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How important is ITIL for Business Analysts?

In today’s growing business world, ITIL has served a great role be it quality in service and the results or creating job opportunities for so many people. ITIL is a framework that provides processes and methodology to work with Information Technology service management. The first publication of ITIL was done by the United Kingdom Central Computer and Telecommunications agency in the late 1980s years. This also followed the development of its new versions. ITIL v2 came up in 2000, ITIL v3 came up in 2007 and its revised version came in the year 2001. In 2019, ITIL 4 came up and it has been developing day to day with changing times and technologies. Due to the revised version of 2011, ITIL v3 is also known as ITIL 2011 V3. ITIL 2011 v3 is very much suitable for today’s business market as it consists of strategic elements from information technology service management and fulfills the needs of the market in a better way. It improves customer satisfaction by being cost-effective. It saves a lot of time. Most importantly, it works towards the betterment of not only the customers but also the developers. ITIL Certification follows few guidelines that are

*focusing on value

*keeping it simple


*starting where the company is

*progressing sequentially

*being transparent observing directly

*designing for experience

*working holistically which helps the worker and the user to work more efficiently

Framework and structure of ITIL v3

The framework of ITIL v3 roams around the ITIL service cycle and a set of methodologies and processes for every step of the work. The five stages are ITIL Service Strategy, ITIL service design, ITIL service transition, ITIL service operation, and ITIL continual service improvement. Each of these stages of the life-cycle of the service is depicted by one of the ITIL volumes which are both self-contained as well as integrated the overall ITIL framework. ITIL has three major fundamentals which are incident management, change management, and problem management. ITIL V3 Incident management ensures that the project processes run smoothly without any hurdles. ITIL V3 change management helps in managing change efficiently since usually, organizations do not take changes properly. ITIL V3 problem management helps in analyzing and working on the problem to remove all the hurdles on the way to achieve success.

ITIL strategically manages IT services, the service portfolio, finance, demand, and the business relationship. ITIL v3 has many roles in design, service strategy, and many other sectors to have jobs in. There is an IT steering group where the members direct and make strategies for the company. Financial managers manage the costs, accounting, budgeting, and requirements of the company. Service portfolio managers decide how to fulfill the needs of the customers by cooperating with the IT steering group to develop the service provider’s offerings and capabilities.

So, ITIL creates a lot of job opportunities. But ITIL does not only help in building someone’s career.  It also has a lot of benefits. ITIL professionals improve their ability to assess, identify, plan and support businesses that boost the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the project. They gain a systematic approach for practicing a better methodology. ITIL V3 improves employment prospects and gives a good salary package to the workers. It teaches people to increase their will to work and help the business grow.  It gives knowledge to the learner. It gives a candidate experience in this field to improve their work. It helps a person to identify and concentrate on all the activities in order to help the company. With companies realizing the usefulness of ITIL v3, the need for ITIL professionals has rapidly increased.

ITIL and its aura

ITIL v3 professionals are not only required in the business world but also in other sectors like health care. In these Corona Pandemic Times, if you are sitting idle at home, you can try your best to learn ITIL V3 at home rather than wasting time. You can take online classes which will help both the ITIL professional trainers and the candidates as well. So, getting a ITIL v3 certification will surely make a good impact on a person’s knowledge and career. And if you are good at ITIL v3, you can also learn and work in ITIL 4 and the further developments.

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