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How to Transfer All Your Data When You Switch from iPhone to Android?

Meta Description: Finally, taking a major leap from Apple to Google? You may feel overwhelmed about this swapping decision. Here’s your guide to transfer your data effortlessly.

Many loyal iPhone users have realized that they are spending too extravagantly every year just to get a few new features. With the launch of the iPhone 13, many customers decided to stop splurging on Apple’s iPhone and switch to an Android phone. Because let’s face it, Samsung and Google offer mind-blowing, cutting-edge features at a much lower price tag. 

Unfortunately, this swap is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just pop out your sim card, insert it into your new phone, and connect to your existing Cox bundles subscription to download all your favorite apps. Again, thanks to Apple’s iOS. You will have to first extricate yourself from the iOS ecosystem and its addictive native apps like iTunes, iMessage, and so on. 

Migrating Data to Android from iPhone  

But don’t worry! Beneath all these surface-level differences, both iOS and Android have a lot in common. Let’s make transferring data from iPhone to Android phone less daunting with this easy-to-follow guide without anything including your data and sanity. 

Moving Your Contacts and Calendars 

For most users, the important things on their phones are their photos and contacts. The good news is that transferring the data that you store in your iCloud to Google’s servers is relatively easy. This includes your contacts, photos, calendars, and videos. 

The first step would be downloading Google Drive for iOS on your iPhone before you ditch it. Use your Google credentials to sign in to your Google Drive. 

Click the Menu button 

Go to Settings 

Tap Backup 

You will see a list of items such as Calendar events, photos, videos, contacts, and so on 

From here you can choose whatever you want to transfer to your Android phone 

After selecting, click Start Backup 

This will allow you to access all your selected files on your new Android phone. All you have to do is to sign in to your Google account. 

Moving Photos and Videos 

You will have to run the same process as mentioned in the previous section to get a backup of your photos and videos. The only difference is that these photos and videos will be transferred to Google Photos. Google Photos count against the cloud storage quota. So, Google Drive will allow you a free storage space of 15GB. This storage space will be shared across Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive. 

If you have tons of photos and videos, they can eat up your storage space quickly. To get more space, you will need to pay. You can look up the current prices online. Generally, the amount against the chosen storage space is charged annually. 

Moving Emails and Text Messages 

Want to keep track of your old chats and emails? Unfortunately, you can only do it partially. Transferring your iMessage conversations is not possible. Because Apple doesn’t have an Android counterpart for this app. Furthermore, Apple also doesn’t allow developers to access it. So, there is hardly any luck here. 

However, if you are a Mac user, you can check iMessages from your computer. But when you hop on to an Android phone, you won’t be able to access iMessages and its data. Therefore, it would a good idea to delink your cellphone number from your iMessages. 

Consider toggling off iMessage and FaceTime switches in the settings to remove the association between Apple propriety service and your cellphone number. This will prevent any problems in receiving calls or messages on your new Android phone. 

Luckily, you can transfer Apple emails stored in the iCloud to the Gmail app of your Android phone. On your Gmail on your new Android phone: 

Click the Menu button 

Go to Settings 

Click Add account 

Tap Other and enter your iCloud credentials 

If you use two-step authentication, you will need to create a password specific to Gmail 

In the account manager of your Apple ID, go to Security  

Go to App-specific passwords 

Tap on Generate password 

On the Gmail app, you can continue using your iCloud email address in your Gmail app. You can also treat the old messages as archived and switch to a new Gmail address. 

Move Your Important Files and Documents 

With photos, videos, and emails sorted, you have only your documents and files left. The method you use to shift them to your Android phone depends on which iOS app you are storing them in. 

For instance, cloud-storage software and apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive can work seamlessly across both platforms, iOS, and Android. So, download one of these options on your iPhone and save your files and documents. Log into your selected platform on your new Android phone and access all your files and documents. 

However, for the files saved in Apple’s office suite, you won’t be able to find Numbers, Pages, and Keynote apps for the Android platform. So, if you have to get all this data, you will have to export them in a format that is common on both iOS and Android. You can either choose Microsoft Office or PDF to save in Dropbox or Google Drive to be able to access them on your new Android phone. 

Moving Movies, Music, and TV Shows 

You can run Apple Music on your Android phone! It is one of those very few apps, which Apple allows to work on Android. You get to take all your songs and playlists, including the music uploaded on your iTunes account, on your Android phone. However, you will have to pay a $4.99 subscription fee to be able to do so. 

Transferring movies and TV shows could be complicated. Because Android doesn’t have an iTunes video player. So, unfortunately, you can only watch TV shows and movies on Apple TV, Mac, and iPad. You can’t watch them on your Android phone. 

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