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Most Popular Mass Effect 2 Mods of All Time in 2021 – Answer Diary

Read about the latest Mass Effect 2 Mods that you must play in 2021; also included few popular mods from Mass Effect 1 & Mass Effect 3.


Mass Effect 2 is a science fiction game better than the previous game in the whole series of Mass Effect. The most game takes place in another galaxy where humans fight with an alien race trying to wipe out humans. Players must play as a commander’s character, leading a suicidal mission to another planet to kill aliens by achieving some crucial goals.

Rating for this game is impressive on almost every popular rating platform. Millions of players loved to play this game, and it was a commercial success. It continues the story from the previous game in the series; the save game option allows the player to end different missions with random choices.

You can find too many different kinds of missions to complete on a galaxy map as per your choice. Primarily they are based on combat, but you must interact with NPC characters in this game when exploring to know more details. Experience is an integral part of the game that players can gain after completing missions, killing enemies; player level can improve with time after getting specific experience points.

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What are the 20 Best Mass Effect 2 Mods?

Most of the Mass Effect 2 Mods are trendy among players in this list. We tried to cover almost all different topics and choose mod to cover different game features. Hope you will get every type of mod from the below list if looking for only the best high-quality content for this game.

Hair Mods

Characters’ appearance is an essential part of the Mass Effect game series. You can find many different mods as part of this series related to hairs and different body parts. Players can quickly look at different characters and play them with their physical appearance. That means it can affect any gameplay if you have the most remarkable character’s appearance in this game. Visit on below link to download the most Popular Hair mod for Mass Effect 2 ever created with fantastic images to understand more.

Hair Mods

Mass Effect 2 Character Creation Mods – Hide Helmet Tweak

A simple mod that can allow players to hide the helmets of their favourite characters in this game. You can look at the below images to understand more about these settings. You must have some kind of coding knowledge to use this mod. A complete guide on how you can effectively use this mod is added below for you to explore by visiting the download link.

Hide Helmet Tweak

A Lot Of Textures

Most powerful graphic overhaul mod ever created for the whole series of Mass Effect. There are too many changes in the game with our affecting original gameplay. They include better graphics, high resolutions, and much more to enjoy the game with the latest updates. The below video can help you understand more about this mod and complete information related to it.

Mass Effect 2 Cheat Console

Best mod that includes infinite ammo, soldier class weapons for all characters, allows you to add paragon level, renegade level, credits, talent points, resources, experience points, etc. It’s more like a third-party cheat engine that provides a lot of options for players to enjoy this game with better settings. Read some of those perfect changes below for more understanding.

1 = No cool down for your powers
2 = Turn to cool down back on for powers
3 = Max Paragon level
4 = Max Renegade level
5 = gives you 1000 XP
6 = gives you up to 500,000 of all resources needed for upgrades
7 = gives you up to 500,000 Credits
8 = gives you one talent point for the main character
9 = subtracts one talent point from the main character

Special Unlocks
F1= Unlock Upgrades
F2= Unlock Regular Weapons
F3= Unlock Heavy Weapons
F4= Unlock Special Weapon

No MiniGames

To unlock or pass security points, you need to play mini-games sometime in this game. But with the help of this mod, you can easily ignore playing those games and unlock everything possible. Some players may don’t like this kind of mod to make this game easier for players; they love challenges and original games. It’s best for players who don’t know how to play those games and spend or waste a lot of time with them.


You can find a lot of changes and updates to this game after installing the ME2Recalibrated mod. They fix almost all known bugs, add new changes, and remove some minor features with problems in this game. Look at the below list to know about some of those changes. To read more details, always click on the below link.

  • Early Illium 
  • Expanded Recruitment 
  • Gated DLC
  • Main Missions
  • Side Missions
  • Dialogue
  • Bug/Lore Fixes 
  • Saviour 
  • FemShep Can Dance 
  • Luna Returns
  • A Real Breakup
  • Intimidate Zaeed 
  • Consistent Liara

Mass Effect 2 Save Editor

It’s like Pardis Shepard’s save editor, which is most popular among millions of players. You can easily edit your save games with changes as per your requirements. But this one never works with other games in series; you can only try with Mass effect 2.

Asari Remastered

Complete modifications of the original character Asari; you can understand more about it by looking at the below image. This mod’s primary purpose is to make it look like humans and update few extraordinary changes to it. Many other images are also available if you visit the download page; that’s always an excellent way to know more by visiting there.

Asari Remastered

Modern Weapon Pack

Most popular weapons pack with 16 new weapons and also a lot of changes to available once. Read below, complete details of some of those weapons.

Heavy Pistols

  • N7 Eagle — full-auto Phalanx upgrade. Its firepower is similar to a standard assault rifle.
  • M-5 Buck — brand new pistol with shotgun ammo. The game’s highest spread doesn’t make it effective on distances, but its stun ability compensates.
  • M-77 Paladin — Carnifex upgrade. It has less countable but more vital shots.

Submachine Gun

  • N7 Hurricane — despite its lower accuracy, significant damage makes it a standard-issue SMG for many soldiers.
  • Geth Plasma SMG — fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. 
  • Collector SMG — rare and deadly self-cooling weapon. While it doesn’t have as high a heat capacity as an assault rifle, its cooling rates are much faster.

Assault Rifles

  • Cerberus Harrier — complete automatic upgrade of the Mattock. It’s just classic AR with stronger bullets. However, it holds a small amount of ammunition and has significant recoil, so aim wisely!
  • M-89 Halberd — variant of the Mattock. Fewer but stronger shots make it better for longer distances.
  • Heavy Collector Rifle — brand new weapon, hybrid of rifle and shotgun. When you press the trigger, it shoots five bullets at a slight angle. Low fire rate, but very significant damage.
  • M7 Lancer — a relic from the past. A classic all-around assault rifle that can dissipate heat on its own.
  • Phaeton — Turian assault rifle with great accuracy and stability.

  Sniper Rifles

  • Black Widow — upgrade of the normal Widow. Three shots instead of one – everything needed for dominance.
  • M-90 Indra — first sniper rifle that fires in proper full-automatic mode. A bit smaller scope and insane rate of fire.
  • N7 Valiant — an incredibly accurate 3-round rifle with nearly no recoil and fast reload.


  • M-11 Wraith — Eviscerator upgrade. Shots are more potent, but you can hold only 2 of them.

Heavy Weapon

  • Collector Cannon — it fires a burst of mortar-like shots and hits everyone in the line of fire.
Mass Effect 2 Mods  Modern Weapon Pack
Mass Effect 2 Mods  Modern Weapon Pack
Mass Effect 2 Mods  Modern Weapon Pack
Mass Effect 2 Mods  Modern Weapon Pack

More Hair

Sometimes characters with fewer hairs or no hairs may look weird for some players. But you can quickly solve this problem with the help of the “More Hair” mod as part of our list of Mass Effect 2 Mods.

More Hair

Holograms HD

Holograms are an essential part of the mass effect world, and you can find them almost everywhere. Currently, 11 textures are done to make them look amazing with HD perfection. To help you understand, there are many images added to the download page. One image is also included in this article that you can look to get a basic concept of this mod below.

Holograms HD

Natural Eyelashes

In the whole series of Mass Effect, eyelashes look weird for most players. But after installing this mod, players can now get natural-looking eyelashes for almost all their characters. This simple mod works for all games in the series, especially the first three instalments.

Natural Eyelashes

White Avenger

It’s a retexture of the Avenger by changing color only. You can expect many changes to the game after installing this mod. We can suggest everyone install this mod if they love Avenger character only. Because of the limitation of this mod, it’s not perfect for almost all other players.

Better Galaxy Textures

The primary purpose of this mod is to update graphics of galaxy maps only. In other words, it’s limited to only updating the texture quality of different galaxy maps in the game. Look at the below three images to understand more about this mod and its effect on the game.

Better Galaxy Textures
Better Galaxy Textures
Better Galaxy Textures

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Asari Commando (Morinth outfit) recolors

They created five different Asari Commando Outfit in this mod for players who love this character. Below is a list of all those outfits, also. One image is added for you to understand. But there are many other images available on the download page for you to explore.

Five different versions:

  • Black with blue mesh
  • Black with gold mesh
  • Black with purple mesh
  • Black with red mesh
  • Ursa white
Asari Commando (Morinth outfit) recolors

coalesced.ini editor

There are many important files as part of the Mass Effect 2 game which players can edit for some changes to the game. One of them is coalesced.ini which has become popular among players interested in changing or adding mini-features to the game. This fantastic mod can help you edit that file without the requirement of any perfect knowledge.

Femshep Appearance Consistency Project

Femshep is a fantastic character in the Mass Effect 2 game; with the mod now, you can change its character appearance and make it look like a Mass Effect 3 game. But there are some other changes to her character that you can know by visiting the below link.

Femshep Appearance Consistency Project

Mass Effect 2 Ultrawide

One major problem in the whole Mass Effect series that every play faces is an error when trying different kinds of resolutions. In simple words, you can play this game correctly if you try to play it with resolutions like 21:9 and some others. But this fantastic mod can solve this problem for most players. You can access it by visiting the below link and also many images to know more.

Mass Effect 2 Ultrawide
Mass Effect 2 Ultrawide

ME2 Gameplay tweaks

This mod provides you with multiple options to edit Mas Effect as per your desires. Look at some of those settings below to know more.

lete ] – Exit game;
[ K ] – Journal (quests);
[ B ] – Skills (squad menu);
[ I ] – Codex;
[ Home ] – Armor locker;
[ LeftShift ] – Sprint, Hammerhead speed acceleration;
[ LeftAlt ] – Enter/exit cover, jump over cover;
[ LeftControl ] – Walk;
[ C ] – Crouch(sit);
[ MouseScrollUp ] / [MouseScrollDown] – Switch to next/prev weapon;
[ E ] – Use (Interaction);
[ R ] – Reload weapon;
[ Q ] – Melee attack;
[ F ] – Hide weapons (holster);
[ V ] – Change Hammerhead camera view;
[ L ] – Radar with quest marker;
[ N ] – Return to the Normandy (finish mission), exit(end) interaction, exit Hammerhead;
[ SpaceBar ] – Skip conversation (dialog), Toggle command menu, Hammerhead jump(take off);

Additional controls:
[ ` ] – Console;
[ MiddleMouseButton ] – Game speed acceleration x5; /hold/
[ F1 ] – Pause;
Player camera: [ F2 ] – 3-rd person+; [ F3 ] – 1st person; [ F4 ] – default view;
[ F6 ] – Teleport;
Hide HUD: [ F7 ] – HUD + subtitles; [ F8 ] – HUD;
[ F10 ] – Fly camera; (WASD – camera movement);
[ F11 ] – Take screenshot;
[ F12 ] – Toggle Lens flares;
[ Z ] – Levitation; /hold/;
[ X ] – Ghost mode; /hold/;
[< PageUp >] – less mouse sensitivity for combat mode (0.08);
[< PageDown >] – normal sensitivity for exploration mode (0.17);
[ End ] – Toggle horizon and environmental fog;

Normandy Map HD

You can access New Map for Normandy, get rid of a blurry useless map, and try a new one. It’s better if you look at the below image to understand more about this mod.

Normandy Map HD

What are 5 Mass Effect 3 Mods?

To read about some popular mods for this game, you must visit the Gamerant article. But a shortlist of popular mods is also provided below for you. 

JohnP’s Alternate MEHEM

Bonus Power Packs

Female Texurepocaalypse

Intuitive Controls Mod

Lights Effect

ENB Or Reshade With SweetFX

Extended Final Anderson Conversation

Alliance Warpack


EGM – Expanded Galaxy Mod

Mass Effect 3 Ultrawide

Ambient Audio Overhaul Mod

What are Mass Effect 1 Mods?

The Gamer provides a list of the perfect mods for this Mass Effect 1. You can read the shortlist of some of those mods below too. They explain almost every mod listed below with complete details. 

Goodbye Lens Flares

Expanded Character Creator 

Faster Airlock


Mass Effect Ultrawide

El’s ME1 Complexion Tweaks

Casual Hubs

Improved Mako

Mass Effect Mouse Fix


ME1 Recalibrated

Faster Elevators

What are the Best Mass Effect 2 Console Commands?

You can find a complete guide on Fandom for commands for this game. But here you can find some of the most popular, most used commands of all time. 















KillSelf / Suicide









How to Mod Mass Effect Andromeda?

Watch the below video to understand the simple process of learning about “How to Mod Mass Effect Andromeda.” It can also show you some details of possible errors and more about this game and modding.

What is Mass Effect 2 Casual Outfits Mod?

On Girlplaygame, you can find a good collection of mods you are looking for. These are not mods similar to others based on changes; it’s all about clothes & different kinds of armour. Find a shortlist of mods below and visit Girlplaygame to read complete information about every listed mod there.

Kabuki Armor Mod

Bloody Stormtrooper Armor

Bling Reckoner Armor

Blood Reckoner Armor

Aria Alliance Armor

Dread Pirate Shepard Armor

Fancy Flight Suit

Casual Flight Suit

Bling Reckoner Armor

What are Mass Effect 3 Faces Codes?

You can find many Mass Effects 3 Faces Codes on different platforms or sites related to the game. Below is a list of some of those popular face codes that you must try once. It’s impossible to collect every single face code, but we have to choose only the perfect ones for you.


What is Mass Effect Controller Mod?

With this mod’s help, you can find XBOX 360 controller support for playing Mass Effect 1. You can understand more from the below image or by visiting the link after this paragraph. It’s not easy to use this mod; you can face different problems and required instruction to install it.

Mass Effect Controller Mod

What is Mass Effect 2 Coalesced Editor?

It’s one of the powerful tools that allows players to add some changes to the game easily. With this editor’s help, now players can easily modify games without a lot of knowledge about coding. You can download it from the below link with important information you must know.

How to Mod Mass Effect 2?

Modding Mass Effect 2 is easy, and players can easily do it without knowing a lot of coding. You must watch the below video to know almost everything about it; you may never find any other guide to help you with modding like this one.

What are Popular Mass Effect 2 Hair mods?

You can read about mass effect 2 hair mods above as part of our impressive list with a complete explanation for you. A download link will also take you to a different site where they allow you to install mods instantly.

What is Popular Mass Effect 1 Hair Mods?

You can visit the below link and find some cool mods related to hairs. A short article with complete basic information about these mods is also added there. You must use these mods at your own risk, as they are part of an unknown source, not popular sites like Nexus Modding or other similars.

What is Mass Effect 1 Character Editor?

With the help of this editor, you can modify a lot in this game series. But it’s not much user-friendly because some players may not understand its complex settings. You can easily use it if you have a little bit of knowledge of coding or understanding its simple structure. Many other tools are also added to this page; you can also edit more settings for this game.

Mass Effect 2 Random Face Generator


Gibbed’s Audio Extractor

Gibbed’s Forked ME2 Save Editor v1.0.9.2

Mass Effect 2 Random Face Generator

What are the Best Mass Effect 2 Character Creation Mods?

All details about Character Creation Mods are added above; if you are looking to answer this question, go back above and read the complete list of mods. Most of these mods allow users to create different characters as per their choices.


There are some other games in this series that continue the story of previous games too. You can also find some other mods when reading answers to other questions. For example, Mass Effect 3 Mods can only provide you with a shortlist of some fantastic mods for that game. But as you can understand from a rating of both games, Mass Effect 2 is still the most popular in the whole series even compared to the latest games.

Mass Effect 2 Mods

The main story and dialogue are pretty awesome, and everyone loves them a lot. But as you know, mods are an essential source of keeping players connected to the game; that’s why mods for Mass Effect 2 can also do the same. There are many races in this game other than humans, but you have only one as the main enemy trying to kill every human.

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