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Mamajuana recipe

What Is Mamajuana

Mamajuana might seem like a concoction of words to some however it’s an alcohol-based drink that is very popular in certain countries, based on the place you’re visiting.

What is Mamajuana?

Mamajuana is booze which is indigenous to Mamajuana is a drink that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is created by soaking the rum, red wine, honey trees, tree bark, and other herbs in the form of a bottle. Many people are concerned about the potency of this drink and, yes, it is very strong, however, Mamajuana recipes differ by the producer. The ratio of rum to wine and their ABV for each significantly impacts the strength. It could also be a mixture of significant amounts of sugar and other herbs which could cause an unpleasant hangover.

Expect around 30 percent alcohol per volume (ABV). The rum itself can range from 80 to 160 proof. So an unmade version might be very alcohol-based.

Dominicans love mamajuana because of its medicinal properties and for its use as a potent Aphrodisiac. It is known to locals as ‘Dominican viagra or “the baby maker”. The primary ingredient for aphrodisiacs can be found in the penis Carey sea turtle – though it is not included in many commercial products due to legal reasons. There isn’t any scientific evidence to back up mamajuana’s claims of aphrodisiac and it is claimed that any kind of alcohol is able to reduce one’s inhibitions if consumed in moderate amounts. 

In traditional medicine, it’s believed to improve digestion, and possibly increase circulation, and could also be an effective tonic for kidneys and liver, as well as increase sexual power. But, there isn’t any study to support these health claims.

How to Make Mamajuana?

The plants and bark originate from the Dominican Republic, but substitutes are available within the United States. They can be kept in bottles for many years when they are added to rum or wine as time passes.


2 TBSP chicory bark

Two cinnamon sticks (four) mashed

1 2 tablespoons cloves 5

2 leaves of agave

1 tbsp dried basil leaves

1 tbsp hibiscus petals dried

3 Star anise

500 ml of red wine

500 ml rum

Honey 59 ml


Fill a glass container with chicory bark and cloves, the cinnamon stick as well as agave leaves and various other herbs.

Include a quarter cup of honey to the mix.

The bottle should be filled with 50 percent of red wine, and 50 percent Rum

Let it sit for around a week

Strain, and drink it by itself or in the form of a cocktail.

Mamajuana Effects

If it’s an effect of a placebo or not, mamajuana has been well-known for its ability to make people feel better and more energetic. It also can cause people to feel drunk and dehydrated and hungover, so restrict the amount you intake to 1 an ounce.

Negative Risks that are Associated with Drinking alcohol:There are several risks that come with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, including injuries, violence and the development of chronic illnesses. The habit of alcoholism or binge drinking are bad for your health overall and may thwart any positive effects that moderate amounts could bring. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the people who shouldn’t drink alcohol are women who are pregnant, people less than 21 years of age, as well as those who recover from alcohol dependence or are not able to limit the amount they drink. Additionally, alcohol consumption should be avoided by those who plan to drive, or engage in any other job that requires concentration and ability. 

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