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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey

Nearly everyone experiences a moment in their lives when they look in the mirror and notice a reddish rash on their neck. It doesn’t matter if you have spotted it before an important meeting, or if you are going to visit your parents (even virtually), it is natural to want to see your hickey disappear.

You’ll find all you need to understand your little love mark. There are ways to make a hickey lighter, smaller, or disappear. There are a few things you can do to eliminate a hickey, but they require a lot of effort and low reward.

Before we get started: What is a hickey anyways?

According to Sejal Shah M.D., a New York City dermatologist and hickey, a bruise is basically a hickey. A hickey is similar to any bruise. It occurs when the tiny blood vessels in your capillaries undergo trauma. Your skin will develop a bruise when blood pools under your skin’s capillaries. Your bruise size will vary depending on the amount of trauma your capillaries have been through, how many affected capillaries, and how long it stayed there before it clotted.

Ok, but what are the hickeys?

Let’s take a look at the word trauma. Robert Brodell M.D., tenured chair of the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s department of dermatology, tells SELF that suction can cause bruising. Similar actions can also cause skin damage. Dr. Brodell explained that while biting, kissing and suction may feel great, they can actually temporarily damage the skin. The pressure of biting, sucking, and the like caused a few broken capillaries. This is why your hickey appears. Even if you don’t remember who was nibbling at your neck, it is likely that you didn’t notice the incident.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey:

1. As soon as you notice a hickey, apply pressure.

Apply pressure immediately if you suspect that someone has given your blood a bad taste. This will stop the blood from pooling. Have you ever used pressure to stop bleeding when you scraped your arm? The same principle applies. Robert Finney, M.D., a Brooklyn-based dermatologist tells SELF that the hickey should stop pooling as soon as possible. This means that it should be smaller and easier to heal.

This will work if you stop hooking up mid-hookup and apply pressure to your neck, shoulder or any other area you feel is prone to a hickey. If you are a great multitasker and anti-hickey, you can apply pressure to the spot. It won’t stop a hickey forming, but it will hopefully keep it from growing as large as possible if it’s not stopped.

2. Apply a cold compress immediately.

Dr. Finney suggests that you apply a cold compress on the hickey after the hookup session has ended to reduce redness and inflammation. Dr. Shah recommends heat or pressure to help as well. These methods aren’t foolproof. You might have to accept your hickey for several weeks. This brings us to…

3. Let it heal.

Time and patience are the only proven methods to remove hickeys. So just relax and take your time. Dr. Brodell states that most hickeys “change color and fade” in a matter of weeks. Your best option is to allow your body to heal at its own pace.

4. Use a vitamin K cream.

Dr. Shah suggests vitamin K creams like Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream (Amazon: $16) or Instaderm Vitamin K Cream (Amazon: $23) to reduce the appearance of bruising. A 2017 literature review published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology examined bruises following cosmetic surgery. Although there were a few studies suggesting that vitamin K creams may reduce bruises in some cases, Dr. Finney cautions against getting too excited. These studies were small and very limited so it’s not clear if these products can make a difference.

Vitamin K creams are worth trying. But don’t expect to see your skin disappear immediately. You can give them a shot if you want. Follow the instructions on the package and you’ll see what happens. Although it may not speed up your recovery, vitamin K is not something many people react to. Dr. Brodell suggests that you give it a try. It is possible to have reactions to other ingredients in the product, even if they are not clearly labeled. This is especially true if your skin is sensitive.

5. Your concealer and foundation can be friends.

Although it won’t completely eliminate your hickeys, it can temporarily “get rid” of them by applying makeup. Dr. Brodell says that you can use a little makeup to cover it up until the problem disappears. Looking for some good suggestions? Take a look at our top concealers and foundations.

6. You can treat it as a cut by covering it with a bandage.

Dr. Brodell says that if you don’t want to use concealer or let your bruise go, you can just cover it with a bandage. This will not get rid of your hickey. It won’t, but it will allow you to conceal your injury and not wait for anyone to tell you. You could also choose to get “bravery badges”, which are $7 on Amazon from Welly Bandages.

7. Wear a scarf or turtleneck.

Yes, it is true that this tip does not work to get rid of a hickey. It is an easy way to look stylish while hiding your hickey. This tip is not only for certain seasons. If you are trying to figure out how to eliminate a hickey during warmer seasons, it might feel easier to layer up in winter and fall. However, you can still opt for a silk scarf or turtleneck with sleeves. You’re now able to hide your hickey while looking cute.

8. A laser treatment can be expensive.

Laser treatments can be a great option if you have the money. Dr. Shah claims she offers laser treatments to decrease bruising for patients who have had cosmetic procedures such as Botox or fillers. These can lead to skin discoloration.

The laser is used to target the blood cells under the skin, causing the bruise. This laser breaks down the blood cells and speeds up the healing process. Dr. Shah says that the lasers won’t make bruises disappear immediately. Shah claims that most people see improvements in a few days. The bruises may not disappear completely even after that.

These laser treatments can cost $300 or more according to Dr. Shah, Dr. Brodell and Dr. Finney. However, prices may vary depending on where you live. It’s a lot to spend on a hickey. If you are willing to try anything, even a very expensive treatment that only takes a few days to make any difference, then live your truth.

9. The best way to get rid a hickey from your body is to avoid it in the first place.

There are many ways to prevent your hickey from forming. You can use vitamin K creams to try to stop it, or you can spend your hard-earned cash on laser treatments. None of these options will make your hickey do a Houdini. Avoiding a hickey altogether is the best way to get rid of it.

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