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How Long Does Melatonin Stay In Your System

Melatonin is a hormone which regulates the rhythm of your body’s circadian cycle. The body produces it when you’re exposed darkness. As the levels of melatonin rise the body begins feeling relaxed and sleepy.

Within the United States, melatonin is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) to aid in sleep. It is available in the grocery or drugstore stores. The supplement is absorbed into the body for 5 hours.

Certain people require more melatonin for regulation of the rhythm of their circadian. It can help with people with disorders of the circadian rhythm.

travelers who have jet the lag

shift workers

People who are blind

People with dementia

individuals who are taking certain medications

children who suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders

However, melatonin doesn’t only aid in getting better sleep. It’s also used in migraine as well as ADHD, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. (IBS).

Let’s look at how melatonin functions and how long it will last and when is the most appropriate time to consume it.

What does melatonin function?

Melatonin is produced by your pineal gland that is located in the middle of your brain.

It is controlled by your suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). It is the SCN is a collection of nerve cells, located in the hypothalamus of your body. These cells control your body’s clock by transmitting signals to each other.

During the daytime, the retina of the eyes absorbs light, and then sends signals back to SCN. The SCN signals your pineal gland that it is not making Melatonin. This allows you to stay awake.

It’s the reverse at night. If you’re exposed to darkness then the SCN stimulates the pineal gland and releases Melatonin.

When your melatonin levels rise your body temperature and blood pressure decrease. Melatonin is a loop back into the SCN and reduces neuronal firing, preparing your body for sleep.

What is the time the melatonin process take?

Melatonin is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. When you consume an orally administered supplement, the melatonin levels reach its maximum level within one hour. It is possible to become exhausted at this point.

However, like all medications Melatonin can affect everyone in a different way. It may take a longer or shorter time for you to feel effects.

Melatonin with extended release as opposed to. regular Melatonin

Melatonin tablets that are regular in their dosage are instant release supplements. They disintegrate when you take them, which immediately releases Melatonin into the bloodstream.

However Melatonin that is extended release dissolves slowly. Melatonin releases gradually over time, which could be similar to the way that your body produces Melatonin in the course of the night. This could be a better option for sleeping during the night.

Melatonin that is extended release is also called:

Melatonin that slow releases

Melatonin that is released continuously

Melatonin that is released in time

long-release melatonin

Melatonin controlled release

A physician can help determine if you need to use extended or regular release Melatonin.

Proper dosage

The usual dosage of melatonin ranges from one to five mg.

It is recommended to begin at the lowest dosage you can. It is possible to gradually increase the dosage until you find the dosage that will help you sleep, without causing any adverse side effects.

It is true that the use of too much melatonin could cause negative effects. An overdose of melatonin can disturb your circadian rhythm , causing insomnia during the day.

It’s crucial to remember that melatonin’s use isn’t strictly controlled in authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It’s because melatonin isn’t an illegal substance. Thus, it is used as a supplement to a diet such as minerals and vitamins which aren’t monitored through the FDA.

Since there are rules that differ for nutritional supplements, it is possible for a manufacturer to provide an incorrect dose of melatonin in the label. There is also a lot of quality control.

However, it’s still an excellent idea to follow the directions on the label. If you’re unsure of the amount you should take consult a physician.

When should you take melatonin?

It is recommended to take melatonin 30 to 60 minutes prior to your bedtime. This is because melatonin usually begins working after 30 minutes, which is when levels in your blood increase.

The best timing to take melatonin is dependent on the individual. Everyone absorbs medication at different rates. To begin, you should take melatonin about 30 minutes before going to going to bed. You can alter the timing in accordance with the length of time it takes you to sleep.

The most important thing is to avoid taking Melatonin prior to or following your ideal time to sleep. This could cause your body to shift its clock out of alignment which can cause sleepiness during the daytime.

What is the length of time will the melatonin in your body last?

Melatonin does not stay in the body for very long. Its half-life ranges from 40-60 minutes. The half-life is the amount of time it takes for your body to get rid of half a drug.

It typically takes approximately four to five half-lives an ingredient to be removed. Melatonin can remain within the body for approximately five hours.

If you’re awake for this period you’re more likely to be afflicted with a drowsiness-like effect. This is why it’s advised to stay clear of driving or operating large machinery within five hours after taking the medication.

However, remember that everyone responds to different drugs. The amount of time needed to eliminate will differ for each individual. It is based on a variety of aspects, including:


caffeine intake

whether you smoke cigarettes or not.

general health condition

Body composition

How often do you take melatonin?

taking extended release as opposed to. regular Melatonin

Other medicines

It is less likely that you will experience the “hangover” if you take Melatonin in the right amount at the right timing. If you drink it too late and you’re tired, you could feel dizzy or tired on the following morning.

The side effects of melatonin and the precautions

In general, melatonin is considered safe. It is primarily responsible for sleepiness but that is not its primary function and not an adverse consequence.

The most frequent adverse effects of melatonin are mild. They can include:




Common adverse effects are:

moderate anxiety

Mild small tremors


decreased alertness

The feeling of depression is temporary.

unusually low blood pressure

You’re more likely to suffer these side effects if are taking excessive amounts of Melatonin.

Despite its impressive security profile, melatonin’s not suitable for all. Avoid melatonin when you

are nursing or pregnant.

Are you suffering from an autoimmune condition?

have a seizure disorder

are suffering from heart or kidney disease.

are depressed.

are taking contraceptives or immunosuppressants.

Are taking medication to treat diabetes or hypertension.

Like any other supplement consult a physician before you start taking it. They may advise you to follow certain safety precautions when using Melatonin.


In general, it is recommended to consume melatonin for 30 to 60 minutes prior to going to bed. It usually takes about 30 minutes before it begins working. Melatonin may remain within your body for up to 5 hours, however it is contingent on factors such as your health condition and your age.

It is possible to overdose with melatonin. So, begin at the lowest dose you can. Using too much melatonin can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

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