Friday, May 20, 2022

Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Life Substantially

Now that you have decided to improve your life substantially, we say a GOOD JOB! There is nothing better to think of and act upon than to make the right decision of bettering your life. And you should set healthy goals for the same. experts say “Setting healthy goals is one way to come up with a plan on how to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. Setting goals gives you something to work for and helps keep you motivated to work hard.”

So here are a list of goals you should work on. Please read on!

Have more fats in your diet

Why is that a goal? We aren’t asking you to over-indulge in fries and fried foods, don’t ever do that- have good fats instead- avocado, fatty fish, olive oil, nuts etc, which will help the immune system.

You need seven to nine of hours of sleep….. each night!

Don’t skimp on sleep! If you want to stay fit and away rom obesity, experts say you should sleep at least seven to nine hours a night. Try sleep calming oils and foods that will help you get good sleep, should you have trouble sleeping at night. And switch off your laptop and your cell-phones too- they disrupt sleep.

Drink a lot of water

Yes, you should do that to keep your body hydrated and it is important that you do so. Ideally, the body needs 64 ounces of water a day to stay hydrated, say medical experts, and that would be termed as “drinking enough” for the day. Mix some Liquid minerals in water too. Good for you! You will get more energy, better skin and you would stay hydrated through the day as well. 

Experts at sayHaving a tall glass of water before each meal will not only add to your daily hydration, but it will help you eat a little less at your meal, improve your skin, put you in a better mood (nobody likes a dehydrated camper!), and even give you more energy.”

Follow the twenty minute rule

In this day and age, we want everything fast and now. When we are back from work, we tend to hook ourselves uselessly on social media to get all the scoop and happenings of the day. And it is mindless that we overdo the same. Television included. You might think that social media and TV are great ways to unwind after a long day at work, but they are not. So try the twenty-minute rule. Try reading a book for twenty minutes, or write a blog or an article on your Blogspot online, or even dedicate yourself to learning a new language; you could even sit and meditate too. And if all these ideas don’t catch your fancy, find something to do for twenty minutes that will help you personally and professionally to grow.

Never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach

Yes, we are all guilty of this habit, aren’t we? When we return from work or the gym and we haven’t eat pretty much after breakfast or brunch, we start acting weird and goofy. We look for the first thing to stuff our mouths with, don’t we? And then we think of going to the grocery store to buy food. We go hungry to the store, which is a big mistake. This leads to disastrous shopping, say experts. Our carts get filled with unhealthy foods and snacks, because our hunger pangs make us buy all that we don’t need. So stop going to the grocery store hungry.

Read a book

The mind, just like the body needs to exercise as well. When you read, you give the brain a mental workout- much needed and it helps with performance improvement too. It can be quite intimidating when you begin to read a book at first, but later on it would get interesting. There are many great books to start with. Choose a genre which you love the most.

Stay away from negative people

Negative Nancies are who you should stay away from. They only suck out the positive energy from your life- they never appreciate the positive things you do for yourself or for them- why have them around. And they only complain about every little thing- do you want your Saturday nights ruined, with them around- don’t think so!

Lastly, experts at say “Being informed and intentional about diet, activity, sleep, or smoking can reduce your health risks and potentially add years to your life.”

So here were many easy weasy ways to bring positivity back into your lives by making subtle changes. If you would like to add on a few more, then do write in to us and let us know. We would be happy to hear from you!