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Lontong Recipe

Lontong is a dish made with compacted rice cake and cooked in banana leaf. Attempt this recipe for Lontong Sayur Lodeh where the rice cakes are cooked with vegetables in a coconut milk-based soup.

Recipe Ingredient

1 liter coconut milk
1 liter warm water
150g red onions
30g ginger
50g garlic
80g new turmeric
30g dried stew (doused, bubbled and blended)
40g dried shrimp (grounded finely)
2 candlenuts (buah keras, grounded finely)
150g long beans (cut into 5cm long)
150g cabbage (cut into pieces)
100g fuchuk (beancurd skin)
150g lobak merah (cut into lumps)
2 stk lemongrass (squashed)
40g galangal (squashed)
4 beancurd (cut into 4 pieces, pan fried till brilliant)
2 laptops tempeh (cut into block and southern style)
800g compacted rice cakes (cut into blocks)
5 hard-bubbled eggs (shelled, split)
4 tbsp ground coconut (sautéed in dry dish till brilliant with a touch of palm sugar)
salt and sugar to taste


1. Join coconut milk with warm water.
2. Mix the * fixings and combine as one with dried stew glue.
3. Heat 6 tbsp oil in wok till hot. Pan sear the glue blend, dried shrimp, turmeric and candlenuts till fragrant.
4. Pour in coconut milk and bring to bubble over moderate intensity.
5. Add long beans, cabbage, lemongrass and galangal. Cook till vegetables are mellowed.
6. Mix then add southern style beancurd and tempeh.
7. Season with salt and sugar.
8. Orchestrate steamed rice cakes on serving dish. Add coconut sauce then sprinkle with ground coconut. Top with split eggs.
9. Steamed rice cake
10. Wash and absorb the rice water for the time being.
11. Channel the next day.
12. Line a metal tin with banana leaf or material then, at that point, pour in the rice.
13. Place the metal tin in a pot of bubbling water and bubble for an hour.
14. Pass on it to cool totally prior to cutting it into pieces.

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