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Here is How the Best Physiotherapy Edmonton Deals with Pain Management

Pain management is a term that holds a broader meaning when it comes to the dealing of the remedies that could help to treat various kinds of pain that will be experienced naturally due to injury or any sort of illness. 

This bodily reaction ranges differently in human beings due to various bearing levels and the intensity of the injury. This led to the core reason why patients were led to visit Chronic Pain Clinic Edmonton.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is described as severe body pain that can happen in any part leading to a general complaint by the patients of experiencing sudden pain.

But the actual pain starts developing over a long period and thus consists of severe consequences and intensity of pain.

In earlier times, pain management is confined to a few types of physical therapies that are act aggressive and considered even more painful during treatment.

The advancement in the medical has led researchers to discover plants and herbs that can be a premium source of naturally helping out the relieving of the pain.

Pain Management

Pain management in today’s world is broadly categorized into four approaches:

1- Physical Therapies

Physical therapies are one of the widely used and safe-considered ways to relieve pain. The procedure includes the relieving of the pain through various devices not merely through the therapies of the body.

2- Better Mindset and Changed Behavior

Other than treating the pain through devices, the person could be treated by altering their behavior towards the handling of the pain. Exercises such as routine walks, quitting smoking, apprehending relaxation techniques, opting for a healthy diet, and stress management proves to be quite helpful in the process.

3- Psychological Exercises

The pain can exist in the real or mere generation of the mind. This can be dealt with by applying the psychological practices that are done with professional influence in order to relieve the pain carefully without multiplying it further.

4- Pain Killer Drugs

The last step to take is to prescribe medicine which is generally not a widely acceptable option to relieve the pain. However, medicines can help in the initial stage of treatment followed by other therapies to complete the effectiveness of the process.

Why People Experience Chronic Pain?

As described earlier, different patients have different causes and effects of chronic pain but the narrowed causes that are collected in the pain clinics widely from the Regenerate Shockwave Therapy could be Arthritis related joint problems, various strains, and sprain in the muscles, chronic illness derived from the family history, nerves damage, or pain after having surgery.


The effects of chronic pain are reported by various patients on their visit to the physio Edmonton clinics as it includes more than the experience of the pain.

Patients felt anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue, need for excessive compulsion of smoking and alcohol, irritability, and desire to suicide.

The several pain management techniques that fall under the greater umbrellas of four approaches are seen to be practices at various Chronic Pain Clinic Edmonton by the therapist so that the main aim to best suit the condition and pain of the patient can be fulfilled and adopted.

Therapies for Pain Management

Following are the therapies advised for better pain management by physiotherapy Edmonton:

1- Deep Oscillation Therapy

One of the therapies is named Deep Oscillation Therapy where the devise released the electrostatic friction and attraction that penetrated deep in the layers of the tissues, body, and skin.

This therapy is proved greatly effective for most of the patients as all parts of the affected areas are deeply and treated with great focus.

2- Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy was earlier used for the purpose of detecting issues in the various parts of the body, but the methodology of using the sound waves when combined with the electrotherapy is proved greatly effective for treating the pain.

Sometimes, the effectiveness of the treatment can be improved by combining two of the physiotherapies including mainly physical therapy to be paired with another type of therapy as per need.

3- Spinal Decompression Therapy

Treating spine through Spinal Decompression is yet another vital treatment for pain relief.

4- Shockwave Therapy

The shockwave therapy is one of the most effective treatment for pain relieve as it focuses on the main area of the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- In which intervals should I get shockwave therapy sessions?

Depending on the patient’s tolerance levels, shockwave therapy sessions are conducted 3-10 days apart. This period can vary from patient to patient.

2- Is shockwave therapy harmful?

It has been made clear many times by professionals that shockwave therapy does not impose any serious damage to the tissues at all. People who have gotten this therapy have experienced zero to very little side effects that fades within 40 hours.

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