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Get to Know How Does Fuel Injection Works in Hero Bikes & Its Benefits

All two-wheeler and four-wheeler emissions in India were changed from BS4 to BS6 technology in April 2020. The change occurred largely out of control pollution issue that was facing the initial emission standards’ phases.

For those who may not be aware, the vast application of carburetor-based systems resulted in the cheapness of vehicles due to affordability. However, by the required switch to the BS6 emission limits, pollution has greatly been checked.

Including India’s largest and most popular company for producing motorcycles, Hero Motocorps with its new line of automobile models adapting BS6 emission standards technology. Even bike enthusiasts can buy online bikes, and they have everything from the EFI system with every model in the low pollution emitting fuel injection technology.

However, if you can not figure out what is the difference between the current fuel injection BS6 and BS4 carburetor system used previously on the bike- here we go with the details.

Learn to Identify a Difference between a Fuel Injection and a Carburetor Here

Air and fuel are of paramount importance in making an automobile’s engine work effectively internally. Also, it brings about combustion in the engine. This procedure is employed in the carburetor system, just like it is with fuel injection.

Then, do they have any distinctions between them?

On the other hand, the approach used for the transferring of the mix of air-fuel varies a bit. Mechanical parts in a carburetor system supply air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. However, fuel injection helps this mixture to enter into the combustion system through sensors and electronics.

Therefore, the use of fuel injection reduces the number of mechanical parts within cars thereby curbing emissions.

Advantages and disadvantages of carburettor framework

Key benefits

  • 1. The establishment and working of the carburetor is cheap and simple to fix/supplant.
  • 2. The mechanical pieces of the carburetor are comprised of lightweight material and are intended for durable use.
  • 3. Bikers riders can tune in the use of the carburetor physically, according to their prerequisites.
  • 4. The carburetor is coordinated independently from the motor and can without much of a stretch be taken out, overhauled, or fixed.


  • 1. The carburetor isn’t that eco-friendly when contrasted with fuel-infusion Legend bicycles.
  • 2. Cruisers outfitted with a carburetor offer sluggish reaction time and choke position.
  • 3. The carburetor is a different part that frequently faces mileage.
  • 4. It is simple for residue to go inside the carburetor framework bringing about a few blockages.
  • 5. Stomach parts of the framework are sensitive and inclined to visit harm.

Advantages and disadvantages of fuel-injection framework

Prior to knowing the upsides and downsides of a fuel-injection engine inside BS6 bicycles, understanding its functioning condition is better.

The fuel-injection framework is currently accessible in all Here Motocorp bicycles and even causes you to do Legend Splendor+ BS6 online-based booking. Since it is the brand name cruiser the brand has an effective thirty years of magnificence.

Presently, returning to the fuel-injection framework accessible in the most recent bikes. An electronic framework comprises a few parts and sensors. The fuel siphon is the significant component of the framework which is situated inside the gas tank. The fuel siphon keeps up with the progression of fuel to the ignition framework and drives proficient energy.

A specific burning framework situated inside Legend bicycles is known as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which resembles the cerebrum of bikes. Presently, this specific mind handles the working of choke position, motor temperature, motor speed, and burden, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • 1. It keeps up with the precise degree of air-fuel combination and atomization which is in an unbalanced state in the carburetor framework.
  • 2. Productive in ignition and emanation of substantially less toxins.
  • 3. Permits speedy choke reaction.
  • 4. Offers better and higher eco-friendliness.
  • 5. When contrasted with a carburetor, fuel infusion doesn’t need upkeep and is less inclined to harm.


  • 1. Costly when contrasted with carburetor, still totally present in the ongoing arrangement of vehicles.
  • 2. It requires complex instruments to calibrate the FI framework.
  • 3. On the off chance that the ECU separates, then the cruiser won’t begin except if the equivalent is fixed.
  • 4. It needs programmed and costly devices to confront the maintenance cycle.

Key Contrast Between fuel-injection and Curberator Framework

As of now, you probably figured out the distinction between fuel infusion and the carburetor framework. For additional comprehension, we have a couple of more separation focuses that are as per the following:

1. Bike’s Exhibition: The ECU of fuel injection is adequately proficient to do the perplexing estimations that offer an upscale level of the bicycle’s presentation. In examination with the equivalent, the carburetor battles to bring the most out of the framework with not-really wonderful gaseous tension and eco-friendliness.

2. Support: Carburetor can be fixed, supplanted, and changed effectively when contrasted with the trendy fuel-infusion framework. Notwithstanding, the carburetor has now turned into a relic of days gone by in the impending arrangement of vehicles.

3. Mileage: The FI arrangement of Legend Motocorp bicycles keeps a precise estimation of fuel and air. It brings about the most extreme execution of the bicycle and a better mileage factor.

Which one to prefer?

In the wake of doing a start-to-finish correlation between fuel infusion and the carburetor, the most recent one outperforms. Truth be told, FI outflow norms are currently the main thing accessible in Legend bicycles. It permits you to pick any model, even the main BS6 variation Legend Marvelousness BS6 online to satisfy your riding guidelines.

Likewise, get more data on online bike accessories, spare parts, bikes, and scooters at eShop Hero Motorcorp and remain informed about the most recent updates.

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