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4 mistakes to avoid during your first week in drug and alcohol rehab

If you are a new patient who is attending drug and alcohol rehabilitation in your local area, then it is very important to keep a level head. Make sure you focus on using the staff to find out key advice that can help you stay positive during rehab, form relationships with the other patients to take in some wisdom and guidance, and follow your program so you can increase the likelihood of getting and staying sober!

However, during your first stint in rehab, you might find out that it is hard to always make good decisions. If you are nervous about how your first week will go, if you can stay sober, and if you can refrain from using drugs or making bad decisions, then you should read this list of mistakes to avoid during your first week in drug and alcohol rehab. By knowing what to look out for – and what not to do – you can be more successful in your quest to get sober and get your life back on track.

Leaving during your program

The first mistake to avoid during your first week in drug and alcohol rehab is leaving during your program. Since you are in the very beginning of your journey to kick drugs or alcoholism, you need to make sure you listen to the workers, stay in the program, and avoid the urge to leave. Although it can be tempting to go back out into the real world and use drugs again, this is the easy way out – fight through the urge to begin using your drug of choice and stay in the program to get lean and sober!

Not listening

If you are going to the program’s session, but you’re not slaying at your doctors, therapists, counselors, or other patients, this can make it all a waste. Begin listening to professionals who have your best interest in mind to ensure you can reap all the benefits of the program before it is too late – and your health suffers.

Not making friends

The third mistake to avoid during your first week in drug and alcohol rehab is not making friends or interacting with the other patients. Even though you do not have to become best friends, you need to get along with your fellow patients so you can get through these tough times with a support system.

Not doing extracurricular activities

If you just go to therapy and doctors’ appointments you will be depressed – and you would be. Instead, fill your time with extracurricular activities that will take your mind off of using drugs or drinking alcohol.


As a new patient in a drug and alcohol treatment center, make sure you avoid these four mistakes that can cause you to relapse and avoid gaining any insight from your program. Listen to your counselors and doctors so you can benefit from the wisdom of these professionals. Make friends with the other patients to build a support system to help you kick your bad habit. Lastly, stay in the program and enjoy your time in the facility to learn the coping skills needed to get clean, stay sober, and have fun in life once more! 

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