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Risk Guide – Top 20 Games like Risk of all Time – Answer Diary

Read about the Most popular and amazing games like Risk that you must try in 2021 with answers to some important questions too.


Risk is a worldwide well-known strategic board game. It supports a minimum of two players up to five. The game was developed in the 1950s by French Film-maker and is still popular. The initial name of the Risk was “The Conquest of the World,” and it was named Risk after Parker Brothers brought and modified the rules.

The game consists of six continents with 42 armies. The rules are explained in the game; the goal is to win over other troops through bold steps and productive strategy. Among these territories encompass North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

What are 20 Games like Risk?

Risk is pioneered in a board game like WW-I in 1957 by a French Filmmaker ad it now rules the world through bold strategic plans to conquer the world. After its purchase from French by Parker Brothers, the game had two installations. If you’re interested in playing other similar world-dominating board games, you might as well explore the below sections. Below is a list of all Games like Risk you must try.

Imperia Online

It is online preserving browser-based game. It is an online strategy-based multiplayer game that is free to play. This game is compatible with a Web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows Phone, SteamOS. In this game, every player starts the game by being emperor of a province. The creation of the province can be from constructing and later upgrading various economic and military buildings.

Risk II

This is also a turn-based strategy board game that Deep Red Games develop. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, iOS, Classic Mac OS. This game provides the attacking many times. This game provides real-time Risk, which is completely a different concept. The Player gets to use two different armies.

Endless Legend

This game is a turn-based 4X fantasy strategy-based game. This game supports single-playing as well as multiplayer gaming. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Classis macOS. The main motive of this game is to dominate the world of Auriga. Players take control of fantasy faction to establish an empire through exploration, conquest, diplomacy, and research.

Endless Space 2

 This game is a turn-based, strategy-based, science fiction 4X game. It is the updated sequel to Endless Space. It is a multiplayer game that is compatible with MS Windows and macOS. In this game, you can play as a leader of the galaxy at the beginning. Soon you get to discover the remaining of an older civilization. You get an experience that goes beyond the strategy. One of the best Games like Risk on our list.

1775: Rebellion

It is a classic dice-driven strategy-based game. This game is a history-based board game in which players control the major sector engaged in the American Revolution. On one team, there are the British Regulars, Loyalist Militia, and German Hessians, while on the other team, there are the Continental Army, Patriot Militia, and French Regulars. Both sides may combine with the Native Americans.

Rim World

Rim World in top-down construction and management video game. It is an indie strategy-based game that provides a single-player mode. This game provides a small scenario to choose from. The main Gameplay is the same.


It is a strategy-based board game that supports 2 to 6 players to play at a time. To win this game, you lead your civilization to overcome others. You can choose to play as a human or an alien civilization.


It is a strategy-based board game played by two players at a time. In this game, players get sixty-four same discs that are light on one side and dark. The main motive of the game is to have most of the disks turned to display their color when the last playable empty square is filled.


Shanghai is a Chinese game that allows 2 to 8 players to play at a time. It has a deck of 54 cards and is played clockwise. Two decks are needed for four players. Every game has ten hands, and every hand has unique rules.


It is similar to Risk as it is another real wargame that teaches how to use your troops. You have to seize power sources and capital to develop your infrastructure. You can play a card to show plan, develop infrastructure and do combat.

Chessmaster 7000

Chessmaster 7000 is strategy-based board game series. It is compatible with all kinds of platforms. It is the best-selling franchise chess in history. It is a board game that requires a lot of skills and a calm mind to win. It can be very long. The game can be interesting if pro players with calm minds are playing together against each other.

Words with Friends

This is a multiplayer strategy-based board video game. Players take turns building words in crossword-puzzle style. It is similar to the classic board game Scrabble, but his game is not associated with Scrabble. This game is compatible with Windows Mobile, Android, and Microsoft Windows. 

Trivial pursuit

It is a board game. The setup takes 5 minutes only. You only have to spend almost 80 minutes in this game. This game helps to improve the general knowledge about popular culture. You have to move around the board by answering the questions. Questions are divided into six categories, which are differentiated by colors

Axis and Allies

It is series of WW2, based on the strategy war genre. Players get to play as belligerents of WW2. Each round of the game involves every player moving by their specified order. The game ends when axis or allied powers achieve their motive.


It is of the paper-and-pencil genre, which allows only two players to play at a time. You only spend almost 1 minute completing one game. This game requires a lot of observation to win. You only have to place three marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win this game. Another crazy game in the list of Games like Risk.


It is a real-time strategy-based role-playing fantasy board game in which players manage one of the countries in war during WW1. The game is split into provinces and roads leading to neighboring provinces. The player sees the world as a map marked with units and provinces where the color specifies the owner.

Wii Party

It is a party game that provides single-playing as well as multiplayer gaming. This game is similar to the traditional board game. You get to play a 4-player mini-game. There are tons of spaces available for players to land on. You face different kinds of challenges like Spike ball, Volcano or not, etc.


It is a word game that Allan Turoff invented. It supports 2+ players at a time. It only requires paper and writing utensils that can be a pencil or pen. The only skill this game requires is language. The players have to find words in a sequence of adjacent letters.

Slay the Spire

It is a roguelike strategy-based deck-building video game. It is compatible with MS Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Linux. It provides a single-player gaming mode. You can buy this game for Nintendo Switch for 29.99$. This game has three levels. Each level contains different procedural paths that a player can take.


This game was released in Japan as Bruton. It is a puzzle game that can be downloaded for Playstation 3 and Playstation portable. It provides a single-player gaming mode. The game provides three main modes that are time trial, endless, and puzzle.

Almost all of the games mentioned above are available on Amazon to order, or you can ask your local stores for purchase. In case of unavailability, you can order from Amazon at affordable prices.

What are 5 Strategic Board Games?

Following is the list of top five strategic board games of all time that managed to catch audiences’ interests in no time and are popular over time;

Power Grid 

EI Grande

Railway of the World


The Princess of Florence 

How to Play the Game Risk?

The board comprises six continents with 42 countries, six sets of an army comprised of cavalry, infantry, and artillery. Now all 42 cards are marked with a country and mark of an army unit; 3 wild cards have no three pictures but no territory. The rest of the 12 cards are only used in the secret mission of Risk.

There is no hard and fast rule or strategy to apply and win the victory over others. In your turn, implement an effective strategy to defeat the opponent and secure victory. Real success is gained through practice and experience; the longer you play, the more effectively you grasp the victory code. 

For a detailed explanation on gameplay, visit this link:

What are the 5 World-War-I Board Games?

World War 1 admirers will love to explore the following games. None of these games was presented in the 21st century; all games are from the 20th century based on World War 1 principles,

The Great War at Sea

Fatal Alliances: The Great War

Paths of Glory

Over the Top

Storm of Steel

Which Game is Batter? Risk vs. Diplomacy

Diplomacy was released soon after Risk in the 1950s. Diplomacy focuses on alliances that lead to the great war and supports up to seven players. On the other hand, Risk bears up to five players. Risk game strategy equally depends upon dice rolling and, in simple terms, luck. It is one of the Coolest games like risk.

Diplomacy is well recognized for its cruelty against friendship. It is known for betrayal and breaking friendships into enemies. Few unfortunate dice rolls can lead you to lose in Risk, while Diplomacy will eventually help you take ages-old revenge through agile strategy.

It is hard to decide which game is better over others. Still, overall, Diplomacy has more free hand over personal strategies while dice rolling in Risk can undertone a person’s ability and decision making.

Which Game is Batter? Risk vs. Scythe

Scythe was introduced in the 1920s and Risk in the 50s. Although Scythe and Risk are much more different, they do share a lot of similarities as well. Scythe is an engine-building, farming, and war-based game and offers free choice to the player, while the Risk is based on dice rolling and luck.

The huge difference is Scythe provides complete controls over every action selection, but Risk strategic execution depends upon dice, which is a shortfall for Risk. Many players find it scythe way more different from Risk.

The player can choose as per their likings as Scythe is a creative, strategic game and Risk game is more of a cognitive war frame strategy game.

Which Game is Batter? Risk vs. Axis and Allies

Axis and Allies is more time taking an expanded version of war board games. Most players prefer Axis and Allies over Risk. Axis and Allies have three variant versions about 1940, 1941, and 1942 versions. This plus point if Axis and Allies over Risk can be played solo, but Risk demands at least two players.

If you’re interested in playing WW-II war-frame game, then Axis and Allies will be your option, while Risk is based on World War 1. You are required to roll dice before each turn which makes both games similar to the most extent. It’s also one of the cool Games like Risk.

It is not easy to choose between these two; players can choose their budget, availability, and choice.

How to Win Risk Board Game?

If you are new to the Risk game or any Board game, then, first of all, familiarize yourself with an established set of rules of the Risk board game. Watch Youtube videos for reference and try to master basic principles to victory. Along with that, keep learning new strategies from other players and observe closely. 

Winning Risk depends a lot on dice rolling i-e luck. Sometimes dice might keep rolling against you, and this will ruin all your effective strategies. Strategies alone do not determine your victory over others in the Risk game. But, you can master the skill of implementing a unique strategy no matter how dice rolls, and this needs practice and experience over time.

Apart from the above-mentioned strategy, behold the following pieces of advice:

Conquer and maintain continents wisely.

Be attentive to Army bonuses on every continent and save your troops.

Don’t attack unless you are completely prepared but be ready to defeat any attack from other allies.

Play out of the box and compel other players to commit mistakes.

Stay calm and don’t rush your move, understand opponents’ next move and take a step ahead.

Through these methodologies, you can increase your chances of conquering all 42 territories and ultimately win the game.

What are 5 World Domination Board Games of all time?

World dominating board games are favorite off-screen games because of war frames. Among these, top five all-time favorite games list is:



Axis and Allies 


Domination: Road to Civilization

The above games are evergreen games of the genre, and few other similar games are also present to play.


Risk is a popular war frame board game involving strategic implementation and wartime leadership, attempting hard and bold steps to win victory over other territories/continents.

In each of your turns, you position new armies, attack other territories, or defend your position. 

The first player to eradicate others and capture all 42 territories (6 continents) is the winner. 

The game might depend upon luck, but the impact of excellent strategies ultimately wins over luck. Players should be masters of cognitive strategic implementation to manipulate other players’ thoughts and strategies. Hope you love reading “Games like Risk”

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