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How Long Do Possums Live

Possums, like kangaroos as well as koalas, are ultimate Australian animals. Their cute and also fluffy appearance, in addition to their non-aggressive character, makes them incredibly popular with the locals. However, as a pet of the night (they’re nighttime,) you’re most likely to detect a possum in between sunset and dawn. While their adorable look does win them the good graces of lots of residents, some people locate them to be a parasite as they frequently rummage, tend to eat anything they can, and also look for haven anyplace they really feel comfortable, including under the roofing system of the house.

Allow’s learn even more regarding these furry little creatures, including the ordinary possum lifespan as well as various other enjoyable realities!

A Quick Crash Course on Possums

Possums are nighttime marsupials, and the majority of possums stay in the hollows of high trees.

In Australia, there are presently 27 different possum species. The usual brushtail and ringtail possum are the most widespread varieties. Papua New Guinea as well as Sulawesi are likewise home to possums. Possums were brought into New Zealand in 1837 to develop the hair trade.

However, without natural predators as well as an abundance of edible vegetation, possums have actually ended up being such an annoyance in New Zealand that The National Possum Deal with Agencies were established in the very early 1990s to regulate the problem.

As stated, possums are nocturnal marsupials. Most possums dwell in the hollows of large trees, but the typical ringtail possum makes nests in shrubs or trees. Possums mostly take in eucalyptus, nectar, blossoms, and also fruit too.

Now that we have actually got a far better grasp of the possum, allow’s discover all about its lifespan.

For How Long Do Possums Live?

Possums are primarily herbivores and also live up to 8 years in the wild.

In the wild, the average lifespan for common possums is around 5 to 8 years. Nonetheless, brushtail possums can live up to 13 years in the wild, while ringtail possums will certainly live between 10-12 years.

When it concerns life expectancy distinctions, women will usually outlive their male equivalents in the wild. Female possum offspring have a better survival price than male young due to the fact that they establish their residence ranges closer to their moms. Nevertheless, men typically relocate farther to find nesting sites. As a result, they are required to desert existing territories.

Women young from the Ōrongorongo river populace in New Zealand stay with their moms after weaning. Some then inherit excellent den locations from their mommies.

The Ordinary Possum Life Cycle

Possums, like several various other marsupials, all have a rather typical life cycle. Let’s explore it in detail as well as learn how they go from tiny babies to fully expanded grownups.


Reproducing can take place at any time of year, especially for the typical brushtail possum, although it is most widespread in the springtime. When they get expectant, the females have a gestation duration of 16– 24 days before giving birth to a solitary kid.

Newborn Possum

A newborn brushtail possum actions 1.5 cm in length as well as considers around 2 grams. As is popular for marsupials, the newborn may climb up alone via the lady’s fur and right into the pouch, where it will certainly latch onto a teat. The young grow as well as stay in the mommy’s pouch for 4– 5 months as it establishes. When the young are older, they remain in the den or flight on their mom’s back till they are 7– 9 months old.


A possum is completely grown by 10 months of age. Women begin to duplicate for the very first time around 12 months of age. Brush-tailed possums, in particular, choose to live alone, other than while reproducing. They remain to their ‘indigenous habitat,’ which they designate by covering tree branches with a fragrance produced by glands on their chests. If 2 possums do occur to cross paths, they will certainly attempt to avoid each other. They will certainly additionally interact with each other via hissing as well as grumbling, especially during breeding or scaring off burglars.

What Aspects Influence the Possum Lifespan

Pets with Opposable Thumbs-possum

Possums are a sort of wild animals that is shielded in Australia. Trapping, searching, or eliminating possums is unlawful unless proper licenses are obtained.

Considering that possums primarily reside in the wild, there are lots of variables that contribute to the shortening of their lifespans. They have a great deal more to look out for, in regards to predators, having accessibility to food, and also shedding their habitat. For instance, the fairy possum, additionally referred to as Leadbeater’s possum, is under vital danger. This is because of fires, logging, as well as climate change.

Allow’s have a look at a few of these consider information:

Predation: Brushtail possums, as an example, are jeopardized in Australia by people, tiger quolls, canines, foxes, felines, goannas, carpet snakes, as well as large owls. Every one of these pets are accountable for searching them down either as a food source or in the case of human beings, as a source of fur. Numerous human beings likewise watch possums as a pest, considering that a lot of them will certainly locate shelter in a home’s roof. Individuals will certainly employ exterminators to remove them in these types of instances.

Lack of food resources: A lack of food resources as a result of climate change, habitat degradation, and also a lot more likewise position a risk. Typical Brushtail Possums are ending up being less prevalent in South Australia, particularly in completely dry locations where drought has limited their food products. They are now just solely discovered in Adelaide and also on Kangaroo Island.

Environment deterioration: The clearing away of a lot of their natural habitats is another huge danger. The mahogany glider, a type of possum, is a threatened variety. This results from the rapid damage of its environment for farming, livestock, as well as lumber. The highly jeopardized western ringtail possum deals with a number of the same challenges.