Monday, May 23, 2022

Gold Bracelets – Which One to Buy

Gold, while it is one of the best investments in terms of jewelry, it also holds a sentimental value for many. Gold jewelry is an essential part of the people living in the subcontinent, and each family has many sentimental pieces to them.

One of such sentimental pieces in gold jewelry is gold bangles which have not only traveled down to one generation after another but now are available and worn globally too.

If you plan to buy gold bracelets as an investment or simply for yourself and you don’t know the critical aspects to look into. Then this article is for you. Here we have concluded a perfect guide for you to buy gold bracelets.

Which Gold Bracelets are the Perfect Gold Bracelets?

Gold bracelets are available in various designs, and each design outclasses the one before it. However, with such a wide variety to choose from, you are sure confused about which one to pick.

Gold Bracelets, however, are picked not only based on how pretty they are. But many other factors should be focused on while buying one. Here are the factors which will help you decipher which gold bracelet to buy.

  • Budget

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you before buying gold bracelets is setting a budget. Understand how much you can stretch your finances when buying gold jewelry because it for sure isn’t cheap.

When you set out a budget, start looking for the bracelet pieces. While you may believe that more money will get you the best products, this is very untrue. You can also get some fantastic gold bracelets within your set amount; all you have to do is some through searching.

  • Know the Purity

One of the most important things to focus on when buying gold bangles is the purity of the gold. Considering that you are putting out a hefty amount on the table, it is essential you get only the best in your set price.

For this aspect to go smoothly, you have to understand how you can determine the purity of the gold. This is how you can do it.

Whether you are buying gold bangles in-store or online for women or mens gold bracelets, ask about whether it is pure gold or plated one. After that, you should know that your gold bracelet needs to be firm so that they last you long and soft gold won’t do. Hence, any gold bracelet of 24 carats won’t do because it will be very soft.

Any gold of around 14 carats will cause skin irritation. So, make sure your fixed carats are in between these two numbers.

  • Color

As weird as it may sound, even gold has colors. This is because gold isn’t always pure and is often mixed with certain alloys. This combination gives each gold a different color, and hence you should know what color shade you are looking for.

The best shade for gold bracelets which is widely popular is usually in the yellow tone. This is because it looks the most like pure gold and goes well with various outfits altogether.

  • Choose the Type

There are various types of gold bracelets for guys and girls, and it depends on what your preference is when choosing one. To start, gold bracelets come in multiple styles, and each has its own uniqueness.

There are gold bracelets embedded with diamonds, while some other gold bracelets are embedded with a specific ruby or any other gemstone. Such gold bracelets are usually worn on a more formal occasion.

Simple gold bracelets, however, are the most famous. They not only are subtle, but they have a unique attractiveness to them. Hence, it makes them perfect for everyday wear.

  • Design

Once you have decided on what type you want, it is now time to select the design. Your design revolves around what embedments and color your gold bracelets are of. The design will also revolve around the occasion you will wear the bracelets on and what is the purpose of buying a gold bracelet.

For example, if you are buying one for everyday wear, it is essential to opt for a sleeker and minimalistic design to go with your everyday wear. If you want to wear it on a wedding or more formal occasion, the heavier option can work pretty well. 

How to Take Care of Your Gold Bracelets?

Now that you have understood the dynamics which go around when buying a gold bracelet, let’s hop on to another problem. Which is how you can take off your gold bracelets?

If you have invested in a gold bracelet, it for sure has cost you a good amount of money. Hence, you need to take care of it properly. Here is how you can do it.

Remove gold bracelets before bathing, swimming, gardening, or any tasks that require hands.

Avoid wearing gold bracelets to pools or beaches because chlorine can damage the bracelets’ outlook.

Make sure that you keep your gold bracelets safe and adequately in a box somewhere. This is because you don’t want the article to get damaged or misplaced it somewhere.

If you feel like your gold bracelet is losing its charm, getting it clean once in a blue moon will do you no harm.


Gold is one of the most precious minerals and substances out there. It has been around for ages and is now used to form some gorgeous jewelry pieces. In such articles, gold bangles play a significant role.

These gold bracelets not only are worn widely around the world but also work as an heirloom in many families, passed down from one person to another. Many people invest in gold bracelets as an investment, too, and hence, this particular piece is a great buy.