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How to Check the Quality of Swimwear?

How to check the Quality of Swimwear?

The sun, the sea, and the sand as well as the swimming pool; no matter how calming, relaxing, and refreshing they seem; have the potential to be pretty harsh to our swimwear; especially if our swimsuit is not of sufficiently good quality. Poor stitching, low-quality detailing, and faded colors do not leave a good impression. Most importantly, you need to swap disposable swimsuits for long-lasting by purchasing high-quality pieces which retain their quality no matter how many wears and washes they’ve gone through. If your swimsuits get a blow after a few swims and washes, then ishine365 is going to help you solve your problem through this blog. Designer swimwear for women comes in great variety and qualities, so you carefully need to check the following things before buying them.

Material and Detailing

While buying a new swimsuit you can tell by merely touching it if it’s luxury or not. Poor quality swimsuit will have thinner fabric and is most likely to have the least inner lining. The small quantity of lining it has will end up bunching together after having a few spins in the washer creating an unappealing silhouette when worn. In contrast, thicker fabric and full lining will preserve the shape of your suit after many washes. Moreover, the quality of embellishments and details on your swimsuit should also be of good quality. Some designers of lower quality suits disguise by adding poor detailing such as bows, ruffles, and beading. The best way to judge is to see how well these adornments have been attached. If your suit can easily combat the waves or a game of pool volleyball, then a few stretches can reveal the truth about its quality.

Stitching and Sizing

The stitching of your swimsuit should be up to the mark to avoid the structure falling apart, particularly with straps and elastic waistbands. A good quality swimsuit worth its (sea)salt will have double stitching detailing to keep the fabric intact. To check the double stitching, carefully see that there are two lines around the fabric joints. The most critical areas are shoulders, bikini area, and other cut-out details because the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday is using the hotel sewing kit to reattach sections. Moreover, it is important to know your cup size and choose a perfectly fitting bikini. It can be hectic but it’s important to feel comfortable and secure in what you’re wearing. Therefore, before buying or ordering online, accurately measure your chest and bust to determine cup size.


Last but not least, when it comes to buying designer swimwear for women, the name of the brand can have a heavy impact. Popular bikini brands do not compromise on quality, stitching, and detailing so make sure to do thorough research before shopping. The genuine suppliers never hesitate to answer your queries and wash away your doubts about any brand in their stock. Luxury swimsuit brands are often heavy on pockets, so if you hesitate to spend a lot on this, you can purchase your favorite pieces at discounted prices when these brands put sale. Hence, swimsuits are important pieces of wardrobe, you can check the quality before buying through the above-mentioned tricks and techniques. Good Luck!

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