Monday, May 23, 2022

Introducing Unicorn Series of Blind Box By Token Studio

Recently, blind box toys have been getting highly prevalent, particularly as birthday gifts for kids. They are filled with elements of surprise and collecting it mainly because their suspenseful nature is thrilling for everyone. As a result, it has gained popularity all across the globe. The Unicorn blind box series is one of the most popular blind box toys right now because kids do not know which characters are inside the box and they look forward to it with much excitement. Moreover, it allows them to increase their collection of character collectibles.

The practice of packing small random toys in pretty closed boxes originated from Japan, the country that gave birth to anime and manga. However, as the years grew by, it started gaining popularity and prevalence all across the globe. The Unicorn series is getting pretty popular amongst kids these days and Token Studio specializes in offering the best blind boxes of this series. They are most commonly used as a birthday present for kids worldwide. 

What is a blind box?
A blind box is a box that contains a series of toys that belong to several media of entertainment. In simple terms, it is a box packaging where the contents of the box remain hidden. The toys are packed in the box with extreme care and discretion which makes it difficult for the consumer to guess what is inside the box hence, the name, blind box. The only information available about the toy in the box is which media it belongs to. 

What are the benefits of the Unicorn Series’ Blind Box by Token Studio?

Japan may have yielded the origin of blin boxes containing toys but in the modern age, almost the entire world is obsessed with them. Science may be unable to explain why kids are hugely fascinated by blind boxes but here are some reasons that hugely contribute to its popularity. 

  1. Hidden Figures

There are around 12 characters in the blind boxes and as is known, kids love collecting figures of their favorite characters. The main reason behind this fascination is that each character possesses a unique personality that charms the kids towards them. Hence, a FARMER BOB Collectiblie Cute Series Badge Blind Box can make a kid happy instantly. 

  1. High Quality 

The toys present in the blind box are manufactured considering the safety standards of kids. PVC resin products that are polarized are used to create the products so that they can be waterproof and also resistant to wear and tear enabling kids to own them for a long time. Apart from making the kids excited and giving them happiness, the Rico Happy Cosmo Series Blind Box is also safe and sustainable to be gifted to kids. 

  1. Element of Surprise 

Birthdays are a special event for kids. It is a day that is exclusively for them and as a result, they want to receive special treatment. They also want to get the best gifts and this is mostly toys. Surprising them with a blind box of toys can help them feel excited and elevate their happiness. The best part of the F.UN x Agan YEAOHUA CLUB Series Blind Box is that one discreet character is present in the box that no one has any idea about. Until you unwrap the box, the character remains hidden. 

  1. Hidden Collectibles 

Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, kids have a mutual liking for the Unicorn series. When they receive blind boxes stuffed with different toys belonging to the series, their joy and happiness are boundless. They can venture on an enjoyable journey with their favorite characters from the series. The MuMu Spring Outing Blind Box Series can be a great way to surprise your kids with the best characters and toys.

Final Thoughts 

There is no denying that blind boxes are the perfect gift for your kids. The boxes arouse their curiosity and get them excited and once they open it, they are filled with surprise. From blind boxes that have surprising characters to boxes that are themed around a festival like Christmas. Apart from their freshly introduced Unicorn Series of Blind Box, you can also shop for a wide range of blind boxes from other media at Tokens Toy.