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Is Christmas considered a Christian holiday?

Those who believe it or not will come together once again to celebrate this annual holiday with vibrant meetings, gift exchanges, and gatherings all over the globe as the 25th of December approaches and the underlying “spirit” of Christmas continues to exist. There’s nothing quite like spending quality time with family, unwrapping presents in general, and seeing other people’s faces light up with delight when they get items they’ve craved for weeks since they’re not something most people would consider.

But, perhaps, more importantly, commemorating the birth of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, has always been a special occasion for Christians. However, as the number of bibles for sale increases year after year, people become more aware of the truth of celebrations: the ostensible commemoration of Christ’s birthday is both erroneous and unsupported by the Bible.

The Bible Doesn’t Encourage the Holiday Season.

When you purchase bibles for sale, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the word “Christmas” is not included anywhere in the book, whether in a phrase, section, or chapter. We don’t believe that any of Jesus’ followers or disciples attempted to remember the fantastic conception of our Lord and Savior. It would have sufficed to undermine the Bible’s authority if the word “Christmas” had not been included in it. As the Bible states in II Timothy 3:16, “all scripture has been given by revelation of God and is profitable for teaching,” reproof, correction, and training in righteousness are all beneficial (KJV).

Not only the fact that Christmas has no Biblical basis, it’s also important to note that the observance of the main holidays is not based on Biblical or Church doctrine. In reality, modern-day Christmas traditions are inherited from ceremonial activities that existed before the conception of Christ. According to historical records, these practises were practised in Europe for many decades before the arrival of Christ. In Germany, for example, followers of Oden observed traditions similar to those of Christmas. Throughout a similar vein, Xmas eve traditions were practised in Scandinavia during the Yule holiday season. Celebrations honouring the Sun-god Mithra’s birth were all too common in Rome in the weeks preceding up to Christmas, and they were eerily similar to modern-day Xmas practises in several aspects. Religious people in the Catholic Church devised a Festive season that contained components of each of these practises to meet the people’s desires who lived under Roman domination.

The ultimate result of their efforts was a holiday that recognised Christ’s birth while still maintaining pagan traditions to alleviate and quiet Rome’s objections. According to these findings, Christmas is not a Christian holiday; instead, it is the outcome of pagan ideas and practices that have infiltrated the Christian community. The embrace or practice of paganism is evil in the eyes of Christ, as each Christian recognises and acknowledges.

Santa Claus is visible in front of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree and Santa Claus are two of the most visible and fundamental elements of contemporary Christmas celebrations, and they are maybe the most important. On the other hand, these two symbols also deviate from scriptural guidelines. Nonetheless, one noteworthy aspect of any of them would be that the Bible bans the practice of both of these activities.

Like many other Christmas traditions, the tradition of cutting down (and decorating) a Christmas tree has its roots in pagan ceremonies that were practised before the birth of Christ. In nations and tribes all around the globe, spruce trees have been used to “keep away bad spirits and disease,” as well as witches, ghosts, and evil spirits. It was not until the 16th century that trees gained prominence as a vital component of the holiday season. A cursory examination of the Scriptures, on the other hand, demonstrates the folly of such actions. Even though Santa Claus follows the usual idol-worshipping cycle, his problem extends much beyond simple devotion. Adults can distinguish between historical fact and popular opinion; but, youngsters are usually unable to do so and depend heavily on their families, communities, and culture to warn them of deception.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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