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Stardew Valley Guide – Games Like Stardew Valley – Answer Diary

Stardew Valley is a farm-building game already become most popular among players, read some more games like Stardew Valley you must try.


Stardew Valley is an award-winning game played by millions of players every month. It was also nominated for many other awards in 2016. They also update it with time by adding some new changes to keep players connected without feeling boring.

Unlike other farm games, it is really interesting and complicated with many different tasks to do. You need to build a farm, connect with neighbors, even marry and explore the town from start to end.

What are the Top 10 Games Like Stardew Valley?

Stardew is on the go list of those who look for the central theme of farming and continuity. Participants are directed to fields inherited from their forefathers, and the goal is to convert messy fields into lively farms. Based on the busywork theme, if you’re seeking an alternative, the following should be on your hit list.


1- Moonlighter: A game of its kind, Moonlighter, grabs player’s unlimited interest. Where day shopkeeper remains busy with dealing customers, restocking shelves, and manages the store, is a nighttime warrior.

2- My Time at Portia: The Player strives to be part of the community and harvesting side by side. People request to be part of your circle, but it is you who choose who would be your team

3- Voodoo Garden: A sweet hustle-free version of Stardew Valley is Voodoo Garden. It’s your garden, and you decide what to plant and what not to, depending upon the kind of voodoo potion you want to make. Ranging from flowers and mushrooms, you can grow chickens and rabbits. You can grow it all.

4- World’s Dawn: You play to reigniting a sad village. Try befriending villagers and marry there. You can’t change the farm, but you sell fish, crops, and other stuff.

5- Slime Rancher: Unlike crops, you collect craps here. Craps are named as plorts which are exchanged at plort market. You cannot keep plants of different species together as some might eat others, and few may develop cute crap out of two.

6- Farm Together: Harvesting crops and making money at a larger scale is the theme of Farm Together. You harvest at the industrial level, and hence you can hire hands for helping as well. The livestock and crop ranges are amazing.

7- Dream Farm – Harvest Moon: If you are interested in building a town rather than just a farm, then a dream farm is your right choice. If you want to be adventurous, step outside the town and be part of it.

8- Harvest Master: The storyline makes you work more enthusiastically. You can choose to be male or female, which will impact the storyline. You need to earn more to pay the debt of your late uncle.

9- Rune Factory 4: An exciting game to maintain your town to attract tourists, but that’s not enough; you need to save town folks from beasts and evils in nearby dungeons. The game has an attractive feature of in-game marriage.

10- Animal Crossing: New Horizon: Altering the whole infrastructure of the town and setting rules for town members to follow is your authorship. You manage your whole town.

Can We Play Stardew Valley on PS4?

Of course, Stardew valley allows multi-players on PlayStation to ask a carpenter to build new cabins to welcome new players in existing farms. It was introduced in PS in December 2016. introduced some new updates for PS4, like secret notes for solving puzzles, night market festival for players, changing player’s profession, and hat that can be kept on the head of player’s horse.

Is There Any Similar Game on Xbox

Xbox being the distinctive gaming console, brings some variety in similarity. In a simple word, there are some similar games like Stardew Valley on Xbox. Among these games top three are:

1- Slime Rancher: In this game, harvesting crops are replaced by collecting craps (officially Plort) and exchanging them in an exchange market known as ‘Plort Market.’

2- Moonlighter: Moonlighter definitely is of its kind, but it’s similar to Stardew as the shopkeeper has to work all day busy. But at night, he is a warrior, which intrigues the player and twists the mood.

3- Farm Together: Unlike Stardew, in Farm Together, farmers harvest and grow on a large scale. People can hire helping hands as well as other generous players can also be handy.

How to Become Better at Stardew Combat?

Can escalate the Combat skills by killing monsters through any techniques that the sword, bombs, slingshots, etc. Increasing experience is based upon the difficulty of the monster. For increasing combat skills faster, we can fight in mines with the best sword.

In the Skull cavern, harder monsters will appear that will help to increase combat experience. Each time your combat skills increase, the health of your character is also increased by +5. It is also necessary to bring healing items in combat. Cooked food and Cauliflowers provide better healing. Some monsters, when killed, also drop useful items like spirits, which supply coals.

What is Stardew Valley Sale Price?

In 2016, Stardew Valley was the least expensive game. At present, Stardew is selling at $14.99 on Xbox and Steam. On switch, a player pays 17.84 Canadian Dollars to buy Stardew Valley. Unlike expected, Stardew succeeded in catching thousands of players’ attention within two weeks of its release. It is estimated that the single owner of Stardew Valley has earned at least $35 million.

How Deep Does Mine Go in Stardew valley?

Levels or floors of Stardew valley are 120 in number. These are divided into three sections, and each section consists of 40 floors. Every section has its specific theme as the layers of earth. The first section has an earthly theme; hence it is brown. The second division has an icy theme, so colored blue, and the third one is yellow because of the lava theme.

But the last ten floors of every division (31-39, 71-79, and 110-119) are exceptions as they have other themes as shadow theme, castle theme, and darker crimson theme, respectively. Every respective floor has a similar theme, such as 1, 41, and 81, and 2, 42, 82 are similar in theme.


Are Cows Worthy in Stardew Valley?

Animals are, in general, worthy in Stardew Valley except when it rains or it is winter. Cows are a great way to increase income by making cheese and selling it every two days.

They may reproduce on-farm and save you the cost of buying again. Cows and goats are a one-time investment, but they pay out much more when treated rightly. Cows make twice the money as goats.

How Long Do You Play the Stardew Valley?

Each season of Stardew valley is 28 in-game days long. It is expected that 19 hours of gameplay equals one in-game season. A full day of Stardew Valley is about 13.5 minutes long in real-world completing everything in the game demands almost 80 to 100 hours. Players spend on average 4 to 6 hours playing Stardew Valley, and a lot of them say they don’t want to stop, but they have to.

Where to Find Stardew Valley Background Images?

In Stardew Valley, you will receive a pale house with a rustic interior. So the first thing you might do is be an interior decorator. You can buy wallpapers from joja mart and Pierre’s General Store. You will pay 100g on Pierre’s General store and 250g on Joja mart. Do not hurry to buy from joja mart at a high price; wait for a day, and the same thing will appear on Pierre’s store at a lesser price.

Another option you can utilize is picking up a catalog at Pierre’s Store worth 30,000g. It looks more expensive, but it will grant you access to unlimited designs at once.

Which is Better? Stardew Valley vs. Harvest Moon

Players say Harvest Moon has technical harvesting and task completion, and Stardew valley allows them to crop and harvest faster. Another factor is graphics and color combination.

Players report that they can change the mod of Stardew Valley if they want to. Another plus point of Stardew Valley is that it is not a ‘console only’ game. It welcomes a variety of users across the world. Therefore, it is suggested by users to go for Stardew Valley.

How to Fix Stardew Valley Launch Error?

  can fix Stardew Valley launch error by checking the following three ways:

  • It may not launch if speakers or headphones are not connected to it. Check these and try again.
  • The Microsoft XNA framework supports Stardew Valley. If your system lacks the XNA framework, you will encounter an error message repeatedly until you resolve it.
  • Startup preferences affect the game launch as well. To resolve the error in a launch, you can run the game as an administrator, delete startup preferences, or remove the launch option.
  • You can also try closing all background apps and re-install the game.

What is the Point of Cooking in Stardew Valley?

You probably will not get applause by cooking all 74 dishes in Stardew Valley. Cooking food is most effective for building relationships with other town members but if you are considering making money, then definitely cooking is not the way.

It seems that sole ingredients pay-off more than processed ingredients. It is essential to get energy, but you don’t need to cook fancy food for that. Therefore, it is advisable to sell raw ingredients than processed ones.


What are Stardew Valley Similar Games on Steam?

Steam is offering its users other similar games like Stardew Valley at a lower price. Among these games are:

  • My time at Portia
  • Littlewood
  • Story of Seasons: friends of mineral town
  • No place like home
  • Farmers Dynasty
  • Farm Together
  • Gardenpaws
  • Staxel

All of these games, except Staxel, are cheaper than Stardew Valley.

Is Stardew Valley Difficult?

Stardew Valley is a player-friendly game which gives it users to be a regular busy farmer in-game. It’s a casual game, and even non-gamers can go for it too. Background music doesn’t intensify the moment it is relaxing.

There are almost null chances of mistakes, and if someone makes a mistake, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. Few may find fishing challenging, but the only thing to consider is to take some rest as the farmer will pass-out, and he will wake up with low energy the next day.

Is Stardew Best Farm-Story Game?

Enormous games with farm-story as a major theme are in the market before and after the Stardew Valley. From the day of its release, Stardew is ranking top in farm-story games. It is expected that it will remain the first choice of gamers with farm interest. New updates polish and add new features, keeping the gamers connected and happy.

The farmer’s major goals to sow and harvest the crops and perform other farming behavior are directed to get the blessings of a grandfather who has passed out. When the farmer scores best, then the spirit of grandfather appears and appreciates the farmer. The game doesn’t end here, but this is the main purpose.

Can You Use Stardew Modes to Change Graphics?

Changing graphics in Stardew Valley needs programming. Content Patcher is an easy go-to way for changing graphics. Sometimes swapping mods may help change graphics, depends on what do you are exactly looking for.

You will need to change to the SMAPI mod, which also needs little programming. You can change the game’s resolution in the menu while starting the game and even in between a game in window mode.

Is Stardew Valley Good Game for Everyone?

If someone asks about Stardew Valley to recommend to anyone, you can suggest it to anyone. It is player-friendly, doesn’t need much gaming knowledge, and grabs the concept and techniques when you start playing it. Children under age 7 cannot go for any screen gaming, but elders with little or no knowledge can choose to kill time, anxiety, and fun. It is the best choice.

What are Stardew Farms Types?

In the recent version of Stardew Valley, they added few more farm layouts. These layouts intrigued more users to play the game as well as connected previous users as well.

  • Hill Top Farm: one river passes the farmland and allows somewhat little space for farmers to cultivate crops.
  • Wilderness Farm: Large pond allows spawning fishes, and at night, monsters will spawn the farm, which will help increase the score of the adventures guild.
  • Forest Farm: Plantation area is generously given along with pond fish. Foraging items can be found largely while clearing the field.
  • Riverland farm: A versatile map for people who like fishing. But running over the bridges to go to other parts of the farm will be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Standard farm: This one is Stardew Valley default farm, but you can choose one of your own choices. It may be a good option to start, but most players may not like it.
  • Four corner Farm: As per the name, it has four fields joined by different pathways. This field was added in the 1.4 version and is considered ideal for multi-players because each player will have their area to look after.

How You Die in Stardew Valley?

One of the distinctive features of Stardew Valley is that farmer does not die. The only thing that happens is that farmer passes out due to lack of energy or sleep. When a farmer does not sleep at 02:00 am, he automatically passes out and wakes up with little energy at 06:00 am (45sec out-game time).

If he is away from a farmer, then something worst may happen, like losing money or something important as fine. If a farmer passes out on-farm or at the door of the farm, then it is safe. One of the patch notes says that there is no end, which means farmers do not die.


Will there be Stardew Valley 2?

Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, said that ‘there isn’t currently Stardew Valley 2’. He further said that he love Stardew valley as a game and as a universe, but he does not think 1.5 will be the end of this game. He added more that he would not be surprised if there are more updates of Stardew Valley or Stardew Valley 2.

This means that players can expect a second Stardew Valley. Still, Barone said that he is working on other solo projects, so he is not sure of Stardew Valley 2. He may keep updating it and might not.

What is the Point of Stardew Valley?

The major theme around which most people play Stardew Valley is that your grandfather has inherited a farm, and you have to harvest the crops for two years to receive the blessings of your grandfather.

The whole game is in your hand; there is no predefined set of rules about how to play except the amount of reward you receive for your working and accurate decisions. This game gives the player a free hand in playing, and it never ends, and players never lose a game. It is an open-ended game about the farmer community.

How Many Years are in Stardew Valley?

For playing Stardew Valley, there is no limit of years. It has been five years of its launch. Stardew valley does not end like other games abruptly or make you lose all progress. The average in-game day is about 13 minutes, and there is a total of 28 days in a season. The whole year in-game consists of four seasons, and it takes two to three years to receive the blessings of grandfather.

But the game does not end here; it continues until a player is willing to play the game.

What Items are Worth the Most in Stardew Valley?

If you are focusing on making money, here are some items that are worthy in Stardew Valley,

  • Goat cheese. It is the best way to make money in Stardew Valley. Goat cheese is a slightly better opinion as it helps to increase money.
  • Cloths. It is harder to unlock but worthwhile.
  • Ancient food preserve
  • Caviar
  • Fairy rose honey
  • Dino Mayo
  • Rabbits Foot
  • Blobfish is the easiest way to make more money.

What are Important Stardew Valley Tips?

There is no hard and fast rule to play the game, but definitely, there are some tips to score higher in less time. Some of the tips that will help you are:

  • Activate “always show tool hit location.”
  • Invest as much as possible in crops
  • Save for the green-house
  • Buy from Perrie’s General Store
  • Plant seeds in 3×3 square as it will give you giant crop to harvest
  • Chop down trees as resources.
  • Watch TV before bed and surf three channels as weather, surviving tips, and cooking.
  • To unlock the full potential, take part in the community center.
  • You don’t need to worry about animals.
  • Sleep before 02:00 am


This guide answers the most commonly asked questions by thousands of players, also solving some problems related to Stardew valley Game. We suggest you share this article with others who love to play this game, also bookmark it to read later. A list of Similar games to Stardew Valley is also added, which you must read if looking for alternative games.

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