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How Brand Purpose Impacts Your Ability to Attract Top Freelance Talent?

Your brand reputation and purpose matter a lot when you are heading towards hiring top freelance talent. CareerArc reported 55% of job applicants are less likely to apply for a company’s job against which they have read negative comments. Before applying for a job, 75% of the freelancers consider the brand’s purpose. Some of the freelancers are reluctant to work for a brand with a poor reputation even if it is paying them well enough. It means that the employers need to work on their brand purpose and reputation to present a clear picture to potential top talent. Keeping this in mind, how can your brand purpose affect your recruitment strategy to attract or retain the top freelance talent? What brands can do to retain the top experts and with which platform they can collaborate to access the specialized freelancers? The article addresses it all and highlights the perspective of freelancers regarding the brand’s purpose.

Brand Purpose: What Top Freelance Talent Consider?

A roughly developed or suddenly crafted brand purpose may cause you to lose your top talent, as 79% of the freelancers are more likely to turn down a brand if they do not trust its product or services. Moreover, 82% of the freelancers may quit work for a brand with vague purpose or differed values. However, the stats are exceptionally large but this is a bitter reality. Just like brands cautiously considering the freelancers, they will be working with, the top freelancers also think through the brands with a similar insightful eye they will be hired for. Freelancers evaluate their clients carefully when they decide on offering their working hours. Their decision overshoot their hourly or fixed rates rather they consider a brand with which their values and working environment match the best.

Attracting and Retaining Top Freelance Talent: What Brands Can Do?

A brand vets a freelancer to track down the values, and purposes they have to shortlist him/her. Similarly, a freelancer went into the hiring circle to see if he/she fill up his/her working schedule with the hiring brand. All the efforts that a brand puts into its hiring procedure catch the eye of freelancers and provide them with the details needed to make sound decisions. The brands must work on their hiring procedure by sharing details regarding content creation, target market, brand tone and style, brand purpose, SEO guidelines, and sourcing methods.

Brands should pinpoint their expectations clearly, as 33% of the freelancers stated brands do not provide a clear vision and directions for a project. Bringing more clarity to the project’s goal and expectation can shoot up the outcomes. Freelancers need to know how their efforts will support the bigger picture of the content strategy developed by brands. Let your freelancer know why you need them. Discuss your brand purpose, values, and beliefs on the content strategy to enable the freelancers to evaluate their suitability for the collaboration.  

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Brands looking forward to hiring top talent needs to collaborate with a reliable platform to get quick access to specialized talent cost-effectively. Kolabtree provides a safe environment where you can hire an expert or specialized freelancer like a freelance data analyst to solve your complex problems and get your work done securely. Kolabtree is on a mission to “make scientific expertise accessible, affordable and available to all”. The brands debating on hiring specialized freelancers rather than full-time employees can fully count on Kolabtree. They have a global pool of experts ranging from freelance data analysts to medical writers or researchers so relying on them would not cost you a fortune.

Final Words

Your brand purpose plays a major role when hiring an expert though they are not the representatives of your business like your employees. However, they need to get the most information to create targeted content that supports your brand’s purpose. They want to be sure, if they are the best individual to get your job done.


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Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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