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How Certain PPC Strategies Are No Longer Effective

For PPC marketers it is a cause of great concern, as they invest a large amount in the hope of higher ROI. If they are not aware of the latest algorithmic changes, they cannot expect success in their campaigns.

Let’s see some outdated PPC strategies and the alternatives you can use for effective campaigns.

Single Keyword Ad Group

There was a time when only search terms with the same spelling, word order, and word count would fetch PPC ads. A business, for instance, would hire the services of a PPC company for help with variations of keywords.

Google introduced the concept of close variants in 2014. With this update, spelling errors, typos, and plurals of keywords do not matter anymore. In 2017, Google announced that it would ignore function words like prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. Also, the word order doesn’t matter anymore.

Another update came in 2018 which had a big impact on SEO and PPC practices. Google would prioritize search intent over actual terms from that time onwards. That means a PPC company that once targeted variations of keywords will now have to prioritize search intent.

After the update, companies bidding on match types saw that their campaigns were not effective anymore. They also found that bidding on match types was more expensive than before.

So, if it’s not worthwhile to bid for keyword variations, what else can you do?

Choose keyword champions instead of multiple variations

So instead of targeting multiple variations, you should focus on one variant. This variant, called “Keyword Champion” is the one people are most likely to type. These keyword champions not only capture the search intent well but also would bring more ROI for your brand. If you want help targeting keywords that give greater returns, avail the services of a credible SEO Company Techmagnate that works in alignment with your business goals.

These keyword champions cut your spending, as you no longer need to target search terms that don’t bring you good returns. It also gives you quality leads that convert sooner. It has the additional benefit of helping you align your campaign to your strategic goals. To create unique strategies for your PPC campaigns, work with a reputed SEO Company Techmagnate.

  • Keep your ad groups to just three keywords for the exact match type.
  • For broad match types, you should have one long-tail keyword. It will help you capture intent not possible in the exact match type.
  • Convert exact match search terms into negatives in the broad match type, as you don’t want to rank for them in this category.

Bidding Manually

On the positive side, manual bidding gives you more control, as you will know where each penny of your budget goes. But this will come at a price as you will not get a good ROI against the time spent.

Bidding manually is not a profitable option today. You will have to micromanage several campaigns and that requires a lot of effort. It is prone to human errors, and above all, it is not a scalable option.

That’s why you should consider automated bidding. Automated bidding allows you to choose different strategies that can perfectly work without your presence. In addition, it is a boon for beginners as AI makes up for their lack of expertise.

These are some ways you can leverage automatic bidding for higher returns:

  • Align your bidding strategies with your goals for maximum returns.
  • Choose the right conversion actions, and let the system know what to optimize.
  • Let the system know of recent changes in conversion rates. The machines can’t react to changes fast, so you should feed them with fresh data.

Remarketing that violates privacy

Traditional and Digital Marketers try to follow up on people who visit the site but leave without a purchase. They have first-party cookies, and so target these people with the same display and dynamic ads that attracted them to the site in the first place.

But this practice can harm your brand reputation as people are more concerned about privacy and the importance of protecting their personal information. Customers will be annoyed for violating their safe space, as retargeting ads would come off as too pushy.

There is a better way, and that involves identifying people who have taken the initiative to engage with you. If you target customers already familiar with you, they will respond positively to your retargeting ads. The first step in this approach is collecting first-party data such as cookies. You also should get their email or other contact information through integrating forms into your site. Now you should try to establish a relationship and build rapport. As they already know you well, there will be less resistance when you show them the ads again. You have a higher chance of converting them, as the trust is there.

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