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How to Get Your Kid to Become More Active?

It can be challenging to encourage your kids to go outside and play in today’s technology-driven world. Although it is essential to adjust to changing times, and technology is a massive part of that, discounting the mental and physical health benefits of physical activity does a significant disservice to kids’ development and growth. To make getting active more interesting for your kids, here are some ideas on how to pique their interests.

Encourage Sports And Group Learning

Encouraging your kids to join local sports teams will help them naturally spend more time being active. Sign them up for boxing classes, soccer, or another sport like martial arts in San Diego so that they are committed to the team and are guaranteed to spend time getting active each week. 

Create A Family Scavenger Hunt

Staying active as a family is a method of distraction. Make it a family event and create a scavenger hunt with clues, maps, and treasures. Pick a day to carry out your scavenger hunt, and make sure to build it around outdoor trails and paths that provide you and your family enough time to get moving outside. If you have something fun occupying your mind, staying active becomes easier! Involve your kids in the creativity portion of the scavenger hunt for even more family fun. 

Go Camping Together And Learn Survival Skills

Another family-fueled way to stay active is to plan camping trips. Get everyone on board with a game plan for your camping trip. Teach your kids how to set up a tent or campfire and find their way in the dark! 

Ensure your kids stay active while you camp by encouraging fun activities like hiking, fishing, and taking walks in a campground in San Diego. Your kids will foster an appreciation for the outdoors the more time you spend with them enjoying nature. 

Encourage Fitness Activities

Teach your kids that they can grow up to be big and strong if they stay active and move their bodies. Be involved with their fitness, take yoga classes with them, or show them how to do push ups. See what your gym offers for classes and get everyone involved. Having a family fitness day once a week is a great way to get your kids interested in staying active and living healthy lives. 

Take Family Walks

Make a plan to take family walks in the morning or in the evenings to create some balance in the day. Not only will you be partaking in exercise, but you’ll have this time to bond as a family and talk about your day, your plans for the week, and problem solve any obstacles that may be occurring. It is important to enrich your kid’s time outside by being active and talking to them about action steps that they can take to implement positivity into their days. Family walks are a win-win for all. Don’t forget to invest in some great walking shoes.

Join A Rec Center With Courts

Another way to keep your kids active is to become members of a rec center that has access to outdoor courts for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. When the weekend rolls around, you can spend the afternoon on the court with your kids and get active. With so many activities as a family, you’ll always have a great time. 

Set Aside Time To Get Your Kids Active 

Getting your kids to unplug and get active takes serious negotiation skills. Or, it’s just a matter of setting aside specific times where spending time together as a family is just a given. Consider the ideas above and get your family invested in staying active!

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Cary Grant
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