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Lychee martini recipe

A lychee-flavored martini is an alcohol-based cocktail that is flavored with lychee fruits and usually served with one fresh lychee for garnish. Lychee is an exotic Asian fruit that is indigenous from China in China and Southeast Asia. Similar to Rambutan, it has hard skin and a soft interior that is surrounded by a hard seed. It has a floral aroma and a flavor that is similar to Muscat grape. The classic martini is created using vodka and vermouth or gin. It is typically garnished with a lemon or olive twist. There are several methods to add lychee flavour to a martini. Additionally, certain cocktails employ multiple methods.

3 Ways to Make a Lychee Martini

Mixing 1 part vermouth dry and four parts vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, and then placing it into a cold glass. In the case of the lychee ingredient there are a few choices.

Lychee Liquor Lychee liqueur made from a sweetened drink that has been that is infused with lychee. It’s similar to St.Germain (elderflower liquor) and Cointreau (orange liqueur). For your personal lychee-infused liqueur, mix 2 cups of peeled and pitted fresh lychee fruit together with 1 1/2 glasses of vodka. The mixture should infuse in a jar that is food safe in a dark, cool location until the vodka is sour like lychee, which is about a month. Mix the liquor that is infused with half 1 teaspoon of simple syrup or more according to your preference.

Lychee juice Canned lychees are available in sweetened lychee juice which is a great method to include lychee and sugar to your martinis.

Lychee syrup Create an easy syrup infused with lychees by boiling one cup sugar with one cup water in a pan at high heat until the sugar melts. Include half of a cup chopped fresh lychees , and let it simmer at a low temperature for about 10 minutes. Allow the syrup to cool away from the flame for about 20 minutes and then strain the lychees chopped.

What is the best way to prepare Lychee?

Fresh lychees are easy peel. Begin by peeling off the skin. After that, cut a hole into the pulp of the fruit, and squeeze the pit out. Then, you’re ready to create an ice-cold lychee martini!

I’m a big fan of fresh lychees in this recipe, however they’re not always readily available. canned lychees are also a good option. You can also add the syrup to your martini of lychees to boost the taste.

The spirit behind the drink

Although you can make use of either vodka or gin in the making of an iconic martini however, you’ll want to use vodka in this recipe. Due to its relatively neutral flavor and aroma vodka lets the star of the show to become the main ingredient in this cocktail.

How to Make a Lychee Martini

This recipe is enough for one serving. Drink it up since it’s a powerful drink!


Ice cubes

7 lychees peeled, and pits removed

3 oz. vodka

1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice

A few drops of orange bitters

Step 1: Muddle and mix

If you’re using canned or fresh, mix six lychees inside an shaker for cocktails. Add cold ice and add the lemon juice, vodka along with bitters ( we like these). Shake well.

2. Serve and garnish

Pour your shaker’s contents into an ice-cold martini glass. Add the remaining lychee. Enjoy!

Editor’s Tips: If you’re using canned lychees or come upon a lychee juice or liquor, add half an ounce to enhance the taste of this drink.

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Lychee Martini Recipe


2 ounces vodka

1 an ounce of dry vermouth

1 teaspoon sweetened lychee juice made from canned lychees

1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice, or lime juice

1 whole lychee to garnish

Make sure to fill a shaker about halfway with the ice cubes.

Mix in the vermouth, vodka along with lychee juice, vodka, as well as lemon juice.

Stir for about 15 seconds. Then strain the drink into an ice-cold martini glass.

Garnish with a fruity lychee.

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