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How To Get Rid Of Sebaceous Filaments

Since I was a teenager, I have been trying to remove the blackheads from my nose. I was shocked to discover that they might be sebaceous filaments. Dr. Brendan Camp is a dermatologist who holds a double-board certification at MDCS Dermatology in Manhattan. He explains that blackheads tend to be darker and have a texture. 

What are Sebaceous Filaments and

Sebaceous filaments, which are tube-like structures naturally found in your pores, line the walls of your pores. Renee Rouleau, celebrity esthetician, says that their purpose is to control oil flow. Sebaceous filaments look similar to blackheads. However, you can reduce their appearance.

Sebaceous filaments are tiny yellow or gray dots that appear along the cheeks and nose when pores become clogged with oil. Your skin produces oil (also called sebum) to protect and moisturize its own skin. Rouleau explains that sebaceous filaments guide the oil from your glands to your skin’s surface, where it can be used to fight environmental aggressors and dryness. She says that you don’t usually see the sebaceous filaments. But if you have too much sebum on your skin, it can cause oil to build up and harden. This eventually causes the pores to stretch and’spill out’. They will then start to be visible.

What do you all want to know? How can we get rid of the sebaceous filaments once and for all? Rouleau believes that the answer to this question is more complex than we may think. Rouleau says that even if you squeeze or extract sebaceous filaments they will fill up again in 30 days.” But there is hope.

You can reduce their appearance and prevent them from getting worse by using a combination treatment and products. Dr. Camp reminds us that the best way to treat sebaceous filaments is to make it part of your daily routine.

Here are seven simple ways to eliminate sebaceous filaments.

Use an oil cleanse to create a solid base

Mata suggests using an oil cleanser to really get rid of all that oil and dirt. You can’t remove them as they are part of our skin,” Mata says about sebaceous filaments. However, you can take steps to reduce inflammation and minimize their presence on the skin’s surface. Cleansing the skin twice daily is the best way to do this. This will eliminate any buildup of dirt, dead skin cells and pollution as well as makeup.

Tatcha’s Pure One Step Camellia Cleaning Oil is her recommendation. Personally, I prefer to cleanse my skin with an oil cleanser followed by a gentle milky cleanser.

Use a Clarifying Masque

Most people who do their skincare at home without the help of a derm or esthetician reach for sheet masks or clay treatments every day. We don’t stop to think about the true purpose and ingredients of these products. You can make a big difference in the quality of your skin’s sebaceous glands by being intentional about what you put on your face.

Many love the Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask. I can see why. White willow bark has natural BHAs and fruit enzymes promise to help push out any traces of dirt and grime. The best thing about the blue tansy oil is that it is designed to calm your skin and prevent any redness. So even though you are using a more intense mask you won’t get angry or red skin. The mask should be used for 15 minutes, or five for the first treatment. It should be used about once a week. Follow with mild, hydrating products. Rinse the mask with warm water.

Take a Supplement

Sometimes, it is best to get to the root cause of the problem. ZitSticka Skin Discipline is a supplement that promises healthier skin thanks to its combination of probiotics as well as fatty acids. It is designed to regulate sebum and reduce inflammation. This product pairs well with other products on the list, especially those that can cause a bit of skin redness from their intensity. Take one capsule per day and enjoy the minty taste.

Use an Exfoliating Toner

Moon Juice’s Acid Potion contains a mixture of BHAs, including lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids. Rouleau says that salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid. This means that it can cut through oil and penetrate your pores. This will enable it to break down the gunk clogging pores, decreasing the appearance of filaments, and prevent more from growing up. Apply this toner after you have washed your face. Follow up with your moisturizer. Sunscreen is a must during the day!

Get a Gentle At-Home Facial

The Prism facial by Herbivore Botanicals is 20% AHA and 5% BHA. These acids are what make the magic happen. Dr. Camp explains that Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid exfoliate the skin by removing old skin cells. “Betahydroxy acids like salicylic acid are lipophilic. This allows them to mix with oil deep inside the pores and break down oil plugs.” This combination is a sebaceous-killer.

KEY INGREDIENTS Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a grouping of acid compounds that work to exfoliate skin. They are most commonly derived from plant-based sources. There are many types of hydroxy acids, including glycolic and lactic acids, that can be used to exfoliate the skin. They also vary in size, penetration and power.

Apply a thin layer of this facial once or twice per week. As with most facials, there will be some redness. Continue the treatment with gentle products and reduce your intake of acids.


Rouleau explains that retinoids and retinal can be very effective against sebaceous filaments. Retinol can seem intimidating, especially if it’s your first time adding actives to your skin care routine. Rouleau suggests that you start with an over-the counter retinol if your skin is sensitive. You can also try Differin, an over-the-counter retinoid, if you have oily skin.

Apply a thin layer daily of Differin after cleansing. If you are sensitive or new to retinol you can apply it twice to three times per day, and then increase your daily use. You should notice a significant difference in two months with Differin and other topical retinoids.

Use an At-Home Extractor

Dermaflash Dermapore, an expert tool that can be used to add more intense skincare to your bathroom, is more affordable and more practical for most people. There are two modes of operation: one for extraction, and one for infusion. Ultrasonic waves are used by the tool to remove dirt and oil from blocked pores. To ensure the tool glides smoothly over your skin, it is important to keep your face clean and dry. It vibrates away excess oil, dead skin cells and should be used about once per week.


How can you eliminate sebaceous filaments from your body?

Although sebaceous filaments can be permanent, you can reduce their appearance.

How can you treat sebaceous hairs at home?

You can treat your sebaceous filaments at-home with a combination of oil cleansing, chemical exfoliation and home facials.

Can you extract sebaceous filaments?

You can, but it is important to be gentle and take care. Steam your face first and then use your fingers to apply light pressure.

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