, but you have to try this mod.

A marvelous UI Overhaul you ever experienced.

Download Link:  To download this mod, click on the link below:

Run Faster: 

Finally, something came to control the speed of the character. The old Morrowind had issues with the rate of characters. I do not know why characters move like they are handcuffed in feet. But yeah, peace breathes! 

Key Features:

There are many speed limits for characters. You can choose from “Default.”

The main accommodation regarding speed has been fixed by intro=oducing this mod.

The character will move faster than the default pace. Anyhow, you can change the speed as described above.

Download Link: To download this mod, you can click on the link below:

Wrye Mash: 

Wyre Mash is making your mods safe without crashing or creating issues with installation. You must be aware of lots of mods in old Morrowind. This mod will save you from bankruptcy. 

Keep in mind that Morrowind is an old game. So do not install all of the mods in an instant. This can crash your game.

So try to install one by one.

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

What is Morrowind Graphics Overhaul?

The Morrowind Graphics Overhaul is just for making visuals better. This is done by keeping Vanilla aesthetics the same. There are enough mods by which you can enhance the perceptible of games.

MSGO is not considered the best overhaul mod because of its permissions. Players later suggest a S.T.E.P guide and installation of two or three mods in combination.

What is the Morrowind Code Patch?

The Morrowind Code Patch aims to fix the bugs present in the old one. The problems which were not addressable in Morrowind are fixed by code patch. This is quite a technical thing as executable patches are selected while a backup is saved.

The bug present in a Morrowind file can only be debugged by editing scripts and data files. This is done by code patching.

How to Solve Morrowind Code not Working?

There are specific steps that, if followed, can overcome this problem:

  • Make sure that the Morrowind Code patch is installed in the same directory as in Morrowind.
  • Install “Default Options.” This will indeed work.
  • Check out options one by one where the problem exactly is.
  • Apply patch and report them at MCP thread to the official forum.
  • You are likely to find a solution here.
  • But it could be a codec or DirectX problem too. So, I can not blame it on MCP alone.

What is Morrowind Graphics Extender?

Morrowind players can now avail of Graphics changing mods. This mod will give an overhaul to old dead games. The old Morrowind was not so captivating, yeah, vanilla one.

But when you apply this mod to your game, it will become a newly originated one. Make sure one thing that saves this mod in the same directory where Morrowind is saved.

The outclass visual results are achieved by Graphic Extender.

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What is the Best Morrowind Modding Guide?

You will find many modding guides out there, but the 2019 Thastus Guide in this sidebar is the latest. Also, for beginners:

I would suggest keeping these modding guides at hand, and you can start your game.

What is Morrowind Script Extender?

The new function can be added to the game by Script Extender. This feature allows further details in the game. This edition has retained the original extension, but the results are more precise and faster.

How to Install: 

  • Download the latest zip file from the download tabs or GitHub.
  • Extract the zip file into your Morrowind installation directory.

How to Fix Morrowind Resolution Error?

Here are some crucial steps to be followed to fix this error:

  • Install and launch Morrowind once.
  • Set all the settings to desired levels.
  • Open Regedit.
  • Find “Screen Height” and “Screen Width”
  • Change the circle-tick from” Hexa-Decimal” to “Decimal” for both Height and Width.
  • Do not modify any game setting after it, as you may have to repeat the process.

What is the Best Morrowind Mod Manager?

There are many options available for this need. Following are top mods manager for Morrowind:

  • Wrye Mash
  • Nexus
  • Morrowind Modding History
  • House Fliggerty.

These will manage and organize your Morrowind mods efficiently.

How to Install Mods FOR Morrowind?

Follow these simple steps to grab your favorite mods:

  • Open the Morrowind Launcher.
  • Click on Data Files.
  • Check ‘Mods” boxes to install your desired mods.
  • The mods have similar ones also, so in case, check “Read me.”
  • After installation, you may check Game Files and Data Files to check where the data is stored.

What is Morrowind Remastered Mod?

Coldmod has delivered Morrowind 2020 Remastered MOd list. You can check these out by clicking on links.

And the list continues. But these are the best ones to be checked for sure.


Morrowind has been a 20 years old game, but the advancement through mods has relieved this masterpiece. This article covers all the best and updated mods of Morrowind. You have a complete guide to this game. Do check this game out.

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