Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How Kohbee is Transforming the Ed-Tech Landscape?

The pandemic crisis has thrown the educational paradigm into disarray in recent months. Education is swiftly catching up to the shift in the digital paradigm. As online learning has grown in popularity, a growing variety of ed-tech platforms for students and teachers have arisen. Although these platforms provide value, the bulk are limited by corporate manipulations, making “Knowledge” India’s greatest private market. Educators on existing ed-tech platforms feel pressured to succeed at money-making and not good teaching because existing ed-tech platforms are more focused on accomplishing their sales and marketing goals. As a result, the focus of teaching has evolved away from facilitating learning and working to develop a genuine relationship with learners towards meeting sales targets and taking on extra responsibilities such as increasing profits or scheduling more classes. 

In today’s fast-paced ed-tech industry, Kohbee is proving to be a game changer. Kohbee is an innovative educational technology platform that aims to enable anybody who wants to sell their expertise and become excellent instructors in their field. Kohbee delivers a cost-effective end-to-end solution for starting up, managing, and developing your online education business on a mobile-first platform. Create a website, market and sell your courses, handle leads, hold live classes using an in-house LMS platform, and manage payments using the Kohbee app. In a word, Kohbee gives low-cost access to the resources of a huge ed-tech corporation to individual creator-educators at unimaginable prices. 

Many of the top teachers have departed or been laid off by huge educational technology companies, while others have started their own programmes. They are, however, impeded by technology, with which they are inexperienced. This is where Kohbee comes into play.

Kohbee provides a solid foundation of technical support and practises to help you operate and grow your teaching company. By utilising Kohbee’s teacher growth tools in your own unique style, you may create your own branded website and app, as well as increase your revenue. Unlike large ed-tech companies, the Kohbee app operates as a facilitator, allowing you to keep full charge of your educational company.

Kohbee is a free and secure software that allows anybody to create a website, receive leads, and offer courses. It is currently used by 30,000 content creators and educators. Using the Kohbee app, you can teach and sell any course, whether it’s math, science, art, or photography. Coaches, trainers, and teachers are among those who will benefit from the programme. Launch your courses on Kohbee and monetize your content to make the most of it. You also have ultimate control over what you publish! It contributes to a better educated India by promoting online education.

In the edtech-conferencing space, Kohbee competes with firms like Graphy (by Unacademy), Kajabi, Teachmore, Udemy, and others. What sets Kohbee distinct is its mobile-based SAAS Platform, which allows those who don’t have access to PCs or laptops to take the courses. Content creators and instructors who wish to start their own business but don’t have the requisite resources might use Kohbee’s services. The fact that 60% of creator-educators do not own laptop computers is well-known. Kohbee has addressed this issue by developing this app. The app’s co-founders believe it will go a long way toward serving all sorts of creators in the creative economy, and that it will eventually become the first option for all artists.

Kohbee is the app for you if you are a creator-educator or want to establish an internet teaching business. Download Kohbee right now to take advantage of the current creative economy boom by also educating your students and earning a living.