Friday, May 20, 2022

How to make a professional Fresher’s Machine Learning resume!

Remember that there are a couple of things to keep in mind while writing a resume for a Machine Learning Engineer!

Remember that your resumes will be used by a potential employer to assess whether an individual is a right fit for their organization!

So how to make your Machine Learning Engineer resume stand out even if it is just written for freshers? Perhaps you have no prior experience – however, a basic knowledge of Data Analysis and programming languages like Python are relevant so highlight these and other skills in your resume for machine learning engineer.

If you didn’t know, has listed machine learning engineer Jobs in U.S., as having a 344% growth rate and an average salary of $146,085 per year! There is alot to look forward to in this exciting field!

Like the above-mentioned hard skills, your soft skills like teamwork skills, critical thinking,strong interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities are also considered important!

Finally think of the following  ideas while drafting the perfect resume:

Be sure to read the job description.

Ensure that you carefully read the job posting/ description while using words that show your experience and skills! This will indeed beautify your  resume.

Be careful to make sure your resume is ATS compliant!

While including attractive words from the job description, ensure they are recognisable by the applicant tracking system! The keywords you use ought to be compliant and this will make your resume stand out!

Write a great Resume Summary!

Upon adding contact details, and other relevant social media links at the top of the resume, include a small resume summary/objective statement. This will act as a short description of your career goals and work experiences in a nutshell.

It is upon reading this section, that the potential employer will be tempted to  read the rest of the resume!

Be sure to include both hard and soft skills!

Enlist both your hard skills/technical know-how of Scikit-learn, Tensor Flow, Python etc. as well as your soft skills like your excellent communication skills, leadership skills, critical thinking and decision making skills too!

Play up education, certifications and trainings!

The next relevant section is about your educational qualifications, certificates, and other training. If you were a topper in college,be sure to include your grade scores and scholarships!

Next, you can add relevant experience!

Adding relevant fresher experience such as your college internships, volunteering opportunities,projects and other coursework is a great  idea!

Finally, proofread! 

Finally do proofread your resume atleast twice before sending it out to potential employers.

Key factors in short!

Be sure to use the following suggestions when writing your resume! The information provided below is a short summary of all the relevant details needed for making a nicely written resume!

  • Ensure that you have read the job description properly, while using appropriate words from the job posting!
  • Use keywords that are Applicant Tracking System Compliant!
  •   Remember to add your contact details at the very top of the resume!
  • Remember to Include in the next section a 2-3 line synopsis of your career goals and vision so that the reader is curious to continue reading the entire resume!
  • Remember to include both hard and soft skills in skills section!
  • After that add education, certification and other trainings!
  • Then add work experiences such as college projects, volunteer work and assignments.
  • Finally proofread your resume!

Last but not least, keep all of these tips in mind, while crafting a wonderful Machine Learning resume!