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Xcom Guide – Top Trending Games like Xcom – Answer Diary

Xcom series is impressive, and almost every player loves to play it. Read about some fantastic Games like the Xcom series that you must play.


sci-fi game. The game was initially known as X-COM. A prolonged list of games in series. The sci-fi series starts with a strategic game UFO: Enemy Unknown. There are four main games in the series, i.e., UFO: Enemy UnknownX-COM: Terror from the DeepX-COM: ApocalypseX-COM: Interceptor. The succession of this game comprises two novels also. Many games out there got influenced by this game. A reboot series has also been published. This game has an era of gaming with popularity in hand.

First Release: UFO: Enemy Unknown – March 1, 1994

Latest Release: XCOM: Chimera Squad – April 24, 2020

Platform(s): MS-DOS, Amiga, Amiga CD32, PlayStation, Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Below is list of some crazy Games like Xcom.

What are 20 Games like Xcom?

Xcom is a pioneer in science fiction games. Many upcoming games and successors of these games have this gameplay plotted. Xcom and its trend have taken players into its influence for many years. Now it’s time to enjoy similar gameplay of sister games. 

Have a look at this list and grasp some games.

● Endless Legend: If you have been a fan of “Endless space” and “Dungeon of the endless,” this one will also make a place in your favorites list. A 4X shift-based fantasy and strategy gameplay. By originating your legacy, save your world Auriga.

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Features: SIngle-player, Online PvP, 

● Sid Meier’s Civilization: Set-up a new civilization. Be a leader of your culture: characters, maps, scenarios, game interfaces, and many more to involve you in this game. Diplomacy, leadership, and discoveries will be a challenge.

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War: A gameplay over a world which has lost its peace. The world is at war now. Terror, battlery, dominance, and fight for resources. To all action lovers out there, here is what you were looking for. Warhammer have precious relics and resources that rivals tend to steal. Protect your asset. 

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

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● Age of Wonders: Planetfall: The developers of “Age of Empires” have come up with all the series’s tactics in this game also. A turn-based strategy game to evolve the predecessor’s world into sci-fi. There are six factions from one adopted to build your empire. 

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● BATTLETECH: The award-winning “Shadow Returns” series has come up with this plotted turn-based combat. You have command over your mercenary outfit. The struggle while sustenance in war. Repair and maintenance of your mellowing battlemechs. The execution of this combat will help you defeat your enemies.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● The Last Spell: War has been a part whenever there is a conflict. Build your heroic squad! Vicious monsters are here; maintain your defense. There is everything that will push you to death—magical bombs with purple mist that will harm you worse than ever. Get your squad for instant actions and make this world survive.

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy

● Xenonauts-2: Your world is under invasion by aliens. Your strategic management will meet the intense turn-based gameplay. You have to control many military operations, establish your base, do some research and keep up your morale high. Are you ready to survive an alien invasion?

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early access

Mode: Single-player

● Phantom Brigade: A real-time, tactical RPG and hybrid turn-based game. The game’s story is lead by players. A campaign has to be lead by you to make your world war-free. Capture enemies’ gadgets to utilize for making batteries on an equal level. 

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Key Features: Tactical combat, customization, and a Destructible environment are enough to make you craving for playing.

● Mech Armada: Grip the territory, utilize your skills and let your intelligence win against ever-changing gameplay. The ground-breaking replicators will generate automatically during the battle, and thus, you will get control over swarms. Get your resources on hand, and boom over swarms!

Genre: Indie, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Book of Aliens: Aliens would not be fed up with invasion on Earth. It is a global crisis. Weapons would not be enough. You have to squad up with supernatural activities. The military and scientist alliance will be in favor of your success.

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Key Features: Captivating graphics, High playability, Unique mechanics, and highly enjoyable.

● Shadow Empire: RPG-features, military focussed, and a 4X wargame. Your nation is not much but you, yes you are their trustworthy leader. The under-ruled planet has been wrecked. You have to revolutionize this kingdom. Take hold of your position and start military operations. Develop your economy and do whatever is needed to rebuild your territory. 

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Gloomhaven: An applauded board-game with tactical-RPG and dungeon crawling. You will only survive if you are daring and smart enough. With your braveness, you will pass through a haunting forest, creepy dungeons, and gloomy caves. Strive for reward or choose death.

Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Early Access

Mode: Single-player

● Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: A Cylon war is about to take place. You have to take command of the Colonial Fleet. Take the lead of inter-galactic ships. Your every action will affect the survival of humanity. A 3D tactical will be challenging as you are going to have authority in your hand.

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Terraforming Mars: The tenantable are planning to make Mars a habitat. They tend to take Mars towards innovative resources and technological homeland. Use your strategies to save Mars from the devastation of technology. Use natural resources instead.

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Ticket to Ride: A classic board-game with a Railway adventure. Make your friends and family join you in this venture. Make your cities connected. Reach your destination as soon as possible. As if the train left the station, you would regret being slow.

Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Risk: Global Domination: Being dominion is so cool. Everyone wants to take hold globally. Play this exciting gameplay now online. 

Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Strategy

Features: Multiple game modes, classic mode is for free, up to 6 players AIs and many maps and scenarios to test your skills. 

● Panzer Corps 2: Want to enjoy World war II actions controlled by you? The game has time-proven gameplay, which players love. The game itself is advanced gameplay with the latest standards of techniques and strategies.

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Total War: EMPIRE: You will spend hours and hours playing this game with its intriguing gameplay. Your lead would not consist only of land; war will take you into the seas also. Build a nation that follows your command and conquer this globe.

Genre: Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Battle Brothers: An RPG tactical turn-based game. Lead a mercenary that is in a dusty, low-powered, and medieval fantasy world. Choose whoever to fight and hire. Train your squad to give opponents a tough time.

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● Alliance of the Sacred Suns: A 4X RPG and detailed strategy. You are the newly inducted ruler of your empire. Save your people from outside danger. Do not let other grand houses steal the remaining scraps of resources.

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

Can we Play Xcom 2 on PS4?

All collections of Xcom 2 are now available on PS4. Now you can enjoy playing Xcom 2 on PS4 also. After the release of Xcom 2, it was demanded to make it available for many platforms. So PS4 users can avail themselves of this game. Buy Xcom 2 by 2K for PS4 AT Gamestop. 

What is Xcom 2 Hacking? 

Games are more happening when some hidden features come into your hold. The hacking of Xcom 2 will reveal such features that you usually miss while playing the game. More alien facilities on the map and some extra resources will make you hung in the game. 

The Hack ability (with Remote Hacking) will allow an Xcom expert to not only unleash many missions but workplaces, chests, and many more.

Can we Play Xcom 2 on Xbox One?

Yes, all the content of Xcom 2 is available on Xbox One. Similar gameplay, mods, and downloadable content are general on Xbox One. 

Which game is Better? Xcom Chimera Squad vs. Gears Tactics?

● The direct sequel to Xcom 2 is Chimera Squad. At the same time, Gears’ tactics are a kind of prologue.

● Xcom: Chimera Squad is user-friendly and has easy access to features.

● Gears Tactics sets already before the events of first Gear starts.

● Chimera Squad has been loved for its affordability and focussed combat. At the same time, Gear Tactics has innovative action and AAA graphics.

What is Xcom 2 Alternative Mod Launcher?

The Alternative Mod Launcher (AML) is a substitute for the default Game Launcher. This launcher works as an alternative game launcher for Xcom 2 and XCOM Chimera Squad. By manually setting this launcher, you will get much of your issues resolved.

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Which Game is Better? Xcom vs. Battle Brothers?

There are mixed thoughts about these two games. Xcom is quite outdated but can not deny its solid combat. At the same time, Battle Brothers have more engaging gameplay. 

Battle Brothers do not have to do anything with Xcome instead of the fact that it is turn-based too.

Some players think that Xcom is boring. This is because when you have something better, you find an earlier one pierced. Battle Brothers have been found interesting with their variety in characters.

Which is the Best Youtube Video to Learn Xcom 2 Gameplay?

Learning the gameplay of Xcom 2 before playing it will be the only key to unlock your success in the game. Here is a visual for you that will help you in understanding this gameplay:

Which Game is Better Xcom vs. Xcom 2?

There is nothing to deny the fact that the successor is far better than Xcom. If you are stuck between which one to choose based on smooth gameplay, the Xcom 2 should be your pick. The later one has finer combat. It plays smoothly—more enhanced maps. 

But if you are just starting, then you got to play Xcom first. Before diving into the river, you should practice in the pool. So Xcom will introduce you to the main story of the game. You will learn how to handle combat.

But overall, Xcom 2 is a must-try.

What is Xcom 2 Stuck on Alien Activity?

There is a Bug that comes up during Alien activity. Aliens cause this bug to freeze their actions. Your game will be hung for a while there. This will happen every time you reach an Alien activity. At this time, Aliens would not move or attack. Unfortunately, reloading Save many times would not fix this problem. The game will be unplayable, sadly.

Which Game is Better? Xcom 2 vs. Xcom 2 War of the Chosen?

The War of the Chosen is a descendant of Xcom 2. So you can expect vastness and better combat. An expansion to Xcom 2 is in renovated form. The three new features have been added to the latest version: 

● Playable Soldiers

● The Reapers

● The skirmishers and the Templars

No doubt, Xcom has provided players a tough time with combat. But the advanced version has also made up to the mark. More enemies mean more recruitment is needed. To be honest, more intense gameplay attracts players. 

Also, play the vanilla one-Xcom two first as it will help you in understanding gameplay. War of the chosen takes out all the complexities of vanilla Xcom 2. 

Which Game is Better? Xcom vs. Invisible INC?

Both games are turn-based tactics. Some exciting features have been added to the new series of Xcom. But INC is quite similar to Xcom. You can see the influence of Xcom while playing INC. You can play INC to satisfy the craving of Xcom. 

INC has so many predictable actions like there is no such excitement. You will shoot correctly every time, and this is not how things should happen in turn-based games. 

Xcom is my favorite game of all time. It is more detailed and gives a better experience than Inc. On the other hand, INC is quite a better-designed game. 

Which Game is Better? Xcom vs. Warhammer?

Warhammer seems to be winning this argument as Warhammer has too smart moves and active gameplay. The strong armor and weapons will make you an enthusiast in gaming Warhammer. 

Xcom is not that bad as it has an era of countless fame. The space marines of Xcom make it winning by some lucky shots off.

The Space Marines is 7/10. Without the right gear, Marine’s style of fight is becoming out of range. Xcom Space Marines are reasonable, but some exotics will let Marines kill. 

What are 5 Games like Xcom for Android?

The Xcom enchanted ness is not over. I do know that it is the combat that puts players into its charm. We, gamers, would not settle for less, I think. So piled up a list for Android users also to feel what a powerpack combat looks like.

Check some of these games like Xcom for Android:

● Xenowar

● Frozen Synapse

● The Banner Saga

● Alien Star Menace

● Templar Battleforce

Which Game is Better? Xcom Enemy Unknown vs. Xcom 2?

Ugh, do not ask me that. I have to answer it anyhow. 

Both games are quite alike, but Xcom 2 is better. Xcom 2 has a new range of enemies and different playstyles. The polished and smooth going gameplay was needed in Xcom, but it is now fulfilled in Xcom 2.

The cleaner sightlines are also a glitter added to Xcom 2. On the contrary, Xcom Enemy unknown mostly has night maps that just feel boring with long going missions.

The Xcom Enemy Unknown focuses on survival and threatening your enemies, whereas Xcom 2 has quick alien killing combat. 

What is the Best Base Location in Xcom? 

There are a couple of Base Locations best for the base. 

● Africa is best to start from because of extra funding.

● North America is best for cash upfronts.

● Nigeria has got the very first satellite for you.

● Egypt and SouthAfrica for the plate in-game.

What is Xcom Enemy Within Best Base Location?

For newcomers, Africa is the best pick. It is easy to grab for the first play, and its bonuses will help later in the game. 


Xcom is considered the most played and among the games having the best combat. The sequels have taken the game up to the rank. This article has covered many questions asked about Xcom. Stick to our website to have answers about gaming. Hope you love reading “Games like Xcom”

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