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Time and distance are no longer viewed as impediments; the post-pandemic scenario has witnessed a metamorphosis in terms of defining remote work. According to the Gallup survey, employees and employers can maximize their productivity by working away from the traditional work setup.

Mobile App Development has completely restructured businesses. Micro-processing technologies have also enabled multiple app screening on various platforms. According to Statista, over 6 billion people have access to smartphones, with China, India, and the United States leading the race.

Importance of Mobile App Development Services for Businesses

Mobile App Development Services

It is no unknown fact that the world is encapsulated in the palm of your hand in this era. The smartphone is the Bible of the 21st century. According to a survey by Code ComputerLove, the average screen time on smartphones (90% of total screen-time is spent using smartphones) is approximately 50 days- that is nearly 2 months in a year. The universal dependency on smartphones is reason enough for businesses to avail Mobile App Development Services.

Some advantages of Mobile App Development for Businesses:


Smartphones and the Internet have made it feasible to obtain collaborative work via online conferences, meetings, and video calls. Access to specific documents can be shared so that there can be multiple people working on them at the same time.

Reduced Operational Costs

Cloud-based services are affordable and provide an edge of flexibility over sophisticated technology.

High-speed Real-time Data

Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) systems have allowed businesses access to real-time updates and live data.

According to the ContractIQ Survey, 62% of businesses have already invested in a Mobile App Development Agency; the likes of online shopping forums have seen a great hike since early 2020, and a preference for digital payments is a natural consequence. Customers bank largely on engagement, and the motto is to secure an experience-driven environment.

Propels brand establishment

Advertisement today transcends beyond posters, billboards, and calendars. Mobile apps help self-promotion by expanding their experience via a portfolio; this inevitably attracts a wider base of potential customers.

Through Gamification, consumer engagement is fostered to garner potential sales by rewarding customers for their purchase and providing exciting offers for their future buys.

Types of Mobile App Development Services that Cloudifyapps provides

Mobile App Development Services

CloudifyApps has earned the trust of various brands across the globe by delivering top-tier designs and solutions that are not only focused on customer conformity but also reflect value for time.

Screen sizes, hardware requirements, and many other facets need to be considered in order to develop scalable and agile mobile apps. They help create software installable on several devices and enable backend services for screening applications in real-time.

Whether it’s a start-up, small and medium enterprises (SME), or corporate giants, Cloudifyapps creates trailblazing mobile apps with specially curated features that are tailor-made for all types of businesses. At Cloudifyapps, we have a highly remarkable team of web designers, UI/UX designers, software engineers, and developers who can churn out scalable applications whilst being mindful of the urgency of the projects, using HTML5 based frameworks, JavaScript, and more.

The UI interface should conform to the user’s limited attention span, minimal usage of keystrokes, and limited functions. Application performance and pleasant user experience should be complementary to one another.

Native Android Apps

A native Android App uses Java as a programming language that offers a greater degree of reliability and the desired speed. There is complete access to mobile applications, like the camera, GPS, address book, among others.

Both standard operating system gestures and novel app-specific gestures are available and can be used without a network or internet connection.

Native IOS Apps

Early stages of the smartphone era were underlined by most apps being created to cater to Apple- but the need for cross-platform functionality is well recognized now.

Written in Swift and Objective-C programming languages, developers at Cloudifyapps provide a range of lasting solutions through various iOS mediums like Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad development.

Flutter CROSS Platform App

Flutter’s easy language with a single codebase with multiple operating systems is one of the many reasons why it is chosen over other frameworks. It is an open-source UI software development kit built by Google to develop and configure native apps like Google Fuschia, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

With the additional perks of a real-time database, cloud storage, and cloud functions- it makes the venture not only cost-effective but also time-saving.

IONIC Based Hybrid App

A seamless digital experience across iOS, Android, and Web- all from a single codebase makes the user experience truly flawless. IONIC provides not only web applications but also a range of native mobile applications.

With the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, publishing and deploying real-time updates is obtained along with high security.

Quasar Based Hybrid App

Quasar is a cross-platform framework that aids in app-building over multiple platforms. Using technologies like Cordova, Electron, and Vue.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can be easily created.

With a myriad of UI components, it becomes incredibly easy to build front-end apps supported by Browser Extensions, PWAs, and SPAs.

Why go with Cloudifyapps?

At Cloudifyapps, our goal is to leave a permanent impression in the IT world with our contributions- and safe to say, we’re closer to our goal than ever!

Cloudifyapps takes pride in its team of software professionals imbued with trailblazing IT skills. A wide range of Mobile App Development Services, stretching from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to design and E-commerce solutions, is implemented through our Mobile App Development Software.

With a thoroughly consumer-centric approach, Cloudifyapps takes into consideration the time, cost and quality involved and propels a lasting online presence for brands. Our team at Cloudifyapps reduces Time-to-Market (TTM) while delivering End-to-End Custom Development Services.


Once the era of the mobile revolution has begun, there is no turning back from that- the world is quite literally at the tip of your fingers. As a climax to the ongoing process of globalization, mobile devices have made it incredibly feasible for enhanced cooperation between customers and vendors.

The numbers are believed to hit over 9 billion in just 2 more years. Thus, Mobile App Development has become an urgent need of the hour to boost business by making the platform consumer-friendly. At Cloudifyapps, we have got you all covered by providing bulletproof solutions to all your business conundrums.

Raed More:  https://www.cloudifyapps.com/blog/heres-why-your-business-needs-a-custom-mobile-app/

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