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Handwrytten, Unique and Authentic way of saying “Thank You”

To physically demonstrate that we value, appreciate or recognize a certain person or a group, we send  handwritten thank you note. That might just be something on paper but it makes the person receiving the thank you note feel better.

A handwritten note gives a personalized touch that can uplift the spirit of the receiver especially those who have largely neglected the offline world. Handwritten notes can fill this gap and can be an invaluable tool to show gratefulness to anyone.

One of the most wonderful way to show your goodwill within a relationship whether personal or business, is through a handwritten thank-you note. It’s letting the person/persons know you care about him/her/them. Writing a thank you note by hand is a great way to demonstrate exactly how much you are thankful and that you have good intentions for continuing the relationship with them.

There are a lot of ways to say thank you and it’s interesting to know that every culture from different nations has its own unique way or tradition of showing gratitude.

But in this age of technology and a very fast paced world, people rarely do write a note to say how they appreciate someone or someone’s deed. Due to their very busy schedule, they opted to just send emails or digital messages that are readily made for everyone’s consumption. The sense of a personal touch start to lose and the ways of showing gratitude started to become generic and without feeling.

Good thing, Handwrytten started an innovation in sending handwritten notes.

What is Handwrytten?

Handwrytten was founded in 2014, with its goal to make sending handwritten notes as easy as sending an email. It’s a technology that uses patented robotics machine with unmatched handwriting quality and scalability to make handwritten notes from customers. Each robot is capable of autonomously writing more or less 1,000 notes a day. And with the popularity and good feedback that this innovation has been receiving, the company continues to build more and more machines to meet demand.

Handwrytten uses robotic handwriting machines that use an actual pen to write the message. The results are virtually indistinguishable from actual handwriting. But if you need more authentic notes, Handwrytten can replicate your handwriting and signature. But wait, they don’t only write notes – they write the envelopes too. Cool, isn’t it?

Pricing is affordable. You can get your authentic notes, starting at $3.25, plus they can give you lower prices or discounts when you order in bulk or if you’re using it for business.

They deliver all notes via First Class postage and they offer international shipments to Canada and over 180 countries for just the price of an international stamp, which is around $1.30.

Check this out if you want to learn more about this beautiful innovation on sending thank you notes.

We are now in a very challenging world so full of uncertainties. Our online world, on the other hand, has been full of hatred and negativities. Maybe this season of giving, this most wonderful time of the year; we can change our ways and start sending more love via Handwrytten – anywhere in the world. This is more personal, where every note is unique and authentic because it came from the sender’s heart. Every note that will be sent via Handwrytten is a memory to be cherished and something that can be immortalized.

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