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Slay the Spire Guide – Games like Slay the Spire – Answer Diary

Games like Slay the Spire have always become very popular because of their type; you can find many answers to different questions here.


roguelike video game. The official release of Slay the Spire was made in January 2019 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. But later, it was available for other platforms also in 2019 and 2020. 

Slay the Spire is an attempt to conquer a spire. This spire has multiple floors created by Procedural generation. A battling interface. Fight against enemies and bosses. Active combat is collectable card game-based. The players need to make strategies to build a deck so that it could be easily climbed.

Slay the Spire was critically acclaimed and well-received. 

Genre(s): Roguelike, Deck-building

Mode(s): Single-player

Engine: libGDX

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

What are 20 Games like Slay the Spire?

The exciting building and happening combat of Slay the Spire has put gamers addicted to it. The demand for similar games is liable. Here is a list of games to enjoy gameplay alike.

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● Planetbase: An outpost to be established on a remote planet. Guide this batch of space settlers. You need to produce edibles, mine resources, accumulate energy, and manufacture bots to build an utterly independent colony.

Genre: Simulator, Strategy, Indie

Platforms: Mac, PC(Microsoft Windows), Xbox One

● Villagers: A detailed town-building game. Villagers, a beautifully embellished game. Illustrated in detail. You are challenged by building a prosperous community. If your town flourishes, then it will be a victory; otherwise, you will lose.

Genre(s): Strategy, Simulator, Indie

Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)

● Dead Age: A turn-based combat with Zombie apocalypse. An indie Survival-RPG will help you to defend against undead hordes. Organize your survivors. Trade with your materials. Make firm decisions for your survival. Most popular game in our list of Games like Slay the Spire.

Genre(s): India, Strategy, Simulator, Role-playing(RPG), Adventure

Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One

● Reverse Crawl: Be a dungeon to lead your minions. Tactical turn-based combat to face annoying heroes. Unlatch your evil powers along with a branching storyline. A whole new RPG experience is offered in this game.

Genre(s): Turn-based strategy (TBS), Strategy, Role-playing (RPG), Indie

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Mac, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows)

● Weapon Shop Fantasy: An RPG shop. A fantasy world of weapons. Occupy weapons. Train your squad and put your rivals to defeat. Action, weapons, and shop. What else a fantasy action world could be.

Genre(s): Simulator, Indie, Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

● Eador: Imperium: A game with turn-based tactics and RPG elements. A new addition to the Eador series. The game overhauls in excellent detailed strategic gameplay. Engage your heroes to build a powerful army.

Genre(s): Strategy, Indie, Role-playing (RPG)

Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)

● Colony Survival: A two-person team developed this voxel RTS. You need to build a colony in a voxel world. This voxel world will allow you to get command over colonists. Monsters are here to strike upon your colony (midnight is their feast time). Intrust your farmers, miners, guards, and other colonists to make their existence possible.

Genre(s): Indie, Simulator, Strategy, Adventure

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Linux

● Supreme Ruler Ultimate: A flashback to the crisis of recent history. A war game with real-time strategy. Endorse yourself into the gameplay of World War II, the cold war, and the future. Be a dominant Ruler! Lead your nation to stand out in campaigns of the era you choose. 

Genre(s): Strategy, Simulator, Indie

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac

● TransOcean: The Shipping Company: TransOcean is a shipping company. This company is a key to unlock your way to transport global empires. Be hasty to build the latest merchant ships and defeat vigorous seas.

Genre(s): Strategy, Simulator

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac

● Anno 1800: Make up your fortune by making the right choices. An industrial world is here to receive you with open arms. It is up to you whether to make this world remember your name or accept disregard. Be a renovator or liberator to exist in the dawn of this industrial world. Anno 1800 maintains the gameplay plotted in the 19th century. 

Genre(s): Strategy, Simulator

Platform:  PC (Microsoft World)

● Banners of Ruin: A turn-based combat. Tie-up, your squad with six-party characters. Organize your squad. Construct a deck and attain the war. Each character will unlock specific abilities that will help make your deck powerful.

Genre(s): Strategy, Early Access, RPG, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● HADEAN Tactics: A deckbuilding roguelike game. Experience unique strategy gameplay with auto battler elements. The actions of your units can be enhanced by using cards. If we talk about rivals, assist your hero in defeating six wings of hell.

Genre(s): Early Access, Strategy, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● Deck of Ashes: Get ready for an adventure and tactical card combat. A fantasy world is in a curse. While exploring this cursed world, hunt down powerful cards. Defeat your foes and make this world free of the curse.

Genre(s): RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● Monster Slayers: A deck-building RPG Adventure and rogue-like gameplay. To be a legit monster slayer, you need to battle. Choose your path wisely through perilous Northern Valley. 

Genre(s): Indie, Action

Mode: Single-player

● Iris and the Giant: A multiple genre game. Experience CCG, RPG, and roguelike genres in this gameplay. This game will grab your attention by its engrossing action, cute monsters, and, yeah, the brave main character. You will play as Iris in a game that is consistent in her bravery and fearless for demons.

Genre(s): RPG, Strategy, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● Dicey Dungeons: A fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike gameplay. Giant dice are waiting to have a battle in an ever-changing dungeon. Being a dice, fight monsters. Find yourself a better loot. Plan your strategies carefully against unknown dice rolls.

Genre(s): Strategy, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● Trials of Fire: A Tactical, Roguelite and Deck-Building gameplay. Buck up your adventure in a post-cataclysmic wasteland. Customize your decks. Make up a potent party. Take on challenges. Engage in card-play, tactical and positional combat. 

Genre(s): Early Access, RPG, Indie, Strategy

Mode: Single-player

● RATROPOLIS: A genre-packed gameplay. A real-time strategy game filled with addicting action. City-building, deck-building, fast-paced, and roguelike are stuffed in this game. Build your deck. Defend your city. Let the existence of the largest Ratropolis possible.

Genre(s): Strategy, Simulation, Indie, Casual

Mode: Single-player

● Gordian Quest: A classic RPG inspired by an old-school prototype. But developers have maintained modern gaming-concepts. Deckbuilding and turn-based strategic combat will help to discover new skills. Lead your pack of heroes to make your land curse-free.

Genre(s): Early Access, RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Indie

Mode: Single-player

● Urtuk: The Desolation: An open-world, tactical and turn-based RPG. This one is not fully fantasized but has a low-fantasy setting. The world has been ruined. You need to guide your crew to survive in this ruined and grim world.

Genre(s): Strategy, RPG, Indie

Mode: Single-player

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Can we Play Slay the Spire on Mobile?

Yes. Slay the Spire has made its way to mobile. Your very own favorite game has been made available for mobiles. The Fusion of card game and roguelike combat is now available to be played on mobiles. Grab this mega-hit through the play store.

What is Popular Slay the Spire Characters?

There are mainly FOUR characters to be played in Slay the Spire. 

● The Silent 

● The Defect

● The Watcher

● The Ironclad

Each of these characters has its style and characteristics. A deck of basic cards and an innate starting relic are customized along with these characters.

But if I go biased in my comments, then The Defect is favorable as well as popular. Its lined-up powers and fundamental evocations are plus points to attack upon rivals. 

What are Few Slay the Spire Tips?

To play Slay the Spire at the expert level, you need to have some tips on hand. You do not want your game to be disturbed due to the blackness of guidance. Here are some tips and tricks that will enhance the excitement in your game.

● Being a beginner in Slay the Spire, there would not be a win-win situation. The combat is so rich that it will hardly allow you to win easily.

● Patience and practice are the keys to go through.

● Read about your character.

● To access risks, learn about them.

● Comprehend the map.

● Learn how to use cards correctly.

● Take up the right card.

● Behold when to defend.

● Know about your enemies.

● Understand the map thoroughly and make a plan to proceed.

● Use power cards early.

● Play as many cards as you can in the early run.

● Use Fast Mode.

● Keep away from elites.

● DO NOT use limited and standard cards.

Wishing you luck with these tips!

What are Some Available Amazing Slay the Spire Strategy Guides? 

Slow and steady will slay the spire. Combine effects, plan your path and play to your construct.

With all the possible tricks, you will have a better idea if you read a good strategy guide. There are many Available Amazing Slay the Spire Strategy Guides that will lead to success in this gameplay. This YouTube channel also create other videos for Games like Slay the Spire and more.

Click on this link to have a visual strategy guide:

For a comprehensible guide, click on this link:

What is Slay the Spire’s 4th Character?

The Watcher is the 4th character of Slay the Spire. Mega Crit Games’ deck builder is home for her. Her damage-dealing power is exceptional. It is fascinating how she twists the way she plays in. 

How to Unlock The Watcher:

The Watcher is available at Beta Branch. If your Defeat is unlocked, only then can you get this character.

What is Slay the Spire Card Tier List?

Cards are the main features to be adopted during the battle in Slay the Spire. The gameplay of Slay the Spire is optimized by these mentioned below Tier cards. Have a look:

Silent Cards

● Defect Cards

● Watcher Cards

● Ironclad Cards

● Colorless Cards

● Curse

● Status

Is Slay the Spire Available on Android?

Yes. Slay the Spire is now available for Android users. You can download your Slay the Spire App from Google Play.

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What are Few best Slay the Spire Mods?

Mods add excitement into a bizarre game. Luckily, Slay the Spire is loaded with amused mods. These handfuls of mods will enhance the experience of Slay the Spire. 

I have sorted out the top mods of Slay the Spire. You need to check these out lately:

● Minty Spire

● Replay the Spire

● Hubris

● SuperFastMod

● Robot Space Explorer


● Slay the Spire Mod Where Everything Is The Same But Ironclad Has A Cowboy Hat

● Downfall Complete Action

● Highlight Paths

● Googly Eyes

What is Slay the Spire Silent Guide? 

If you have played Ironclad, you must be curious to find out what Slay the Spire – Silent has got. The guide includes all the strategies applicable in this mod. Players have loved its Deck style, primary archetypes, and power controls.

Probably I can not cover the detailed guide here, but I am not leaving you incomplete. Click on this link to grab your guide:

How to Fix Slay the Spire not Launching an Error?

There could be any technical or troubleshooting issues. Try to log out of your windows. Login again. Delete the saved data of your game and restart. If the problem is not solved yet, then try one of these:

● Upgrade audio/video drivers

● System Locale Error

● Confirm the integrity of game files

● Windows Account Username Error

● SlayTheSpireTroubleshoot

● SlayTheSpireTroubleshoot. Bat Launches The Game, and It will Work

On Which Platforms we Can Play Slay the Spire?

The game was first introduced in early access for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. But later, it was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. You can also play most Games like Slay the Spire on these platforms too.

What is Slay the Spire Silent Builds?

The combination of cards can boost your gameplay in Slay the Spire Silent. The builds of Wraith form and Exhaust cards can put your game to mastery. 

Here are some other builds that can be adopted to enhance your experience.

● Piercing Wall works as a superpower against the true final boss.

● Shivs can also be helpful but do not use too many cards.

● Poisons, especially  Noxious Fumes, are helpful in defense-oriented decks.

● Burst or Nightmare into Wraith form can help in survivability.

● Caltrops in combination with any defense system also work. 

Make combinations as you find anything that works for you.

How to Beat Slay the Spire?

The most gripping thing about Slay the Spire is how it allows it to reach its end. It does not matter whether you have beat the bosses or not. Here are some tips that may help you out to beat Slay the Spire early.

Limit your deck size. Do not use bad cards. Do not dig for every card that comes across your way. Take part in favorable fights. 

But remember, Game Seed determines every event that comes in the run. You can find it at the top-right of the screen.

How Many Floors are Part of Slay the Spire?

Slay the Spire has three floors/levels. Each level has specific paths to be completed. You can take whatever path. Each of the trials will end up with a boss fight. You have to face this Boss fight to move to the next level. In this route, you have to negotiate with enemies and random face-offs. 

You can ascend through floors by following acts:

The Guardian The Guardian   

Hexaghost Hexaghost

Slime Boss Slime Boss

What is Slay the Spire Save Location?

To save your current progress, Go to:

\Steam\Steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\saves folder

To save file location, Go to:


Which Game is Better? Slay the Spire vs. Screeps?

In terms of gameplay and combat, both games are contrasting. Slay the Spire has slayed gamers with the deep indulgence of combat; Screeps is fun to play. 

Screep is an open-source MMO RTS game, whereas Slay the Spire is a roguelike video game.

Screep takes one point as it is a Massively-multiplayer online game. These types of games are exciting for playing as there are other members involved.

Screep has been introduced for programming enthusiasts, whereas Slay the Spire covers more audiences.

With availability on many platforms, Slay the Spire has won this argument. 

Which Game is Better? Slay the Spire vs. Crawl?

The main difference coming forward is the change of genre. Slay the Spire is a roguelike video game, whereas Crawl is a brawler Indie game as genres are different, so we can not classify these power packs according to the genre. You can also consider Crawl as one of the best Games like Slay the Spire ever created.

Moreover, Crawl comes one step forward as it comes up with both single-player and multiplayer mods.

Steam ranking: Both games have a 10/10 steam ranking which means if a game lacks some features, then the feature gets over to fill the vacuum.

Competition is tough!

Slay the Spire has more availability, whereas Crawl possesses both modes. Pick whatever as it is win-win.

What is the best Slay the Spire Deck Building Guide?

The best Slay the Spire Deck Building Guide is here at a click:


Being popular, Slay the Spire has maintained its name through solid combat. Its tips, tricks, guides, and frequently asked questions are being discussed in this article. For more information about games, stick to our website. Hope you love reading “Games like Slay the Spire”

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