Saturday, May 21, 2022

How Do I Pay My Condo Fees?

Owning a condo comes with inescapable expenditures often known as condo fees. They cover expenses for utility and general management of the building. These fees are relative depending on the board in charge of your condo and they are commonly paid monthly. There are two ways that these fees get paid; direct deduction from your bank, or cheque payments. Here, you’ll find out some of the available options for you to pay your condo fees.

How to Pay Your Condo Fees ?

There are different ways that you can pay your condo fees and it will most likely depend on the situation you find yourself in. 

Online Payment

Online banking is the new trend for paying nearly all kinds of bills these days and this also applies to paying your condo fees. However, online Payments will depend on the board responsible for your condo. Be that as it may, many people are fast adopting this method of payment. Sometimes, you may have insufficient funds to pay online when payment is nearly due. You can get online payday loans in Ontario instantly to pay for your condo. Especially if you don’t want to pay a fine for failing to comply right on time.


Cheque payment is a more traditional method of setting your condo fees. Cheques would require your conscious deliberate effort to get your condo fees paid. You most likely have to send your cheque through the mail or walk in to have it delivered. You may however have to face a penalty if the cheque is invalid. 


There are different kinds of card payment options that may be available for you to pay your condo fees. Like other regular means of purchase, you just have to input your card details to get your condo fees settled. 

Automatic Payment

Automatic payments are one of the easiest ways to pay your condo fees without regrets. This option entails an automatic withdrawal from your chosen bank once it is time for your payment to be renewed. 

Criteria that Determine Condo Fees

Condo fees are not always static. There might be an increase or decrease on different occasions. There are a few factors that determine if you’ll pay higher or lower for your condo.

Property Kind

Some properties are naturally expensive and would be located in an expensive area. The fees that will be charged for expensive areas will be distinct from prices for lower areas.


The size of your condo will more often than not influence how much you’ll be required to pay as condo fees. The larger the building, the larger the fees. 


Condo fees cover building maintenance and repairs. They include utility fees like power, pool, heating and cooling system, etc. The more available amenities in your building, the higher your fees are.


If you’re looking for ways to pay your condo fees, you can settle for one of the options here. You must note however that some condos may provide limited payment options.