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Merienda Recipe

These Filipino recipes for merienda or your noontime snacks are not difficult to make and don’t require in excess of five fundamental fixings. The fixings do exclude water and salt since everybody has these fixings. Other than these two, you’ll need to rummage for the ideal mix of fixings to make these ache for commendable dishes.

1 Palitaw Recipe

Assuming you have rice flour, sugar, sesame seeds, and admittance to new niyog, you can make these basic bubbled rice cakes. Called “palitaw” on the grounds that these rice flour bits of batter ascend from the profundities of your pot of bubbling water to the surface, really making “palitaw” when it’s prepared to eliminate from the high temp water and into the niyog. These are similarly flavorful regardless of whether you have coconut due to the gritty sesame seeds and glossing over.

2 Pichi Recipe

On the off chance that you don’t have rice flour however have a cassava tuber, this will be the most ideal one for you! Cassava is ground and afterward framed into these little adjusts that might seem to be the rice flour-mixture palitaw recipe, however are really steamed rather than bubbled. These can likewise be thrown in niyog, however we say, why stop there when you finish it off with a sweet-pungent blend as the ground cheddar that was promoted by a neighborhood café.

3 Banana Cheese Turon Recipe

Turon is a typical enough merienda dish. There are numerous ways of making turon however we think the blend of sweet and pungent can reach out to this seared banana spring roll! The earthy colored sugar is fundamental in making this very tasty thus do the somewhat ready saba bananas. In any case, salt isn’t the fixing that is absent. It’s the cheddar. Think cheddar stick meets turon and you get a thought of precisely how simple and how unbelievably delectable that sounds.

4 Lelut Mais (Lugaw na Mais) Recipe

Otherwise called ginataang mais, this is a basic blend of rice, corn, coconut, and sugar. While the chocolate champorado recipe is significantly more straightforward to make and uses much less fixings than this kakanin, this adaptation is similarly as satisfying and delectable, particularly in the event that you love sweet corn portions.

5 Ube-Banana Turon Recipe

We as a whole know that the banana turon is easy to make. This effortlessness makes it so natural to change and make it taste far and away superior! There are variants that are more complicated in flavor and in methodology however while those are without a doubt really heavenly, the expansion of ube halaya into the turon is downright virtuoso. The ube jam melts and covers the bananas and gives it a rich, sweet, and gritty taste that is the ideal supplement to the sweet bananas.

6 Crispy Alugbati Recipe

There’s not an obvious explanation for why your merienda can’t be exquisite rather than sweet! These light and firm tidbits are ideal for the individuals who love nibbling! Like potato chips, the delicate leaves are daintily covered with the player and made very firm. Assuming you desire potato chips however believe an alternate taste should go with that fresh, these are the simple “chips” you might need to take a stab at making all things being equal.

7 Mini Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Filipinos we believe are normal foodies on the most fundamental level and where there’s a desire, particularly for expensive hand-turned pizzas, there’s a method for getting it going. These small scale pepperoni “pizzas” are simply cuts of bread spruced up in a few truly delightful garnishes. The “pizza” sauce is a pre-arranged spaghetti sauce, the cuts are pepperoni that you can find in the shop part of any significant grocery store, and the cheddar, a tablespoon or two of mozzarella is all you really want to make that melty and stretchy cheddar pull. You could in fact sub out the mozzarella for very velvety fast liquefying cheddar for a genuine hack on pizza.

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