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Girls Building Empires Review: Can you Build a 6-Figure Instagram Business?

While the Instagram craze is strong, there is a lot of speculation and misinformation when it comes to building a business on social media. 

Many Instagram “experts” are just looking to make a quick buck by selling you their “secret sauce.” However, there is one program designed to help women with any business goals they have. 

It’s called Girls Building Empires (GBE), and in today’s review we’ll help you figure out if this program can really teach you to build your own profitable and scalable Instagram business.

Let’s dive right in! 

The Girls Building Empires program – What is it?

Created by Ginte Rinkeviciute, Girls Building Empires is a course designed to teach women how to grow their Instagram accounts into a business. 

The course covers everything from Instagram secrets and tools, to creating hashtags that will help you grow your Instagram account, to ways to make money using your Instagram account. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-follow format that makes it easy for you to learn and implement what you’ve learned.

The course is 12 weeks long, which is the perfect amount of time for you to dedicate to growing your Instagram account:

What Girls Building Empires covers

Module 1

  • Week 1: In this first week, you will learn how to narrow down your niche by assessing your interests, goals, and abilities and figuring out who might enjoy your Instagram account.
  • Week 2: In this second week, you will learn how to use Instagram to build your brand and discover new marketing strategies.
  • Week 3: This is a part of the course you don’t want to miss. Here, you will learn how to create a powerful Instagram community and easily attract potential customers to your business.

Module 2.

  • Week 4: The module begins by giving you tips for setting up your business’s Instagram profile, from creating an attractive bio to choosing the right photo.
  • Week 5: Throughout this week, Girls Building Empires focuses on branding and helping you create an identity that will make you stand out in your industry. You will learn why it is important to have a brand and how to do it yourself.
  • Week 6: Girls Building Empires will show you the valuable strategy of planning ahead. Planning your posts in advance can help you create a uniform online presence. If you don’t post regularly, people will forget about you.

Module 3.

  • Week 7: Module 3 begins by helping you impress your followers and attract organic traffic, focusing on optimizing your captions. The training covers basic SEO writing and the use of hashtags, so no prior experience is necessary.
  • Week 8: In week 8, Girls Building Empires focuses on your progress. It provides you with important feedback, and you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned about creating content in the previous weeks.

Module 4.

  • Week 9: How to post viral content on Instagram is crucial for any Instagram influencer. During this ninth week, you will learn and practice how to create viral posts the right way.
  • Week 10: This week, the Girls Building Empires team will teach you how to connect with your followers in a personal way and drive traffic to your store through Instagram stories.
  • Week 11: The Girls Building Empires team will teach you all about their strategies and show you real examples of what they did to get 2 million followers on Instagram. 
  • Week 12: Next, they will teach you how to turn your Instagram into a six-figure source of income.

Is Girls Building Empires an honest course?

I was skeptical at first when I stumbled across this course and watched the video. But after researching it through, I can confidently say that Girls Building Empires is one of the best courses on social media marketing out there. 

Ginte has a very friendly way of teaching, and makes it easy to understand even the most technical aspects through her step-by-step guides. I’m particularly impressed by her responsiveness to questions! 

Girls Building Empires provides a legit opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about social media marketing to get started with Instagram marketing.

Can you Build a 6-Figure Instagram Business?

The answer is yes. It’s estimated that there are over 700 million users around the globe, with Instagram alone earning over 4 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. 

With numbers like that, Instagram has now become one of the best platforms for influencers to promote their brands. 

The best part?

By following the simple steps laid out by Girls Building Empires, you can begin building your own Instagram empire.

The Bottom Line: Is Girls Building Empires the real deal?

There are so many different online income opportunities out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why Girls Building Empires is such a valuable resource, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to online business.

This course walks you through the exact steps to take in order to grow a massive following from scratch. In it, you will learn how to build an Instagram business, how to grow your social media presence and how to make a huge profit from it.

You’ll also get access to Girls Building Empires’ own resources, including their favorite tools, templates and best strategies. 

In short, Girls Building Empires is a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to succeed!

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